Best Cat Instagram Accounts to Follow: Famous and Cute Kitties!

Best Cat Instagram Accounts

I’ve put together a roundup of the best cat Instagram accounts for you all to enjoy.

The list includes none other than Nala Cat – the cat with the most Instagram followers in the world if you didn’t know!

These are the most famous, cute, funny, unique, and interesting cats in the world. All captured by image and featured on Instagram – enjoy!

Best Cat Instagram Accounts to Follow

Nala Cat – 3.5 million Followers

Nala Cat might seem like any ordinary cat at first look – but 3.5 million follows gives away that there are some entertaining escapades if you follow her.

Nala is the cat with the most Instagram followers and is even in the Guinness World Records page to prove it! (She even has more followers than GuinnessWorldRecords)

You can even book tickets to meet and greet Nala Cat. Check their Instagram bio for updates as to when and where.

Real Grumpy Cat – 2.4 Million Followers

This is the official Instagram account for Grumpy Cat. A cat that has a face you can’t help but love – and smile at. Even though he appears to be grumpy all the time.

He has an absolutely huge following of almost 2 and a half million followers. It’s easy to see why when you start browsing his pics it’s hard to stop yourself.

Lil Bub – 1.7 Million Followers

Anyone who says Lil Bub is not the cutest cat they have ever seen is lying. Ok, that’s a bit harsh, there are loads of cute cats, and we are biased towards our own, but still… look at those eyes.

Her bio says, ‘A one of a kind magical space cat.’ Sums it up wonderfully, Lil Bub has a unique look with her tongue almost always on show and those big eyes.

Coby The Cat – 1.2 Million Followers

Coby the Cat is a British Shorthair with a beautiful white coat with some shading, deep blue eyes, and what looks like eyeliner with his dark eyelids.

He has a huge following, his own shop with swag and fan gear, and looks dapper in some of his own gear in this image above I’m sure you’ll agree.

Hamilton The Hipster Cat – 805k Followers

Handlebar mustaches have never been more popular. Combine this with a cute looking cat and you have the recipe for an Instagram superstar!

Hamilton is about as hipster as a cat can get as he rocks a perfectly formed stash that doesn’t require any trimming or maintenance, even better!

Roku The Cat – 556k Followers

I love the style of photography used to snap Roku, it has a rustic and artistic look and feel, and does a great job of capturing him at his best.

If you follow Roku you’ll see all the usual things a cat gets up too…dressing up as Star Wars characters, hanging out with his friends, playing with toys, etc.

Snoopybabe – 351k Followers

This is Snoopybabe, a lovable exotic shorthair that spends his time in John Lennon cosplay as you can see from the image above.

Each pic seems to average 10-15k likes, so she has a solid fanbase. There are some awesome images of Snoopybabe wearing various cat clothing items and lounging around the house.

Loki Kitteh – 331k Followers

Loki is Insta-famous due to her unique look with those two fangs on show giving her that sinister appearance. Hence the vampire comments in the caption above.

I’m a big fan of the name as I have a cat called Loki myself. My kitty looks a lot less threatening however, and I don’t have to fear any vampiric urges!

Sam Has Eyebrows – 246k Followers

The title of Sam’s account is both funny and descriptive. Sam has markings that look like eyebrows, giving him some curious and interesting expressions.

He has a growing army of fans and you’ll find loads of funny pictures of Sam being compared to famous personalities with similar eyebrows.

Famous Instagram Cats – What’s All the Fuss About?

This is just some of the most famous cats on Instagram, or cats with the most followers, likes, cool and cute pics, and so on.

I hope I’ve helped introduce some new cats for you to follow. I know there are loads more but if you think I’ve missed a kitty that should have a place on this page let me know and I will add them.

Whenever there is a platform online for images to be shared they will always be cute cat pics!

Hope you enjoyed these best cat Instagram accounts to follow!

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