Why Does My Cat Try to Groom Me? (4 Reasons Explained)

Why Does My Cat Try to Groom Me

Does your cat lick and groom you like you’re another cat?

I know what you’re thinking, “Why does my cat try to groom me?

It’s not like you have fur. You’re not a cat. And, I’m assuming you don’t like it at all (cause it’s yucky).

So, you’re right to wonder why your cat is trying to groom you. There is always a reason behind a cat’s behavior.

I have to point out, only some cats will try and groom humans, it’s a personality thing. So don’t be offended or think your cat is odd if they don’t do this with you.

It is all positive if they are attacking you with grooming, however!

Here are four of the most common reasons why cats try to groom us:

Why Does My Cat Try to Groom Me? (Does Any of the Following Ring True?)

Why Does My Cat Try to Groom Me Does Any of the Following Ring True

They’re Grooming You (Of Course)

The obvious answer as to why your cat is trying to groom you is that they are trying to groom you because they like grooming.

You may have seen cats grooming each other. There is a hierarchy between cats, and one or more is usually designated for grooming duties.

If your cat is a groomer, then they are likely going to turn their grooming skills on you at some point.

It’s not exactly what we consider cleaning, is it? Cat saliva is something we’d rather wash off than wash with, but it’s all positive signs that they love you and are trying to care for you if that helps.

There’s Something About the Way You Taste

This isn’t as weird as it sounds. Is there a connection between something you do with your hands and your cat licking your hands?

They might be attracted to the smell and taste of something on your skin. It can be something really random that you touch, doesn’t have to be food.

Or, it might just be your natural taste. Which does sound a little weird, but it’s not unheard of.

I will add, you don’t need to be concerned about your cat trying to eat you if that’s the case. So, no need for nightmares about your kitty staring at you licking their lips!

They’re Showing You Love and Affection

cats show us love and afffection when they lick and groom us

It may not feel like it when your cat is dragging their coarse sandpaper tongue across your skin, but they are actually showing you some serious affection and love.

When a cat grooms a human or another cat for that matter, they are displaying affection and showing us they are very comfortable with the grooming recipient.

This doesn’t mean you have to allow them to do this if you don’t like it. Or be concerned if you have a cat that doesn’t try to groom you. Each cat has their own ways of showing love, but it’s a clear sign for sure.

They Want to Get Your Attention

Cats only have so many ways of getting our attention when they want something. Some meow and make noise, some get under our feet if we’re on the move, and some lick or groom us.

If your cat is grooming you they most likely want one of three common things. Food, fussing, or to play.

You know your cat better than anyone, so you probably know what they want. My advice is to give in and do as they ask, otherwise you might get licked to death!

Or at least just licked and nibbled on until you get annoyed enough to do what they want. Let’s be realistic, I bet your kitty wants some food.

I hope this article – Why does my cat try to groom me? Has added some insight into your cat’s behavior for you.

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