The Best Long Handle Cat Litter Scoops We Could Find

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Cats are wonderful pets and are the most popular pet worldwide. In fact, in 2018 it was estimated that there were 270 million pet cats worldwide. That translates to a lot of kitty litter scooping!

No one likes scooping dirty litter, but it’s even more difficult if you suffer from mobility issues, joint pain, or back pain. If you find scooping dirty litter to be unpleasant, uncomfortable, or painful, it may be time to consider switching out your litter scoop for one with a long handle.

How do you go about choosing the best long-handled litter scoop? You will want to avoid scoops made with cheap, weak materials or one that doesn’t function well. This product review and guide are intended to help you make the best decision when it comes to purchasing a new litter scoop.

This guide covers the best scoops, their features, and some things you should know before buying. We scoured the internet and evaluated many long-handled scoops. These 10 scoops are the best on the market. Keep reading to learn more about each scoop and its benefits.

The Best Long Handled Cat Litter Scoops for Sale

Cleaning out your cat’s dirty litter box can be unpleasant. Scooping litter can be uncomfortable and even painful. The bad odors are also not nice to deal with. Getting a good-quality long handle cat litter scoop can help solve some of these problems.

The following are product reviews for each of the 12 scoops that made our list. These scoops have features such as long handles, adjustable handles, easy storage, easy to clean, and durability.  Each one has unique features so you can choose which will best suit your needs.

The Yangbaga metal cat litter scoop is made of premium stainless steel. This makes it strong and durable. Stainless steel is also easy to clean and rust-resistant.

The Yangbaga scoop has a wide shovel that is perfectly shaped for easy scooping. This litter scoop is 32.8 inches long at its longest, making it a great fit for those with back or joint pain. It also works well for those who simply wish to be farther away from the odor.

This long handle cat litter scoop has an adjustable two-piece system. It is easy to adjust the handle length to suit your needs.

Amazon Basics Metal Litter Scoop
  • Metal cat-litter scoop provides sturdy, reliable strength for long-lasting scooping performance
  • Made of durable aluminum, which cleans easily, providing a more sanitary scooping solution
  • Smooth scraping edge for removing caked-on litter; slats trap waste and allow clean litter to fall back into the litter box
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10/15/2023 02:05 pm GMT

The Amazon Basics Litter Scoop is a durable scoop made of stainless steel and aluminum. This long handle cat litter scoop is easy to clean, and rust and odor resistant.

The handle of this scoop is retractable as well as adjustable. The long handle can help with back or joint pain. The handle is also ergonomic for comfortable scooping.

The smooth edge of the shovel makes it easy to scrape stuck-on litter. This scoop works well with clay, pine, or crystal litter.

The next long handle cat litter scoop comes from Ouscene. The Ouscene cat litter scoop is made from stainless steel and aluminum, making it quite sturdy. The deep shovel on this scoop makes this a good choice for heavy-duty scooping.

The shovel on the Ouscene scoop is detachable, which makes the scoop easy to store. It is also easy to clean and is rust-resistant.

The long handle on this scoop is 32 inches when fully extended. This makes it a great scoop for using when sitting. This is a great scoop for those with back pain issues.  This scoop works well with any kind of cat litter.

TOYPOPOR Long-Handled Cat Litter Scoop
  • This long-handle telescoping litter scoop makes litter box clean up faster and easier than ever before.
  • This innovative extendable litter scoop pays for itself with the litter you don’t throw away. 
  • It costs more to make a metal kitty litter scoop, but it is worth the results.
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The Toypopor long-handled cat litter scoop is a strong scoop made of stainless steel. It has ¼ inch metal sleeve pours, making for fast scooping.

The Toypopor scoop is adjustable from 17 to 23 inches. This scoop does come in other sizes, the largest being 32 inches long. The telescoping handle makes it easy to adjust and to store. This is a great scoop to use when sitting, and to help reduce strain on the wrist.

The Sungrow cat litter scoop is a great scoop for those who want to be a bit further from the litter due to the odor. It also helps reduce pain on the wrist and back.

The handle of this scoop is 15 inches, making it shorter than the other long-handled scoops on our list. The handle is ergonomic and made with a soft rubber-coated handle, making this scoop comfortable to use.

The mouth of the shovel is wide and is easy to scoop large clumps with. The Sungrow scoop is made of industrial-grade metal. This scoop is very tough, easy to clean, and resistant to urine.

Petmate Ultimate Litter Plastic Scoop
$11.99 $10.31
  • Ergonomically designed litter scoop enables consumers to clean the litter box while standing
  • Extra-large scoop sifts faster than average scoops
  • Serrated edge gets under the toughest mess
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10/15/2023 01:10 pm GMT

The Doskocil Petmate ultimate litter plastic scoop is very lightweight. It is very comfortable to use, making it great for those with joint pain.

