A Look at 8 of the Most Playful Cat Breeds

8 of the Most Playful Cat Breeds

When you’ve made the decision that you’re going to adopt a cat one of the most important considerations is their personality and temperament to ensure they will have have a happy home with you and your family.

I’m sure you’ll agree that one of the most endearing things about cats is that they all have unique and individual personalities. However, there are some personality traits specific to each breed of cat and you should research this properly before adopting.

If you have children (or are a big kid yourself) and want a playful and energetic cat, this list of some of the most playful cat breeds will help you find the perfect kitty to join your family.

All of these breeds are known for being high energy, fun, playful, and intelligent cats. You’ll find yourself tiring way before they do, especially when they are kittens.

So, it’s time to get in shape, get some cool gadgets like laser pens and interactive cats toys, and prepare to laugh and roll around on the floor with your new best friend!

8 of the Most Playful Cat Breeds


Bengal’s are one of the most fun and playful breeds of cat. They are pretty big when fully grown and can be a handful topping out at around 15 lbs, but if you’re looking for a playful companion I recommend taking a closer look.

It should be no surprise then that they require a good deal of space, some large trees and or other furniture pieces, and plenty of stimulation.

In the video below you’ll see clips of their mischievous side, how athletic they are when playing, that they like to play fetch or bring items to their owners, and lots more.

Check out the best cat trees for Bengal cats here.


Burmese are incredibly loyal and love human interaction. They also like to play fetch and spend endless hours chasing toys on sticks like Bengals do as you’ll see in the video below.

If you talk with Burmese owners you’ll hear most of them say how their cat thinks it is still a kitten, regardless of their age. They never seem to lose that curiosity and need to chase that spinning cat toy.

They are also undeniably cute too, right? So, if you’re looking for the combination of cute and playful I recommend taking a closer look at Burmese as a breed.

Maine Coon

Maine Coons are the gentle giants of the domestic cat world. They are huge, have large claws that look like they could be deadly, but are soft as teddy bears and love nothing more than rolling around on the floor playing.

They are expert hunters, so don’t be surprised if they bring the occasional mouse home, or outsmart you when you’re playing with a fake mouse!

They are very social and loyal. You get to enjoy both a cat that is happy to play and interact with you, as well as chill out and sit with you while you watch a film (or mouse videos for cats).

A wonderfully fun and lovely breed of cat. Talk to some breeders or start searching shelters for further advice, but a definite pick if you’re looking for a playful cat.

Check out the best cat trees for Maine Coon cats here.

Scottish Fold

Even if you don’t know much about Scottish Folds I bet you recognize them from their distinctive looks from videos on YouTube and meme’s you’ve seen online.

In fact, I can’t talk about Scottish Folds without mentioning one of the most famous internet cats of all time – Maru.

With more than 23 million views and hundreds of videos, there’s more than enough footage of Maru doing playful things to show you what this cute breed is all about.

As a breed, they are extremely intelligent, loving, fun, curious, and loyal cats. A bundle of joy to have around the home.

You can check out some of Maru’s best of moments below:

Devon Rex

Described as mischievous, playful, and very people-oriented, and referred to as,’a monkey in a catsuit,’ I think you get a good idea of the handful a Devon Rex can be.

Appearance-wise they have an interesting look with short curly fur and are often chosen due to being one of the most hypoallergenic cats.

So, if you or someone you know has allergies aggravated by cats then the Devon Rex might be a perfect choice.

They can be trained to do some pretty cool tricks, walked on a leash, are loyal and playful, and make for great companions.

Here is a video of some Devon Rex cats being taught and performing tricks:


Although the name might not sound familiar, Abyssinian cats are fairly popular and it’s not too hard to find a good breeder (or cat in need of a good home) in my experience.

This is due to them being very intelligent, having extroverted personalities, enjoying human affection, and being very playful and active.

A word of warning, they are on the higher-maintenance side needing a good deal of attention from humans or they can become depressed.

A trait very different to most cat breeds is that they can be a little fickle when it comes to giving back the love we show them, eh!

They are often referred to as, ‘The clown of the cat kingdom.’ A fitting title for cats that love to mess around and bug you even when you want to be left alone.

This video does a great job of showing you some of the fun and crazy things you can expect from an Abyssinian:


Siberian cats are curious, playful, friendly, and affectionate. They settle in well with people of all ages and other animals too, so if you have a busy house they’ll fit right in!

For large cats, they are incredibly agile and athletic. They will give you hours of entertainment either watching them play with your other cats, their toys, or you.

You’ll get the most out of your relationship with a Siberian by keeping them stimulated and interested, playing with them regularly, and providing plenty of cat obstacles around the home.

You’ll need a sturdy big tree in your home – you check out the best cat trees for Siberian cats here.

Japanese Bobtail

Japanese Bobtails are cute cats with a big personality and a need for lots of fun and stimulation. They are intelligent, alert, and one of the cool things is that they can learn and respond to their names.

They are social with humans and other pets. They will get along fine with dogs but make no mistake, a Japanese Bobtail knows they are in charge.

They love jumping so make sure you have a good cat tree or some other perches available. I hope you like snuggling in with your cat on the sofa because they sure like snuggling humans.

If you thought only dogs liked to play fetch, check out this video below of a Japanese Bobtail playing fetch with his owner:

Hope you enjoyed this list detailing 8 of the most playful cat breeds. All of these cats will keep you on your toes when you’re playing and trying to outsmart them.

As always, before adopting a cat please do all your homework on the breed and make sure you have everything ready for them before you bring them home.

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