How to Keep Outdoor Cats Cool in Hot Weather

How to Keep Outdoor Cats Cool in Hot Weather

If the temperatures where you live climb into the 90’s or above your cat is at risk of falling sick through heat exhaustion, having heat stroke, and suffering from a number of other overheating related issues.

There is only so much you can do when it comes to helping you cat be sensible on those really hot days.

Cat’s are pretty sensible when it comes to regulating their temperature however. They recognize when their core temp is getting too hot, and given the resources, they’ll find a way to cool down.

Knowing what part you can play to help them stay cool and being able to spot the early signs that your cat is suffering from heat-related issues is vitally important.

So with that in mind, here’s how to keep outdoors cats cool in hot weather and look after your furry little friend.

How to Keep Outdoor Cats Cool in Hot Weather

Keep Them Well Groomed

A well-groomed cat is a cool cat. Not just the envy of their peers with their tidy coat, but as they will be shedding more the hotter it is brushing all those loose hairs out will help cool them down.

Keeping their coat free from knots and tangles will also allow the air to flow more freely through their coats. It’s a win-win and makes a huge difference to them in the heat.

Create Sheltered/Shady Areas

You cat should be able to find shade outdoors, but some cats like things brought to them as I’m sure you’re all too aware.

So set up some shady areas where they like to hang out near the home where you can also keep an eye on them. It can be as simple as a parasol or something like that.

Put Fresh Water Outdoors

Put some bowls of fresh water outdoors to save them having to come all the way indoors to find their water.

Cats love drinking moving water outdoors, it’s very instinctual to them to do so. If you have a water feature or a cat fountain set this up outdoors on a hot day and see if they use it.

Consider Keeping Them in When It’s Too Hot

Consider Keeping Them in When It's Too Hot

Outdoor cats love going outdoors, but if it’s in their best interest to stay indoors as it’s just too hot then that’s something you need to consider.

In the peak of summer, it soars to over 100 degrees in the sun where I live and I’ll do my best to keep my cats in where I know they’re safe.

Check my post on how to keep indoors cats cool on hot days for tips on how to make sure they’re comfortable indoors.

How to Tell If Your Cat Is Hot: Signs of Heat Stroke

Cat’s don’t sweat like we do to start regulating their temperature when they are getting too hot, so it’s easier for them to get heat stroke when the temperatures are soaring.

Keep a close eye on your cat’s behavior in the heat, if you spot any of the following signs it may be an indication they are overheating:

  • Drooling
  • Panting or rapid/irregular breathing
  • Excessive meowing
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Vomiting
  • Lethargic behavior

If you spot any of the above get your cat out of the sun and somewhere cool. Give them some cold water and stay with them to check they start acting normally shortly after.

If they don’t look right, aren’t drinking, and showing advanced signs of heat exhaustion soak them in cold water to drop their temperature and seek medical assistance from a vet right away.

In extreme heat, the bottom line is to not forgot about your kitty. Sure, you’re probably relaxing in the shade with a cold drink and having a great time, but spare a thought for your cat having to wear their fur coat everywhere.

Hopefully, these tips will help keep your cat more comfortable in the hotter weather this summer and has helped highlight what to look for if you think they are overheating or not drinking enough.

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