Cat Window Perches: Are They Safe?

Cat Window Perches Are They Safe

Have you ever noticed how your cat loves to look out the window?  They are always so intrigued on what’s going on in the outside world.  I don’t know about you but I’ve seen my cat fall off my thin window sill plenty of times while trying to get a peek outside.  This is where a window perch comes in to play.  The main question about cat window perches is – are they safe?

There are many types of window perches available on the market.  Some are sturdier than others and will be able to hold a heavier cat upwards of up to 50 pounds!  That’s a really heavy cat!  There are also window perches designed for traveling in a car with a cat.  Needless to say, you want your cat to be safe if they will be levitating in the air on a platform.  Here are some of the best and safest cat window perches I have found.

Foam Cushion Deluxe Kitty Window Perch

The foam cushion deluxe by window perches is a very safe window perch for your cat.  Click here to see the current price on amazon.  This is the perfect perch for your cat to sunbathe on.  It will easily attach to all windowsills.  It comes with 2 support brackets and 2 velcro style fasteners for extra support and safety for your cat.  One mounted to your window, your cat will be able to snooze on the comfortable foam cushion.  The soft fleece cover is removable in case you need to give it a wash.  The dimensions of this window perch are 23.75″ Long x 12″ Deep.  The overall reviews on amazon for this product are positive.

Many users have commented on how tough and sturdy this perch is.  One user has claimed that it has worked perfectly safe for their 18 pound cat.  A few of the negative reviews stated that it was a little difficult to assemble at first.  A few other users commented that they had missing parts of pieces when it arrived.

K&H Pet Products EZ Mount Window Bed Sill

This cat window perch can be used in your car due to the strong suction cup design.  Click here to check the current pricing on amazon.  Use this window bed for your cat to sunbathe, bird watch, travel in your car, or just plain cat nap.  This window bed sill can be mounted with the exit on the left or the right side for easy access in any window.  The sleeping surface contains a removable pad that traps cat dander, hair, and dirt like a magnet.  This helps with keeping messy hair or debris off your furniture or car.  This sill offers powerful suction cup mounting for safe use.  This is also what makes this window perch very versatile on placement.

The overall reviews of this product on amazon are positive.  Many users have reported that this item worked well and was very safe for their cats.  Most of the users cats loved to nap in it.  Some of the negative reviews from users stated that the window sill is very small and won’t fit larger cats very well.

Oster Sunny Seat Window-Mounted Cat Bed (50 lbs)

This window perch by oster has an incredible weight capacity of 50 pounds!  To check out the current price click here to go to amazon.  This is one of the highest selling cat perches on amazon.  Its very easy to install and can be done in seconds.  You can stick this to glass windows and doors.  You might be asking yourself how it is possible to hold up to 50 pounds with just suction cups.  Is it safe?  Totally.  Oster uses only industrial strength suction cups to ensure your kitty will be safe while sunbathing.  I probably wouldn’t put this in a car window due to the nature of how open it is.  However, this would be perfect in your house on any window.

The overall reviews of this product on amazon are positive.  One user commented that they have had it for over 9 months without any issues and his cat absolutely loves it!  There are however a few mixed reviews as well for this product.  Some users have commented that it fell apart before they even got to use it.  Some users also mentioned that they wouldn’t trust putting up to 50 pounds on it.

K&H Pet Products EZ Mount Window Bubble Pod

This cat window perch is probably the best perch for a car.  Click here to get the current price from amazon.  As you can see from the picture above this window perch encapsulates your cat and keeps him safe while viewing the outdoors.  It easily mounts to any window with its industrial strength suction cups that will support up to 60 pounds.  Once installed, your cat can enter it from either the left or right side.  The design is meant to keep your cat safe from falling which makes it ideal for a car ride.

The overall reviews of this product on amazon are positive.  Users have commented about this product saying that is is very safe and reliable for their cats to use.

Final Thoughts

When looking into cat window perches make sure it will suit your needs the best.  If you are looking for a window perch for your car, then it would be wise to make sure your cat will be safe from falls.  If you are looking for a window perch for your home, then the ideal thing to look for is the size to make it the most comfortable for you cat.

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