Modkat Flip Litter Box Review (Where Style and Functionality Meet)

Modkat Flip Litter Box Review

Generally speaking, litter boxes are not the most interesting of cat products to review and write about – but this Modkat Flip Litter Box Review is a little different.

This is because this litter box from Modkat is stylish, has some cool features to talk about, uses a tarp liner (I’ll explain this in more detail later), and most importantly it makes your life as a poop scooper easier.

So, if finding a modern-looking, stylish, easy-to-clean litter box is your goal, the Modkat is the litter box that fits all the criteria.

I’m sure you’ll agree that the struggle between cat and owner is this – we want litter boxes well out of sight that we can’t smell and see litter tracking, while cats want them to be easily accessible and don’t care about cleaning them out.

If you have a small apartment, nowhere quiet and suitable to hide the box, or your cat will only use a litter box that’s in plain sight of visitors – it has to look good.

Modkat Flip Litter Box Review

The key selling points of the Modkat Litter Box are as follows:

  • It has 3 lid positions, so you can choose to have the entrance open, half open, or closed.
  • It has a reusable liner so cleaning out the box is made as easy and quick as possible (this is what I like most about it.)
  • The flip lid means litter stays in the box. A huge plus for any cat owners dealing with litter trekking around their homes!
  • It’s a stylish design. There is only so much you can do with a litter box but I think Modkat have nailed it. You don’t have to hide this away in a dark corner.

If those points and images haven’t hooked you, let’s take a more thorough look at why this box and flip lid litter boxes are the way to go:

Reasons to Swap to a Flip Lid Entry Litter Box

While the Modkat Flip Litter Box doesn’t have an entry point directly on the top like some litter boxes, it’s still a top entry box and operates very differently to the standard open litter boxes.

There are some pros and cons to each style of litter box. For me however, top entry boxes are by far the best.

Here are some of the main benefits of using this style of litter box:

They keep litter and mess contained – Let’s be honest, as cat owners one of, if not the absolute worst job is cleaning up around a litter tray.

Side entry and open litter boxes are really common and easy for cats of all ages to use. But they are incredibly messy, and it only takes one upset stomach and trekking disaster to ruin your day.

The entry point on the Modkat starts at 17cm high. This means your cat has to hop in, can’t scuff litter out of the box, so more litter and mess stays where everyone wants it – in the box.

They hold more litter – Because the litter is better contained and they are bigger than traditional boxes you can put more litter in.

Cats like having more litter, and it means that their mess is better buried. So, the box will not smell as bad as quickly, and your cat will not be as put off using it again before it’s cleaned out.

They are quicker and easier to clean – This is a huge plus as I’m sure any cat owner will agree.

Cleaning litter boxes is literally the worst job we have as cat owners. So, the quicker, easier, and less messy the process is the better, right?

Having the flip lid and large entry makes is super easy to scoop mess out.

Does the Tarp Liner Make Make Cleaning the Box Easier?

Something that makes the Modkat Litter Box different from a lot of other models is the reusable tarp liners they use.

Modkat has developed a rip-resistant, easy-to-clean liner that goes into their box and holds the litter which does make cleaning the box a lot easier.

What I like about using liners is that you can pick the whole liner out and carry it somewhere else to clean out instead of reaching into the tray.

Modkat recommends you change the liners every 3 months. However, if looked after they don’t show any signs of wear for months so this is a worst-case scenario.

Dimensions of the Modkat Flip Litter Box

You should always measure the space where you’re going to place a litter box before buying it.

Pictures can be misleading, and assuming it’ll fit can come back to slap you in the face when the box is millimeters from slotting into the perfect space.

It’s also worth checking your cat will easily fit into a box like this one that has a lid and entrance. Overweight cat owner’s need not worry, it has a large entrance!

With that said, get out the tape measure because here are all the dimensions of the Modkat:

Overall Measurements (cm): (L x W x H) – 52 x 40 x 42.5

Internal Measurements (cm): (L x W x H) – 52 x 40 x 42.5

Entrance Measurements (cm): 20 x 25

Entrance Height (cm): 17

Is the Modkat Flip Litter Box the One for You (And Your Cat)?

If the measurements above check out and you have a spot for this box I absolutely recommend it.

With the tarp liners and the design of the box, it’s one of, if not THE easiest litter box on the market to clean out – and that’s about as important as it gets when rating a litter box.

It looks awesome too, right? OK, well not everyone will agree on that as it comes down to personal taste, but as litter boxes go, the modern and trendy design is cool.

My advice is to take a closer look and read some more customer feedback and see where your heart takes you, but you won’t be disappointed.

Here is Modkat’s video giving you a closer look at some of the features and showing you how stylish this box is:

1 thought on “Modkat Flip Litter Box Review (Where Style and Functionality Meet)”

  1. My cat is a horizontal urinate. He does not drop his back legs so he pees straight out and upward. the high sides help but the crack between box and cover all away around is exactly the height of where he pees and it flies out that crack to all over the floor etc. I wish it was about 3 inches taller. So I guess I’m back to a huge plastic storage bin. Other than that it is a nice unit. But there are males who
    Pee like they do in the wild. While walking running etc.
    Otherwise it is a great unit. I still have to put packing tape in all the seams which of course gets pee in it and leaks. I have to fully clean it every week. And have it in the shower in order to hose the whole area down. I love my baby but it is just too short in the wall depth/ height for his marking every time he pees. Done since he was little.

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