6 Essential Supplies You Need To Take A Cat Camping

6 Essential Supplies You Need To Take A Cat Camping

Camping with your cat can be pretty exciting if it’s new for you.  If you need to read a full guide on how to take your cat camping I have wrote an article you can read called taking cats camping – the complete guide.  If you feel you don’t need a guide then I will be going over the 6 essential supplies you need to take a cat camping.  These are items you must bring in order to have a successful camping trip.

1. Hilike Pet Travel Bag

The first essential supply you will need to take a cat camping is a proper travel bag.  This bag will be used to store all of your pet’s belongings.  It’s best to keep all you cat’s supplies separate from yours so that they do not get mixed up and the best way to do this is by having a bag dedicated for your cat.  When looking for a bag you want to make sure it is easy to transport as well as having enough room for all of you cat’s belongings that you will be bringing with you.  This pet travel bag by hilike is an excellent choice.  Click here to see the current price listed on amazon.

This bad provides multiple pockets of various sizes which allows for great flexibility.  You will be able to store things like food, bowls, water, treats, leashes, and any other products you plan to bring along with you.  This kit also comes with Tote bags for food as well as 2 silicone collapsible bowls.  There is also an adjustable shoulder strap for easy transportation.

2. Food and Clean Water

Be sure to bring along your cat’s favorite food.  Now isn’t the time to try a new cat food for your cat.  The last thing you need happening to your cat is him getting an upset stomach or diarrhea during your camping trip.  Also be sure to bring enough water for the both of you.  It is not safe to let your cat drink from rivers or streams as they may contain parasites like Giardia or bacteria that can cause infections.  It’s best to play it safe and bring your cat his own water to save you from this potential problem.

3. Pupteck Escape Proof Harness and Leash

The third essential supply you will need to bring along is a cat harness with a leash.  This harness and leash combo by puptek is an excellent choice for the adventure cat.  Click here to see the current pricing on amazon.  Having a harness and leash while camping is important to keeping your cat safe from wandering off alone.  He may never come back if he were to ever get loose.  You can simply tie him up next to your or use the leash to take him on a walk or a quick hike if the weather is nice.

There is a special soft velcro that is used in the neck and chest of this harness.  There is also a plastic closure added to the neck portion to prevent your cat from escaping if he were to get rid of the velcro.  This harness is made up of easy-to-secure velcro which makes fitting this harness onto your cat easy.  The harness is made up of a soft mesh material that will not suffocate or overheat your cat which makes this the perfect pick for camping.

4. Loc8tor Handheld Cat Locator

This handheld cat locator by loc8tor is another essential item to take with you while camping with your cat.  This item is simply a gps tracker to keep track of your cat in case he were to somehow escape your campsite.  Click here to see the current price of this item on amazon.

This is the ultimate locating device for your cat.  The tags are very small and weigh only 5 grams.  The range goes up to 400 feet.  So at the first sign of your missing cat go ahead and activate the locator for best results.  This locator is extremely to use.  The credit card sized handset makes it easy to use wherever you are.  The most unique feature of this pet locator is that it actually guides you on where to walk to find your lost pet.  There are audio and visual cues on the handset that will guide you to within 1 inch of your pet.

5. Pet Peppy Portable Cat Litter Box

The fifth essential supply you need to take your ca camping is of course a litter box.  You can check the current price on amazon by clicking here.  It is important that you bring a litter box for your cat so he has a place to do his duty.  Cats are picky when it comes to going to the restroom.  Bringing a portable litter box will solve this problem.

This is an awesome portable litter box that is made from a waterproof nylon canvas.  It’s light, durable, and sturdy which make it easy to setup and use for your cat in seconds.  This is a great litter box for traveling since it is portable.  It folds up to be just a little bit bigger than an averaged sized wallet.  It’s also very easy to clean and there is more than enough room for your cat to do his business.  It can also be zipped closed from the top to avoid any spillage of cat litter as well as to keep odor in control.

6. JoJo Modern Pets First Aid Kit

The last essential supply you need to take a cat camping is a first aid kit.  Anything can happen while you are out adventuring with your cat.  If you decide to take him on a hike or a walk there are many dangers that he can run into.  Having a first aid kit handy will help you if you ever encounter a situation in where you need to quickly stop your cat from bleeding or clean up a good scrape.  Check out the current price of this kit by clicking here to see it on amazon.

This kit has everything you need for a quick fix up for your cat.  The kit includes bandages, styptic powder, antiseptic, gloves, and much more.  This first aid kit is so effective that you can use it on yourself or others as well.  It has a convenient carry handle and a secure zipper to keep all of the contents secure inside the kit.

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