How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs on Cats in 7 Easy Ways

How to Get rid of Bed bugs on cats

Bed bugs are nasty blood-sucking pests that are easy to spread and difficult to eradicate. Controlling and eradicating bed bugs is one of the most challenging pest problems. They create infestation so quickly and irritate us and our pets. They live and feed on our feline blood and lead to severe itching and ugly spots on the skin. So how to get rid of bed bugs on cats?

Do you want to know how to get rid of bed bugs on cats in easy ways? So you landed on the right site. 

This article is a comprehensive guide about bed bugs in cats. Reading this article means that you are learning a perfect and easy solution to get rid of bed bugs on your feline. You can also use the quick navigation from the table of content.

How Cats Get Bed bugs?

bed bugs on bed

Bed bugs are one of the most challenging pest problems to eradicate. Before solving the problem, this is essential to let you know that Bed bugs don’t live in your cat fur. Usually, these nasty parasites live near your bed, in-home furniture, living rooms, bedrooms, other resting places, and even in your travel luggage and laundry, etc. 

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs on Cats?

To safely and efficiently eradicate cat bed bugs, the first step is determining where the bed bugs are located. Then, you can follow the techniques such as Wash all of your and cat Beds in hot water, steaming bedding and rest places, cleaning bed frames by vacuuming, using a chemical treatment to kill the bugs eggs, putting the bedding and mattresses at temperature, or hiring experienced pest control company to get rid of bed bugs on cats. 

Let’s now discuss these tips in detail. 

Easy ways to Get rid of Bed bugs on cats

1. Kill the Bugs on your cat fur

Bed bugs don’t like to stay in your cat’s fur. Instead, they will visit your feline skin to suck the blood. However, there are still chances that these parasites lay eggs in your feline fur or stay there. The ideal way is to thoroughly bath your feline with lukewarm water with a recommended cat shampoo and then flush the water immediately to prevent the reattack.

2. Hire an experienced Pest control Company

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Controlling and eradicating bed bugs is one of the most challenging pest problems. Before going into the self-control solution, the very best and ideal way to eliminate these nasty parasites from your home and pets is to hire an experienced and professional pest control company.

These companies keep professional personnel and all the necessary types of equipment that will clean your whole house from pests.

3. Wash all bedding in Hot water

Bed bugs don’t live in your feline skin. Instead, they mostly live in the bedding and suck your kitty blood. So the very first step to treat the bed bugs infestation is to clean all your and your feline beddings in hot water. 

Washing the beddings in hot water will help to kill all the bugs present there. To prevent re-infestation, Ensure to flush the contaminated water outside of the house if some bugs remain life.

Replacing the feline bed will be the best option. Buy a best and comfortable cat bed for your cute friend.

4. Using Steamers to Control Bed Bugs

Steaming is considered another effective way to kill bed bugs. Take a recommended steamer and then all you need is just to put the steamer on your feline bedding and steam the whole area. Steaming will suffocate the bugs and will kill them. Streaming also helps to reach those places for the pests treatment when you can’t approach such tiny areas, holes, walls, corners, fixed furniture, etc. 

5. Clean Bed Frames by vacuuming

Throwing your infected beddings and furniture can cost you a lot, and we don’t recommend you to throw it. Instead, make sure to clean all your bed frames and other furniture with out bedding with vacuuming. Please try to vacuum any tiny and narrow holes in the frames. 

6. Chemical treatment to kill the bugs and Eggs

Many Bugs killing chemical products are available that help kill the bugs and even the eggs. But before using the product, make sure to keep away the kids and other food products in the house and kitchen. 

7. Put the Bedding and Mattresses in Temperature

Many household members use this technique to eliminate parasites, including ticks, fleas, and bed bugs. However, putting the bedding and mattresses in the temperature, especially in the sun, suffocate the pests and leave the bedding.

But make sure to put the bedding in a place far away from yours and other houses. You can also kill the bugs directly when you see them. 

Symptoms of Bed Bugs in Cats

Common symptoms of Beg bugs in cats are pink welts or red spots on the skin, itching, scratching, licking fur, and rubbing with paws. 

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Final Thoughts:

Bed bugs can be difficult to eradicate because of their small numbers and dispersion in hard-to-reach places. The ideal and safe way for the bugs treatment on cats is to get rid of all bed bugs from your house to eliminate the possibility of them biting your cat. This includes all the bed bugs in your bedroom, the front room, the hallway, and anywhere else you see them. They’ll return within days if they don’t get rid of them. 

70% of bed bug infestations are found around the beds. This is why so much of the treatment is focused on those areas. 

A pest-care professional can help you achieve the best results. First, determine where the bedbugs are located. Bed bugs are most commonly found in bedrooms, but they can also be found in living rooms. Bed bugs can infest one room and spread to other rooms over time.

Hot water is used to wash bedding, and Bed frames are treated using both vacuuming and chemical treatment to eliminate the more significant adults and nymphs. 

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