The Doskocil Petmate scoop has a molded grip on the handle, making it easy to hold and use. This scoop is not adjustable, which makes it very simple and straightforward. When you need it, just grab and scoop.

This kitty litter scoop is 17.5 inches long. The length makes it easier to scoop for those that suffer from back or joint pain. You can scoop further from the litter box and reduce exposure to bad odors.

Made of durable plastic, this scoop has an extra-large shovel for scooping large clumps. The serrated edge makes it easy to scrape dirty litter from the bottom and sides of the litter box. This scoop is an overall good choice for those that need a long-handled scoop for a low price.

iPrimio Cat Litter Scoop
  • Our longest metal handle scooper yet for getting the extra reach and digging deeper in the litter box
  • It has a soft foam handle that grips ergonomically for cat lovers suffering from sore hands and for senior people.
  • You don't have to get quite so up close and personal with the contents in the litter box.
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10/15/2023 01:35 pm GMT

The iPrimio scoop is perfect for cat owners with joint or muscle pain. This litter scoop has a soft, easy-grip foam handle.

The shovel on this kitty litter scoop is very deep for heavy-duty scooping. The wide mouth makes scooping heavy clumps easy.

The iPrimio scoop comes with a free plastic wall hanger. The hanger is easy to install as it simply sticks onto the wall. This provides an easy way to store the scoop when not in use.

This scoop is 17 inches in total length. This length helps you be farther away from bad litter box odors. This scoop is also beneficial for those with some wrist joint pain.

Sand Dipper Square Cat Scoop
  • Stainless Steel quarter-inch mesh wire full basket is designed to quickly scoop and sift.
  • Crazy Fast Litter Filtering and the metal mesh scoop means a no-static buildup of dust stuck to your scoop and less dust put in the air
  • Superior quality materials made to last with marine-grade stainless steel basket
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10/15/2023 01:40 pm GMT

The Sand Dipper square cat scoop is made of stainless steel. This makes it sturdy and easy to clean. Although a bit pricier than the other options, this scoop has more features.

The Sand Dipper has an extra-long handle. It is adjustable from 29-41 inches. The length of this handle allows the user to be sitting or standing when scooping litter. It also allows you to be even farther away from the smell of the dirty litter.

This heavy-duty scoop comes with a convenient loop for easy storage or for tethering to your wrist while in use. The Sand Dipper comes with a 1-year satisfaction guarantee.

Sand Dipper Jr
$22.99 $20.99
  • Long Handle - prevents inhalation of harmful dust and provides a more hygienic litter disposal experience at 'arms length'.
  • Did we mention the Long Handle - over 27" reach - this means less bending and less back strain
  • Rugged stainless steel basket sifts and lifts clumps easily with no static dust buildup.
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10/15/2023 01:20 pm GMT

The Sand Dipper Jr. is from the same company as the Sand Dipper. Like the Sand Dipper, the Sand Dipper Jr. has a long, adjustable handle. This scoop can be extended to over 27 inches.

The Sand Dipper Jr. has an aluminum ski-pole design, making it lightweight. The basket is stainless steel, which is sturdy as well as easy to clean. The round shape of the basket makes this scoop a great choice for those with rounded litter boxes.

Like the Sand Dipper, the Sand Dipper Jr. comes with a handy loop for your wrist while in use, and for convenient storage when not in use. This scoop comes with a 1-year warranty.

KittyKaddy No Stoop Litter Duo
  • Handle height 30 inches. 1 Gallon pail capacity
  • Free-standing pail has handy clip to store scoop when not in use
  • Easily used from a standing or sitting position
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The KittyKaddy no stoop litter duo is two products in one! This scoop comes with a handy disposal bucket. Both items are made of sturdy plastic, making them lightweight.

The handle on the scoop is 30 inches, making it easy to use from any position, even standing up. The shovel is deep for heavy-duty scooping.

The 1-gallon disposal bucket has a long handle that is curved at the top. The handle makes the bucket easy to use with the scoop and provides an easy way to store the bucket. The bucket also has a clip-on its handle to attach the scoop, so they are easily stored together.

This scoop is made of plastic, so may not be as sturdy as other scoops made from metal. The convenience of having an easy-to-use disposal system is a plus. The KittyKaddy no stoop litter duo comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The Purrr-FECT litter scoop is a long-handled scoop made of sturdy polymer and steel. The length of this kitty litter scoop is 35 inches. This makes scooping with the Purrr-FECT scoop easy, comfortable, and helps alleviate pain.

