Why Does My Cat Bite Me but Not My Husband? (How to Change This Behavior)

Why Does My Cat Bite Me but Not My Husband

So you are trying to find out, why does my cat bite me but not my husband or partner?

Do you feel like your cat is singling you out for a nibble whether it’s playful or aggressive? Is it offending or confusing you?

I’ve seen, dealt with, and corrected this behavior before so I can help!

Some cats bite more than others. In fact, some cats just don’t bite at all. But it’s not the strangest of their behaviors, and you can often find out the reason why and do something to change it.

The first thing you need to do is find out why your cat is biting. Then we can figure out why your cat is biting you and not your husband.

I always start by looking at the following:

When Does Your Cat Bite You?

Does your cat always bite you at the same or similar times of the day? When you’re doing certain things, or is there anything else you can tie together to understand when it’s going to happen?

It sounds simple, but this is something you may have thought about in detail and not pieced together.

Are They Hungry?

I’m not suggesting your cat bites you because they are trying to eat you!

If it’s around feeding time then I think there is an obvious reason why your cat is biting you – they want to be fed.

As for why they bite you and not your husband will likely be because they associate you with being the one that feeds them or will react to this behavior.

They Want to Play?

Probably the most common reason for cats biting their owners is to get their attention so they can play.

If your cat is 3 years old or younger they are going to have a lot of energy to burn off and some cats are pushy enough to nip you to get your attention.

Just be careful when playing however. If they bite you when you’re playing with them make sure they know it’s not acceptable.

Is It Aggressive Biting?

There is a difference between aggressive biting and play biting. Do you have a male cat that has not been neutered showing aggression? Might be time for the snip, this can make a difference overnight.

Another reason is often that the cat is in pain for some reason. Cats are not good at vocalizing when they are in pain and hide it well, often lashing out. A trip to the vet for a checkup might be the answer.

Ways to Stop Your Cat Biting You

Finding out why your cat is biting you is half the solution, stopping them from biting is the part you’re probably more interested in, right?

There are some basic steps to take when stopping a cat from biting, these are:

Fix the Problem You Identified – If you’ve identified the issue from the advice I gave above, can you make the changes needed based on that information to stop them biting?

Make It Clear It’s Not Acceptable – Cats are aware when we use a sharp tone and give off negative vibes. A firm ‘NO’ will actually have some impact, although it will take some time for some cats to get the message.

Reward/Punish Behavior – Another thing almost all cats respond well to is being rewarded. When they do something right, give them a treat right away. Conversely, don’t treat, show affection, or play with them if they bite you.

Ignore Them – If your cat is biting your hands hide them and ignore your cat. As there is almost certainly an attention seeking aspect to their behavior ignoring them will force them to find attention somewhere else.

In Summary

There is a lot you can discover about your cat and their behavior by taking some time to study their body language and spend more time interacting with them.

If your cat is biting you but not your husband there will be a reason for this deliberate behavior that you can get to the bottom of. Some cats are the other way around, of course – they’ll favor your husband but not you!

Hopefully the above advice will help you with this issue. I’ve never met a cat that was biting and wasn’t able to be reformed, so that’s a positive to keep in mind!


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