Why Does My Cat Pull My Hair in the Morning? (Explained)

Why Does My Cat Pull My Hair in the Morning

If you’re wondering, ‘why does my cat pull my hair in the morning?’

You’re not alone.

This is a fairly common kitty behavior, and there are a few possible reasons behind why your cat is pulling at your hair as I’ll explain:

Why Does My Cat Pull My Hair in the Morning? (5 Reasons)

Your Cat Finds It Soothing

I’m sure you’ve seen your cat treading or kneading on things (also called making cookies due to the motion).

This is because they find it soothing, and it’s often done when they’re feeling happy or content.

Cats typically knead on soft things, like rugs, blankets, other cats – and human hair!

It’s a sign your cat feels very comfortable around you, likes the feeling of your hair, and clearly enjoys kneading it.

Your Cat Could Be Overstimulated

When cats get overstimulated, they can start to bite and claw at things – including you and your hair.

This is usually due to too much petting or play, and it’s their way of telling you to back off a bit.

They might also be feeling anxious or stressed, and this can lead to hair-pulling as well.

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Your Cat Might Think It’s Playing

Cats often play with each other by biting and clawing at each other – and this can carry over to how they play with humans, too.

If your cat is biting and clawing at your hair while you’re petting them, they might think it’s all part of the game.

If you have long hair, it might simply be too hard for them to resist chasing and pulling at your hair when it moves!

It’s important to be consistent with how you respond to this behavior so your cat knows that it’s not okay.

Your Cat Could Be Trying to Get Your Attention

Cats are very smart, and they quickly learn what gets them the attention they want.

If you’ve ever given your cat a treat or extra attention after they pulled your hair, they’ve probably learned that this is a good way to get what they want from you.

If it’s in the morning, in particular, when they’re pulling at your hair it sounds to me like they’re asking for breakfast!

It Could Also Be a Sign of Affection

Some cats simply enjoy being close to their humans and will express this by rubbing up against them or licking them.

Others might show their affection by gently pulling on your hair as they sit next to you.

This is usually a very gentle behavior, and if your cat is doing it while purring it’s a sign that they really love you.

How to Stop Your Cat From Pulling Your Hair

If you don’t want your cat to pull your hair, and I’m sure early morning hair pulling is the last thing most people want – here are a few things you can do:

Provide More Cat Furniture and Toys for Your Cat to Play With

If your cat is feeling restless, try providing a cat tree or toys that move around without you needing to get out of bed.

Hopefully, they’ll use this stuff you provide for some stimulation instead of your hair – that’s the goal.

You might have to bury your head under the covers and avoid them – but this will help redirect their energy away from pulling your hair and provide them with a much-needed outlet for all that extra energy.

If They’re Overstimulated, Try Ending Petting Sessions Before They Get Too Rough

If your cat starts to get too rough while you’re petting them, try ending the session before they start pulling your hair.

This way they won’t associate being petted with progressing to pulling your hair. Hopefully, they’ll learn that if they want to be petted – they need to be gentle.

It’s a good idea to try and keep your hair out of their reach while you’re doing this. You may need to wear a hat or cap of some sort for a while.

Be Consistent with How You Respond to Their Behavior

If you want to stop your cat from pulling your hair, it’s important to be consistent with how you respond to this behavior.

You might need to give them a time out or kick them out of your room when they start pulling at your hair.

Be sure to do this every single time they pull your hair, so they learn that this is not the behavior you expect from them.

You might also need to give them a firm “no” and redirect their attention to something else – like a toy or catnip.

Cats are very smart, so it won’t take long for them to learn what you expect from them if you’re consistent with your response.

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Why Does My Cat Eat My Hair While I’m Sleeping?

Cats are known for their love of grooming, and they often use their tongues to remove loose hair from their own coats.

This behavior can carry over to their humans, especially if they see you as part of their family.

Cats typically groom themselves and each other as a way of bonding and showing affection.

So, if your cat is licking or eating your hair while you’re sleeping or just woken up, it’s likely they’re just trying to groom you but they’re finding your long hair harder to deal with.

Why Does My Cat Bite My Head and Pull My Hair?

If your cat is biting or nibbling on your head, it’s for all of the same reasons explained above as to why cats pull and eat hair.

The only difference is how some cats behave compared to others. Some will lick or nibble on their human parents, some will pull hair – you’ll discover one or more of the same reasons (and solutions).


Image credits – Photo by Adam Kuylenstierna on Unsplash

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