Best Cat Harness and Leash for Traveling

Best Cat Travel Harness and Leash

There are lots of different harness and leash combos that you can purchase for your cat.  When it comes to giving your cat the protection and comfort that he deserves, do not skimp on the type of harness and leash you purchase for him.  The last thing you want happening is your cat slipping out of his collar or leash while out on a walk.  Your cat will be 5 blocks away by the time you even noticed that he escaped.  Here are a few of my picks for the best cat harness and leash for traveling.

Puptek Escape Proof Cat Travel Harness and Leash

This harness and leash from amazon is my first choice if you were to ask me what I would recommend.  First of all, this is a harness and leash combo which means you don’t have to buy anything separate.  That’s already a win in my eyes.  When looking for the right harness and leash you want to make sure it will do it’s main job and that is to secure your cat while you are walking him.  This set has a special Velcro that is used in the neck and chest area.  This is added security to make sure your cat cannot escape while being walked.

This harness is made of a soft mesh material that is designed to keep your cat from overheating as well as from suffocating.  The harness and leash connect with each other with 2 sturdy D rings.  This leash comes in 3 different sizes which means it will fit just about any type of cat.  The leash is made of nylon which is lightweight.  Do not confuse lightweight with durability.  The nylon leash is very strong and durable and can withstand even the angriest cat that is learning how to walk for the first time.

Petetpet Cat Tavel Harness and Leash

This is another great harness and leash from amazon.  This leash and harness combo is very similar to the first one that I recommended.  It comes with a comfortable fitting harness that can be adjusted based on your cats size.  This is specifically designed for taking your cat walking, running, and hiking.

It has 2 reflective strips that will help cars see you if you are out walking at night.  The harness has an x shaped vest style which will keep your cat comfortable while in use.  Its sleek camouflage design fits in perfectly for the adventure cat lifestyle if you were to take him hiking or camping.

Puptek Adjustable Cat Travel Harness and Leash

This adjustable cat harness on amazon is another great choice for your cat.  This harness and leash combo connect to your cat’s head and back to evenly distribute the pressure.  It is an adjustable harness so there is no need to purchase another one if your cat outgrows it.  Simply adjust the harness and it will be just like new.

I still recommend the first harness and leash over this one since it is more sturdy.  This harness uses a simple 2 latch system.  One for the neck and one for the chest.  This doesn’t use any type of form fitting mesh and isn’e escape proof if your cat decides to pull a Houdini on you.

Akali Retractable Cat Travel Leash

This leash from amazon is a good replacement leash for the ones that come with the Puptek kits.  If you purchase this leash you will simply connect it on to whatever harness you have purchased.  Not only is this leash retractable, but it also has a hook that you can hang a poop bag dispenser on as you walk your cat.  It also has a brake and safety lock system to adjust the length of the leash as needed.  Simply press the button and slide it backwards to lock the leash.  Slide it forward to reel your cat back in.

The internals of this are made of a stainless steel spring which can withstand more than 50,000 times elasticity.  This comes to use if your pet were to be spooked or tried to run off.  The leash can stretch out to about 13 ft. in length.  This retractable leash is also safe to use at night due to its reflective ribbon.

Final Thoughts

The main areas to focus on when purchasing a good leash and harness include: comfort, practicality, safety, and price.  These 4 products that I listed fit into all 4 of these categories.  I personally recommend purchasing the Akali retractable leash to replace the leash that the 3 kits come with due to the added safety, quality of life, and comfort for your cat.

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