Why Does My Cat Favor My Husband? (Cats Favoritism)

Cats favor those they trust and are attached to. When a cat is owned jointly by a married couple, the cat may favor one spouse over the other. Typically, cats adore the partner with whom they have a relationship. Typically, this attachment is created with someone who respects your pet’s personal space and communicates effectively with her. Cats desire companionship, cleaning and maintaining their litter box, and food. Have you completed every step? There are moments when they prefer to be alone. If you do not comprehend this aspect of your pet, but your spouse does, your cat will favor your husband. Let’s attempt to gain a deeper understanding of this habit and what may be done to alter it.

How do cats pick a favorite?

People frequently believe cats and dogs share similar characteristics, although they do not. Dogs are nicer and more obedient than cats. Felines are more independent animals. A study conducted in 2015 demonstrates that adult cats are independent and do not rely on their owners for safety.

According to scientists, cats have not been researched as extensively as dogs. We comprehend the behavior and requirements of dogs better than cats. We recognize that cats are less social than dogs, yet we cannot assert that they have no interest in humans. Some study indicates that cats can form bonds with humans on par with dogs. It all depends on how much care you give them and where they were nurtured.

So why do cats choose a preferred individual? Cats are indoor animals, but they enjoy having their area. Unfortunately, few cat parents are aware of this. So, they have a complicated connection with their pets. As a result, felines chose those who comprehend and respect their personal space as their favorite individuals.

How to Win Your Cat’s Love

To be your cat’s favorite person, you must respect her privacy. Never play with your cat when she’s not in the mood. Additionally, it is crucial to spend considerable time with her whenever you feel the need. Imagine if you are never available to play with your cat. Try to sense your cat, recognize when she wants to play and when she wants to eat, snuggle with her, clean her litter box, and most importantly, feed her! Some cats dislike being picked up, while others do, so handle them with care. Pet your cat as it passes by; let her know you adore her, and she will undoubtedly return your affection.

Young beautiful woman smiling and cuddling cat with love at home.
Young beautiful woman smiling and cuddling cat with love at home.

Signs You’re Your Cat’s Favorite?

Felines are independent animals. Nonetheless, research indicates that they build strong ties with their owners. And when cats adore their owners, their adoration is not concealed. The stability of a bond with a cat has also been demonstrated. They will not change their minds daily. Here are some indications that your cat loves you most:

Flickering eyes

Cats enjoy exchanging slow blinks with individuals they adore. You may refer to it as a loving gaze. If your cat blinks at you slowly, she loves you.

Sleeps in your bed

Remember that cats enjoy their own space. They want to sleep in their beds and even on the sofa. However, they will gladly share a bed with you if you are their favorite individual.

Purring and twitching tail around you

In addition, if you are your pet’s favorite, she will wiggle her tail and purr whenever you pet her. Cats will only wiggle their tails and purr when they enjoy being petted.

Other Signs

In addition to kneading, clinginess, licking, and headbutting, cats’ favorite human behaviors include kneading, clinginess, licking, and so on.

How to know whether your cat is attached to you

It is easy to determine if a cat has formed a link with you. When cats dislike humans, they typically retract their ears and hiss. Occasionally, they may bite those they despise. If none of these behaviors are exhibited by your cat, it’s a positive indicator.

When a cat is bonded to its parents, it enjoys spending time with them. Therefore, if your cat is linked to you, she would love to share your bed. Additionally, she will appreciate times when you play games. The majority of cats would rather play with their owners than eat, according to 2017 research. If your pet exhibits such behavior, she is undoubtedly linked to you.

Do Cats Select Their Owners?

Yes, felines select their owners. However, when individuals decide to get a cat, they typically purchase an attractive one from a pet store. However, not everyone chooses their cat. For some, their animal companion selected them. How? Have you ever visited a pet store and seen a cat purring or wagging its tail at you? That is first sight, love. To strangers, cats rarely purr or flick their tails. When they do, they must respect and trust you greatly. And if you purchased the cat, she selected you rather than her.

If a stray cat comes to your doorway and allows you to pick her up or pet her, she has chosen you. Some say that cats are attracted to the pleasant vibe of your home when they visit your doorstep. Others feel that it is a warning of future good fortune. However, these are superstitious beliefs; no scientific evidence supports them.

Hand stroking the cat on the head
Hand stroking the cat on the head

Do male cats favor female owners?

According to popular perception, male cats prefer female owners because they are more affectionate. In addition, male cats enjoy being petted by ladies. Women have gentler hands than males. Thus men appreciate a woman’s delicate massage.

Researchers are investigating whether or whether male cats prefer female owners. A study reveals that felines approach female owners more frequently than male owners. According to this study, cats’ likelihood of choosing female owners is quite high. Cats contacted female owners more often than male owners and initiated interaction with female owners, although there was no discernible reason for this.


If your cat prefers your husband, it is likely because he spends more time with your cat. Perhaps your husband will play with her, feed her, pet her, and clean her litter box more. No matter how busy you are with work, you must bond with your pet if you want a good relationship with it. Never give your husband exclusive responsibility for bonding with your pet. You’d miss out a lot. Cats are more adorable than humans but have shorter lifespans. Consequently, it is crucial to spend more time with your pet. If you’ve seen that your cat dislikes spending time with you, examine what you’re doing incorrectly.

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