Why Do Cats Vibrate Their Tails? (Explanations and What You Should Do)

Why Do Cats Vibrate Their Tails

Have you noticed your cat shaking or vibrating their tail and wondered what they are trying to tell you?

Some cats do it much more than others. For some cats, it’s a quick flick, while for others the vibrating can last a few seconds.

But, why do cats vibrate their tails?

Cats use their tails to express how they are feeling. It’s a form of body language, much like how they move their ears, fur, and other parts of their bodies to express how they are feeling.

Here are some of the types of tail movements and vibrations to look out for and what they typically mean:

Their Tail Is Pointing up and Vibrating

If your cat’s tail is standing to attention and vibrating this usually means they are happy and excited.

Some cats will do this when their owners come home after being out a while, or if they anticipate being fed.

So when you see your cat sticking their tail up and vibrating take it as a compliment. They are happy to see you!

Their Tail Is Vibrating Erratically and Flicking

Cats lash their tails around when they are angry. You may have seen this when cats are getting set to fight, or annoyed by disturbed or something.

Some will often pause to flick and vibrate their tails too. All signs that you have a very unhappy kitty.

If you see these signs while you’re playing with your cat it can mean they are taking the role of hunting a little too serious, but it’s nothing to worry about.

Their Tail Is Vibrating and the Fur Is Standing on End

If your cat’s tail is vibrating and they are puffing out the fur to make their tail bigger it usually means they feel under threat.

Cats will try and make themselves appear as big as possible if they feel under threat. This means puffing themselves out as much as they can.

It looks kind of funny with short fur cats as it doesn’t make much difference. But long fur cats with big bushy tails turn into big balls of terrifying fluff! Well, not quite.

Here is a funny video showing how this cat vibrates its tail when it’s hungry!

What Should You Do When You See Your Cat Shaking Its Tail?

Well, hopefully, you are able to better read and understand what and how your cat is feeling from the information in this article and act accordingly.

You should always be doing everything you can to make sure your cat is happy and feels safe in your home.

If they are vibrating and quivering their tail to show distress often you need to get to the bottom of the problem and resolve it.

Every cat is different however. Your cat has its own unique and individual personality.

The more time you spend understanding your cat, the better you will understand them and what their body language means.