Why Does My Cat Knead Me but Not My Husband?

Why Does My Cat Knead Me but Not My Husband

If your cat kneads you and not your husband this is showing very clearly that your cat loves you and feels more comfortable with you.

If you and your husband were in competition for the favor of your cat let’s not skirt the truth, you win. Your cat loves you and is showing you by kneading on you.

Why Do Cats Knead on Us?

Kneading is an action that comes intuitively to cats shortly after they are born and before they even open their eyes.

Kittens knead on their mother’s tummies to keep the milk flowing when they are feeding. So it’s a vital action for their survival.

As to why cats continue to knead on things as they grow older has always been something cat behavior experts have studied and debated.

The best guesses are that that older cats knead as a feeling of comfort. Much like we carry on some comfort actions into childhood, cats do too.

Another reason might be that they are leaving their scent in the area they’re kneading. Cats are territorial animals, it’s important to them to mark their territory and items with their scent.

Then there is the idea that they are showing you love by kneading on you. Afterall, a cat only kneads when they are happy, safe and secure, and relaxed.

So take it as the ultimate compliment from your furry friend. Put aside all those times your cat has ignored you, just turned up to eat then left again, and even scratched you when they were in a bad mood.

A kneading cat is an incredibly happy cat. The fact that they knead on you shows you that you’re their favorite person.

What to Do If Your Cat Is Kneading on You

Now, kneading isn’t the most comfortable feeling. Some cats have razor sharp claws and will really dig them into the skin which can be anywhere from uncomfortable to painful.

What you must not do is yell or punish your cat for kneading. It’s important to make sure they know it’s ok to knead and carry on feeling comfortable and secure, but you can redirect their paws away from your skin.

Bundle up some of your clothing under their claws to take the pain. There is a risk they scag and damage your clothes, however, so having a blanket to hand is a better option if you’re the prepared type of person.

Whatever you decide, make the most of it. Listen carefully too, I bet your kitty is purring away to their heart’s content.

Enjoy the moment, it is truly a sign that your cat is very happy!