Why Do Cats Zig Zag in Front of You? (Hint: They Are Not Trying to Trip You Up)

Why Do Cats Zig Zag in Front of You

Of all the curious and interesting behaviors cats have – weaving, or ‘zig zagging’ in front of you as you walk is one of the more common ones that is both funny and annoying at times, right?

But, why do cats zig-zag in front of you?

Are they trying to trip you up? Because that’s what ends up happening if you’re not looking.

Maybe they are just trying to get your attention? Well, yes, more often than not.

There are a few common reasons why a cat starts to zig-zag or cut you off as you’re walking, as I will explain:

They’re Hungry

You probably guessed it, your cat is asking for food. That’s what they do most of the time they are not sleeping, right? I know it seems like my kitties are always asking for food.

If you’re in the kitchen and your cat is cutting in front of you that a very, not so subtle hint that they want some food while you’re there.

Likewise, if you give your kitties treats from time-to-time and they are in the mood they will get in your way when they have treats on the mind.

They Want Some Attention

What better way to get your attention than doing something that will get your attention because it’s hard to ignore!?

Zigzagging in front of you certainly does that, even if they end up almost tripping you down the stairs or making you drop something.

If your cat is getting in your way take a moment to try and figure out what they want. It may be food as per the last point, but may just as likely be they want some fussing.

They Are Showing Dominance

Cats also zig-zag to show their dominance and rub across your legs to leave their scent on you.

This reaffirms they are the boss around the home (as if you needed reminding), and lets other cats know by leaving their scent.

You will notice this more if you stand still and your cat weaves in and out of your legs rubbing their face on the bottom of your legs.

It’s quite endearing. But do remember, your cat is the boss so don’t cross the line!

What Should You Do When Your Cat Is Zig Zagging in Front of You?

With all of this in mind, there are two things you should do when your cat is zigging and zagging around your legs.

  • Make sure you’re not going to trip over! I don’t want any harm to come to you or your cat, or whatever you’re holding at the time for that matter.
  • Stop and give them the attention they are asking for. Cat’s aren’t that demanding, they have a lot of sleeping to do.

So the least you can do is see why they are trying to get your attention and give in to their needs.

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I hope this has helped you better understand your cat’s behavior a little. If you have anything to add please feel free to drop a comment below.