This scoop has no assembly required, making scooping litter an easy and straightforward process. The D-shaped grip on the handle makes it comfortable to hold and maneuver.

The shovel of this scoop is strong and has small slats. This shovel will not miss any waste, even small pieces. This litter scoop has been stress-tested and was designed for long use.

The Onlyoung Cat litter Scoop has a long handle that adjusts from 16-32 inches. There is no need to stoop and cause back or joint pain with the length of this scoop.

This kitty litter scoop is made from stainless steel and aluminum. This makes it lightweight and durable. The shovel on this scoop is deep and wide, which makes for easy heavy-duty scooping.

This cat litter scoop can come apart in two pieces, making it convenient to store. The no-slip grip on the handle makes it easy and comfortable to use. This scooper is durable enough to use for cat or dog waste and will work with any kind of litter.


If you have read through the reviews, you may now be having some questions about long-handled cat litter scoops. There are a few commonly asked questions people have when considering purchasing a long-handled cat litter scoop. In the following section we ask and answer a few of those questions.

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How do You Scoop Litter?

If you are a new cat owner, you may think scooping cat litter is more complex than it is. It is a very easy, straightforward process. The process is much the same whether you are using a short or long-handled scoop.

The scooping technique will be a little different depending on what type of litter you use. There are a few different kinds; clay, pine pellet, and crystal. There is also clumping and non-clumping.

Clay litter can be clumping or non-clumping. With clumping litter, you will scoop out both the liquid and solid waste. With non-slumping, you only scoop out the solid waste as the liquid waste is absorbed into the litter. With clay litter, you scoop up some waste and sift out the unused litter back into the litter box.

Pine pellet litter turns into sawdust when it becomes saturated with liquid. If you have pine pellet litter, you begin by scooping out all of the solid waste. Then, search for loose sawdust in the litter box. Once you find it, carefully scoop it up and hold the scoop over your disposal bag or bucket. Gently sift out the used sawdust, then return any unused pellets back to the litter box.

Crystal litter absorbs liquid, much like non-clumping clay litter. With crystal litter, you will start by removing solid waste. It is recommended to gently stir the litter daily to disperse the used litter throughout the litter box. This helps the crystal litter last longer. Crystal litter should be changed out at least once per month.

Why do You Need a Scoop With a Long Handle?

There are a few reasons a cat owner may want to purchase a long-handled cat litter scoop. Some cat owners have issues like joint pain, pain in knees or wrists, or mobility issues.

Using a long-handled scoop can help alleviate some of these problems and make it more comfortable to scoop the litter. Some long-handled scoops allow for use in a sitting or even standing position, which helps with back or joint pain.

Even if a cat-owner usually can use a short-handled scoop, they may need a long-handled one under some circumstances. After recovering from surgery, for instance.

Another reason someone may need a long-handled kitty litter scoop is if they cannot handle the bad odors from the litter box. Using a scoop with a longer handle allows the user to be further away from the litter box while scooping it.

What are Long Handled Scoop Made From?

Most Long-handled litter scoops are made from stainless steel, aluminum, or hard plastic. Many are a combination of these materials.

Stainless steel and aluminum are both very sturdy materials that can handle even the heaviest scooping jobs. Hard plastic is a great choice as well, especially if you need something that is more affordable while still being relatively heavy-duty.

There are no bad choices when it comes to scoops made from any of these materials. You must consider which is best based on your litter scoop needs and budget.

Are Long-Handled Scoops Expensive?

Long-handled scoops can be priced from anywhere from a few dollars to over $40. The price will reflect the materials the scoop is made from, the features the item has, and how functional the item is. However, it is possible to find a scoop at a low price that suits your needs.

When shopping for a long-handled scoop, think about what needs you have. Find a scoop that will work well for your needs while still being at a fair price. Compare different scoops before making any purchases.

What to Look for When Buying a Long-Handled Litter Scoop

If you are going to be shopping for a long-handles scoop, there are a few things to keep in mind. What kind of litter scoop you need will depend on your needs.

Consider whether you will need to be sitting or standing when scooping the litter. Think about how your back and wrists are positioned when you are scooping.

Search for a scoop that is made of durable material that is unlikely to bend too much or break. The shape of the shovel matters, also. A square one with a straight edge is good for scraping sticky litter in a typical litter box. A round basket would work better if you have a rounded litter box.

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Final Thoughts

There are many benefits to using a long-handled cat litter scoop. A long handled-scoop can help alleviate back pain and joint pain. It can also help you do your scooping further away from litter box odors.

Long-handled litter box scoops can be used sitting or even standing. This makes it much easier for people with back or joint pain or for someone recovering from surgery.

When searching for a long-handled scoop, look for one that suits your personal needs, that you can use comfortably, and that will get the job done well.