Cat Travel Kit

Cat Travel Kit

So you’ve taken your cat to the vet, maybe walked him outside with a leash, or even traveled with him on an airplane.  Whatever the reason, you are going out a lot more and taking your cat with you.  It’s time to look into a cat travel kit.  I recommend this cat travel kit from amazon.  This is a great kit to start out with.  Having a kit that is always ready will make traveling with your cat a lot easier.  No more forgetting his favorite treats or toys.

What is a Travel Kit for a Cat?

A cat travel kit is exactly what it sounds like.  It is a bag compiled with everything you will need for your cat while you are out.  This will include items like his favorite toys, food and water bowls, medications, disposable litter box, potty pads, and any other important items that you shouldn’t leave the house without.

How Big Should My Travel Kit Be?

The simple answer is enough to fit all of your items.  The kit I recommended above will be able to hold a few big items like a blanket and portable litter box.  It will also hold about 8 to 10 cups of cat food.  It isn’t too big to where it is a burden to carry.  Simply throw it over your shoulder using its adjustable shoulder strap.

I’ve used other travel kits, but they didn’t quite satisfy my needs.  Some were too small and I would sometimes have to leave a few items behind that I wish I could have taken with me.  Too big and it becomes more of a nuisance to lug around more than anything.  I have come to the conclusion that this is the best cat travel kit for the money as well as for the size.

Do I Need a Cat Travel Kit?

The short answer is no.  You do not need a cat travel kit.  You can simply pack all your cat’s belongings into a normal backpack or bag.  It’s just a nice accessory to have on the side that is always ready for whenever you have to go out with your cat.

Just remember that most of these pet travel kits are specifically designed with your cat in mind.  They will have special compartments and bigger storage spaces for items such as litter boxes, food, toys, and medication.  You can even buy multiple travel kits for when you take your cat to the vet, beach, hiking, or any other outing that requires you to pack specific items.  You can label each bag type and then just pickup and go.

What Should I Pack for a Vet Visit?

Going to the vet is one of the most common places you will be taking your cat.  When taking your cat to the vet, it is essential that you pack snacks, a familiar toy or blanket, and medication.  This trip shouldn’t take too long so you don’t really need to pack heavy.  Just pack enough items to get your cat through the checkup.  Another item you can bring is some sort of cat calming spray or sedative.  Sedating your cat before going to the vet can be a great idea if you have a cat that is very scared or gets anxiety easily.

What Should I Pack In My Cat Travel Kit for an Airplane Trip?

Packing for an airplane trip will require a lot more items than if you were just going to the vet.  You will need essential items.  Essential items include a portable cat litter box, food, bowls, toys, snacks, medication, and anything else you consider essential for your cat to have.  Also make sure the cat carrier you decide to bring will be airline approved.  The most ideal cat carrier would be one that will fit underneath the seat in front of you.  If your cat needs immediate help or aid, he will be within a feet feet so you can tend to him quickly.

What Should I Pack for a Hike or Walk?

Before you decide to go on a hike or a walk it is essential that you train your cat to walk on a leash.  Having your cat leash trained will make these activities more enjoyable for both you and your cat.  Once you have leash trained your cat, it’s time to pack your bag.  While on a hike or a walk, one of the most essential and unique items to bring will be bug repellent.  This bug repellent from amazon is great for all types of occasions.  This product will help immensely to repel fleas, ticks, and mosquito’s which are the main types of bugs that your cat will attract.

Next on the list would be extra water.  During a hike or a walk your cat will be exerting extra energy that will cause your cat to dehydrate.  Having water ready and hydrating your cat before he reaches that point will help prevent any dehydration issues.  Also while on a hike, make sure to pack enough food to last you until you go home.

What Should I Pack for a Beach Trip?

The most essential item to pack specifically for a beach trip would be a good sunscreen like this one from amazon. Cats can get sunburn just like you!  Bring extra water since your cat will be out in the sun for a prolonged period of time.  Don’t forget to bring a cat carrier that way your cat won’t have to be in the sun the whole time during your beach trip.  Basic necessities to bring to the beach include: food, water, bowls, disposable cat litter box, and medication.  A leash and harness will also be a great addition in case you want to take your cat for a walk along the shoreline.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, most of the items that you bring in these situations are the same.  Each scenario you bring your cat will have one or two unique items that you will have to pack on top of the essentials.  Staying organized and prepared when traveling with your cat will make your life a lot easier.  Be prepared before you leave the house and you will run into less problems when out and about with your feline friend.

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