Do Cats Sweat? (Yes, but Just a Little)

Do Cats Sweat

An interesting topic for conversation in the summer months is, ‘Do cats sweat?’ And, are cats more likely to overheat in the summer because they have fur?

It’ll come as no surprise that cats operate very different to us and cope with hot and cold weather very differently than we do – as I’ll explain.

Do Cats Get Overheated Easily?

They can do, sure. But they have some ways they cool themselves down.

It almost doesn’t seem fair, does it? Cats have those warm coats, and much fewer places to sweat it out and cool themselves down.

Their coats actually act as a thermal regulator and slows down the effects of heat. They will still get hotter than us when we peel layers off of in hot weather of course, but it’s not as bad as you may have assumed.

You will also see cats laying on cool floors. They do this to transfer some heat from their bodies onto the surface

Cats also shed a lot of their fur in the summer to lower their temp a little. Still, if it’s hot enough to bother you, it’s probably hot enough to bother your cat.

So keep plenty of fresh water available. Don’t do anything to cause them to move any more than they want to, and make sure there are some breezy cool places indoors for them.

Do Cats Sweat Under Their Arms (Legs)?

No. Cat’s do not sweat under their arms like we do. This is because they do not have sweat glands there like we do.

I know we need to sweat to cool down and all, but it must be pretty nice not to have sweaty armpits.

Just imagine if they did though… it would be quite uncomfortable. Having soggy, sweaty fur on those hot days is the last thing you’d want if you were a cat.

Do Cats Have Sweat Glands?

Cats do have sweat glands, yes. They have a lot less than we do however, we have sweat glands all over our bodies and sweat from everywhere as I’m sure you’re well aware.

Cats on the hand only have sweat glands on their paw pads, their anus, lips, and the tip of their chin.

Do Cats Sweat Through Their Nose?

Do Cats Sweat Through Their Nose

This is an interesting question that comes up fairly often, and the answer is – no, cat’s do not sweat through their noses.

I’ve actually read some conflicting studies on whether or not cats have sweat glands in their noses. Some say yes, some say no.

I’m no scientist, so it’s hard to say for sure. So, I actually asked my vet and they said;

Cat’s will have a wet nose as a way of regulating their temperature, but it’s not moisture produced through sweat glands.

So, make what you will from that and the conflicting opinions.

It’s normal for a cat to have a wet nose however. It’s nothing to be concerned about unless of course it’s dripping or running and it looks like they have a cold.

It’s an old adage that a wet nose means a cat is healthy, and it’s true. It’s also not a huge concern if their nose is dry, especially in the hot weather.

How to Keep Indoor Cats Cool in Hot Weather

If you’re wondering how you can help your indoor cat stay cool in the hot weather, here are some basic tips:

A well-groomed cat is a cool cat – Not only do cats look cooler when a well-groomed and shiny coat, removing all those loose hairs will help cool them down a little more.

Keep the knots and tangles to a minimum, this will also give them less cleaning to do and more time relaxing!

Plenty of fresh water – Cat’s drink when they want, and they’ll drink if they are overheating. So keep their fresh water topped up.

If you’re concerned they are not drinking enough then try moving their bowl or adding another. Or try a drinking fountain with moving water, cat’s love those!

Prepare cool places – It shouldn’t be too hard to find some nice quiet shady spots in your home. Make sure your cat is aware they are there, and maybe give them some bedding, water, and food there.

Airflow – Air flow makes a huge difference to the temperature indoors. Don’t hog the fan if you’re using one, cat’s like fans too.

Maybe elevate their bed too if it looks like they aren’t using it because it’s too hot. Don’t forget to leave windows open a little when you go out too.

Hopefully, this information has helped you better understand your cat and answered the question, do cats sweat?

Next time it’s a really hot day and you look after at your furry friend lounging out trying to cool down, remember how difficult it is for them to keep cool and see if you can do anything to help them out.

I’ve also written some posts with tips on how you can help keep indoors and outdoors cats cool in the summer months.

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