Why Does My Cat Lick Me All the Time? (Several Reasons Why Cats Lick Humans)

Why Does My Cat Lick Me All the Time

We all want to be close to our cats and have them show us they love us like we love them, but does it mean they love you if they keep licking you?

Cats have cute little pink tongues. But if you’ve ever been licked by one you will know that it feels more like sandpaper being dragged across your skin.

So should you let your cat lick you? Does it just mean they are being affectionate towards you?

Licking serves several functions, I can explain:

What Does It Mean When a Cat Licks a Human?

They Are Bonding with You

You may have seen cats licking and grooming each other. Only cats that are comfortable with each other will do this.

So when they lick you they are showing you affection and it’s a sign that they are comfortable with you.

So, take it as a compliment and a sign that they are strengthening the bond you two have. It’s quite endearing, even if it is a little uncomfortable and unwelcome most of the time!

It Might Be a Sign They Are Anxious

This can get quite confusing because some cats will lick their owner because they love them, and others will do so because they are anxious.

It’s up to you to read other cues and body language to see what mood your cat is in. If they are anxious you need to find out why and so something to help them feel more comfortable.

They Are Revisiting Kittenhood

Cats of all ages will repeat a lot of the behavior they showed as kittens, and it’s always cute to see them doing it.

Kneading and licking things are two of the most common kitten-like behaviors. It’s another sign that they are very comfortable and happy in your company.

Why Does My Cat Lick Me All the Time?

If your cat is licking you all the time it goes beyond the reasons mentioned above. Cats should not be licking people that often, so you certainly have a unique cat if it’s happening daily.

I had a kitten once that would like me almost every time I picked her up. She grew out of it when she became an adult, so if you have a young cat licking you it may change.

I would just put this down to having a unique cat with a quirky personality.

Why Does My Cat Lick My Hair?

Licking hair in particular falls into a different category than the above. Cats typically lick hair because they enjoy grooming people (and other pets) they are close too.

It’s almost irresistible for some cats to start grooming beard and head hair. Some also tread through long hair and enjoy the feel of it.

Why Does My Cat Lick My Nose?

The answer to this is probably because you’re making your nose accessible to your cat when they want to lick you.

Cats also love rubbing faces to show you how much they love you. So a nose sticking out when they are in the mood to lick is going to be reason enough.

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