Best Mouse Videos for Cats to Watch Online

5 of the Best Mouse Videos for Cats to Watch Online

Did you know that there are mouse videos for cats to watch online?

Some of which have had millions of views and provided cats with endless hours of entertainment watching mice running around!

Sounds weird at first I know.

It’s hard to imagine a cat sitting and watching a video of mice and other outdoors things going on.

But it’s not that strange if you think about it as cats love watching the world go by and making those chatting noises at animals out of windows.

This is a craze that’s been around for a long time and some owners swear it helps calm their cats. As well as giving them some mental stimulation that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to get as indoor cats.

Whether you’re a little skeptical or not, it doesn’t do any harm to put a video on for your cat to see if they enjoy it.

I’ve rounded up 5 of the best mouse videos for cats to watch. Give them a try with your kitty and see if they enjoy them!

Best Mouse Videos for Cats to Watch

Natural Wildlife

This video is a recording of some wildlife in Cornwall in the UK. Various birds, mice, and other insects and small animals make appearances.

The wildlife noises are actually really soothing to have on in the background.

Animated Black Mice

This video is just some black mice running around and appearing in different places on the screen.

It has plenty going on to keep cats interested. So I can see why it’s one of the most popular cat videos online. Cat’s seem to love it, so who are we to judge!

Mouse Hunt

Ok, I’m not sold on the electronic music that’s the soundtrack for this video, but the small mice racing across the screen it fun for cats I’m sure.

It’s a faster pace than the others above, so if your kitty found those a little slow give this one a try.

Catching White Mice

Cats can be particular about the colors they take notice of, so if the black mice video above didn’t make your cat even raise an eyebrow – try this one with white mice on it.

It’s the usual format. Mice appear and disappear, run around, and do what mice do. All to tempt and tease your cat.

Live Wood Mouse

This is another video with live footage and sound effects. I gave my cat a brief introduction to these videos as part of my research process and I have to say she much preferred the real-life ones.

It’s such a cute mouse it’s nice to know that it can’t actually be caught by your cat. No matter how desperate they are to get at it!

There you go. An introduction to the crazy and interesting world of mouse videos for cats to watch.

As I mentioned after the last video, I actually tested these videos out with one of my cats to see if she enjoyed them.

She definitely liked the natural ones filmed outside a lot more than the animated ones. Probably because she is an outdoor cat and it brought back some familiar and happy memories.

I’d love to hear what some of the reactions were from your cat when putting on these vids. Feel free to drop me a comment below, thanks.

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