Why Does My Cat Sleep on My Chest? (It’s all good)

Why Does My Cat Sleep on My Chest

If you’re asking yourself, why does my cat sleep on my chest? You’re not alone.

This is a fairly common and much-discussed topic among cat owners. It’s an interesting behavior because it’s clearly a very deliberate action on behalf of most cats.

But, why do they choose to sleep, sit, and relax on humans’ chests?

Here’s everything I’ve been able to find out on this topic to help explain this curious feline behavior:

It’s a Comfy Place to Sleep

We can’t ignore the most obvious answer, and I know this applies to some cats. If your chest is a comfy place to settle down, then combined with some other motivations covered in this article, they’ll take it.

It also makes us compelled to not move and disturb them too, doesn’t it? I know when my cat is curled up on my chest I’m using it as an excuse to be passed by drink so I don’t have to move.

It’s a Source of Warmth

There are a few things that cats look for when picking somewhere to sleep. The two main things are; security and warmth. As humans, our normal body temperature is 37 degrees celsius, which is nice and warm. We’re generally a bit warmer when we in our homes.

Combined with a nice soft sweater that makes for a nice warm spot for a cat to absorb when they’re picking somewhere to sleep. It’s a give and take thing too, you can enjoy the warmth from your kitty.

They Love You

Cats sleep on us to show they love us

There are loads of ways cats show affection and how much they love us. Slow blinking, head bunting, kneading, and sleeping on us are a few of the more obvious behaviors.

If your cat takes it upon themselves to curl up like a ball and sleep on your chest, it’s a clear sign that they love you. So, it’s hard to push them away, even if you don’t particularly like having them sleeping on you.

Your Heartbeat Is Soothing

Kittens spend a lot of time nestled in with their mothers when they’re young. They find it incredibly soothing to hear their mother’s heartbeat and feel her warmth. A lot of cats continue to display kitten-like behaviors, such as kneading, snuggling in with us, and feeling comfort from the sound of our heartbeats.

I find it soothing listening to my cats sleep too. Not their heartbeat, but the gentle purr or breathing noises they make. So, this is one reason I can appreciate.

Cats like to Be Close to Faces

Most cats like being near to our faces. Not only can they butt us and leave their scent on us when they’re up close and personal, but they like the feel and sounds of us breathing.

As my cat climbs up onto me she always gives me a little butt and rubs her cheeks on my face. Then she turns around and curls up into a ball for a little nap. It’s the perfect example of how she marks me with her scent, then settles down.

It’s How They Lay Claim to Us

Cats are territorial animals, and they like to lay claim to things around the home. This includes you. They rub their scent all around, often by rubbing the glands on their faces on objects. Or by just spending time somewhere, like on their favorite blanket – you on top of you.

So, if they find themselves in a position where they can climb up onto your chest for a nap, this is one of the reasons why some cats will do so. Take this is a compliment, they want you to themselves and to warn off other cats with their scent.

It’s a Safe and Secure Place

One of the innate behaviors domestic cats still display, which isn’t necessary in the safety of our homes, is finding somewhere safe and secure to sleep. This is why a lot of cats will sleep somewhere high where they have good visibility, or facing the doorway to a room.

They also take comfort sleeping on top of you because they trust you. They do their bit looking out for us and know we do the same for them. Just be careful not to make any sudden movements and spook them while they’ve let their guard down!

Your Thoughts – Why Does Your Cat Sleep on Your Chest?

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Understanding a lot of cat’s behaviors is still not a perfect science. There’s still a lot we really don’t know for sure about these wonderful creatures, and of course, every cat is different and has different personality traits.

There is a general theme when you look at all of the reasons above, however. Most cats are on the lookout for somewhere safe, warm, and near us to sleep. If you’re lying or sitting in a position that makes sleeping on your chest convenient, it makes perfect sense.

It’s the warmest spot on you, gives them a sense of security, has familiar scents, and more. So, you should feel honored to be a personal cat bed. It’s the perfect opportunity to bond with your cat, so why not put on some Netflix and make the most of it! 

Are there any reasons I haven’t mentioned here as to why you think (or know) your cat likes to sleep on your chest? I’d love to hear about it, just drop me a comment below. Thanks.

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