How to Keep Indoor Cats Cool in Hot Weather

How to Keep Indoor Cats Cool in Hot Weather

I don’t know how much you enjoy a long hot summer, but I can tell you that your cat probably enjoys it a lot less.

Although cats are very efficient at keeping their body temperature under control, as the temperature rises so do theirs.

Indoor cats, in particular, can find it difficult to cool down if you’re not doing your part and providing some of the things they need to keep cool.

Here are some tips to help if you’re looking for ideas and ways how to keep indoor cats cool in hot weather:

How to Keep Indoor Cats Cool in Hot Weather


Long haired cats are going to get a lot hotter than short, or even hairless cats – for obvious reasons (just try wearing a thick coat if you need convincing).

There are a few reasons to pick up the grooming schedule a bit in the summer. One, cats naturally shed more hair in the summer as a way to combat the hot weather.

Two, removing more loose hair is going to help cool them down (and keep your home a lot cleaner).

Three, the more grooming you do for them the less they have to do. This means more time relaxing in the shade for your kitty!

A nice tip here is to try using a wet flannel or cloth and stroking your cat. This’ll pick up loose fur, remove dirt and debris, and help cool them down even further.

Check out this post about the best brushes for long haired cats if you need any tips!

Cold Water

This is an obvious one, but keep plenty of fresh water available during the hotter weather.

A couple of tips here if you don’t think your cat is drinking enough; try adding another bowl in another location if they have found a nice cool spot they are spending a lot of time in.

And, something I do is add a couple of ice cubes to my cat’s bowl when I getting some out for myself. They appreciate their water chilled a little when it’s hot.

Create Good Air Circulation

Create Good Air Circulation to Help Cats Stay Cool

I’m sure you want good air flow through your home to help you cool down, so it’s something you’re already doing.

If you’re opening windows don’t forget to keep them open when you go out and leave your cat indoors.

I can’t live without my fans in the hot weather. I leave them on in rooms I know my cats will go even if I’m not in there too. Makes a huge difference to the temperature in the room.

Make Sure There Is Plenty of Shade

It’s tempting to open up all the curtains and let as much natural light in as possible on a nice day, but how many shady spots does this leave for your cat to retreat to?

On really hot days I leave my bedroom curtains closed. Not only does it stop the room hitting as high a temperature during the day, but I will almost certainly find one or more of my cats on my bed in the shade.

So, just be mindful that your cat might want some shade that’s easy to get to, comfortable, and where they won’t be disturbed.

How to Tell If Your Cat Is Hot: Heat Stroke Risks

Heat stroke is a serious problem for cats in the hot weather, especially as they don’t sweat like we do. If they are lacking all or some of the above ways to cool down I mentioned above there is a risk of them overheating.

Some of the early signs of heat exhaustion or heat stroke to look out for include:

  • Panting or rapid/irregular breathing
  • Drooling
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Lethargic behavior
  • Excessive meowing
  • Vomiting

If you have a rectal thermometer designed for use on a cat and know what you’re doing then I can take your cat’s temperature if you’re concerned they are overheating.

A normal temperature for a cat is between 99.5-102.5 degrees. If their temp is slightly above then take some of the steps above to cool them down a little.

I took a more detailed look at what the ideal room temperature for indoor cats is in this post.

If it’s a lot higher then you should ring your vet for advice or take them down to be seen.

Hopefully, these tips will help keep your cat more comfortable in the hotter weather this summer and has helped highlight what to look for if you think they are overheating or not drinking enough.

Check this post if you’re looking for tips to keep your outdoor cat cool in the hot weather.

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