Why Does My Cat Sleep Under the Covers with Me?

Why Does My Cat Sleep Under the Covers with Me

If you’re looking for some insight into why your cat sleeps under the covers with you I can provide some answers.

I’ve had cats that would sleep under the covers. Most would sleep on top of the covers. And, some never really even entered the bedroom.

All cats are different. But they do share a lot of the same reasons and motivations behind their behaviors. Here are some of the reasons why cats sleep under the covers and what the risks are:

Why Do Cats Sleep Under the Covers?

First of all, if your cat doesn’t sleep under your duvet, blanket, or any covers don’t be alarmed. They are not odd. In my experience, most cats do not like sleeping under covers.

Every cat is unique and has some individual quirks and behaviors as I’m sure you are well aware. If your cat sleeps under the covers, count yourself one of the lucky ones.

I’ve had a few cats over the years, and only one of them, Birch, liked sleeping under the covers. It wasn’t something I ever encouraged, he just took to crawling under my bed covers from an early age and really enjoyed it.

He did it for the warmth and I’m sure he felt extra security from sleeping tucked away like that. Cats always look for somewhere they can feel safe and secure when picking somewhere to sleep, and where better than tucked up out of sight under the bed covers?

The reason it’s unusual for cats to sleep like this is that they usually pick somewhere with good visibility around them. Obviously, they can’t see who’s entering the room or approaching the bed when they’re tucked away.

But at the same time, they probably also think no one knows they’re there. There’s no mistaking the cat-shaped bump in the covers, however. But natural instincts aside, they’re in a safe place within the home, so it’s all good.

Another reason is that your cat just wants to be close to you. Some cats love the feeling, smells, and interaction they get from their owners. Some, of course, are very solitary. But, if you have a social, personable feline, they might be with you under the covers because they want to be with you.

Is It Ok for My Cat to Sleep Under the Covers?

Is It Ok for My Cat to Sleep Under the Covers

Yes, if your cat likes sleeping under your bed covers, it’s something you should encourage. If you can make it easier in any way, such as giving them lightweight covers and easy access to your bed, go ahead.

The only things you really need to be careful of are:

  • Being aware of when and exactly where they are under the covers. You don’t want to put anything on top of them or jump into bed and squash poor kitty!
  • It’s also important you never spook them when they’re sleeping. Cats hate being spooked when they’re sleeping, as it’s one of the few times they’re vulnerable. If you spook or surprise them they will associate going under the covers with a traumatic experience and not do it again.

Anyone who shares their bed with a pet has to make some compromises. Dogs and cats do not respect boundaries or stay on their half of the bed.

If you’re happy for them to curl up under the covers, you’re signing up for sleeping around them.

Can Cats Breathe Under Covers?

Suffocating, oxygen deprivation, and feeling smothered by the covers are obviously the main concerns. None of these should be a concern if your cat is choosing to get under the blankets and duvets themselves.

Cats are perfectly able to get out from under the covers if they’re uncomfortable in any way, and they will do so in a hurry. My cat only slept under the covers in the colder months because he was after the warmth. In the summer months, he slept elsewhere, so he was very aware of how hot he was while sleeping.

He did this for years without any issues. He’d sleep curled up with his face down in his tail – you’re probably familiar with this position. So, the blankets were not restricting his breathing any more than if he were not under them.

In short, the answer is that it shouldn’t cause any health concerns. But, as owners, we’re all responsible for the wellbeing of our cats.

Why Do Cats Hide Under Blankets?

How to Give a Cat an Enema

There’s a difference between sleeping under the covers because it’s warm and comfy, and hiding under blankets because they feel scared or stressed.

If your cat is hiding under blankets or under your bed and is clearly stressed or anxious, there is something bothering them. It may be as simple as a loud noise spooking them, a change in routine recently, or even an underlying health issue.

You must find out what is causing their anxiety and stress. It’s not healthy for cats to be stressed and will lead to more serious health problems. I’m sure it’s not what you want either!

If you don’t know what is causing the stress you should take them to a vet for a professional assessment. I’ve had instances with my cats being stressed over the years. Moving home has been particularly hard on one of my cats, a neighboring Tom has caused problems, and some other things.

I’ve always managed to get to the bottom of it. It’s just a matter of finding out what’s causing the problem and resolving it.

In Summary – Why Does My Cat Sleep Under the Covers with Me?

The short answer to this question is that some cats sleep under covers for one or more of the following reasons;

  • They get a feeling of being safe and secure
  • It’s nice and warm tucked up in bed
  • They like being close to you

Whatever their motivation, it’s all good reasons and demonstrates that your cat feels safe and secure in your company.

It’s perfectly normal behavior – although fairly rare – and something I’ve always been fine with. There are no real health risks to be concerned about, just be mindful of where they are under the covers and try not to disturb them.


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