How to Pet a Cat to Sleep: 5 Easy Steps

How to Pet a Cat to Sleep

If you want to strengthen the bond between you and your kitty then learning how to pet a cat to sleep is going to get your in their good books for sure.

Cats love being pet, and they love sleeping. So, if you can help them sleep through petting they are going to love you forever.

It’s particularly helpful if you have a new or nervous cat that’s finding it difficult to feel safe and sleep.

A cat needs to feel secure and safe, otherwise, they will be stressed and show signs of ill-health over time.

With just 5 simple steps I’ve outlined below and spending some time getting to know your cat better you can pet them to sleep and enjoy having a sleeping lap cat or just seeing them be happy.

How to Pet a Cat to Sleep in 5 Easy Steps

Step 1: Look for Signs That Your Cat Wants to Be Pet

One of the worst things you can do as a cat owner is fuss them when they are not in the mood or don’t want to be fussed.

Cats generally want to be pet when they approach you, nudge you, rub their face on your hands or circle your legs.

If they are already laying down and comfortable they might still want to be fussed. The clearest sign here is that they will start purring and maybe shuffle into a more comfortable position to allow you to pet them more.

All cats are different, so it’s also going to come down to you learning about your own cat and reading the signs.

Step 2: Make Sure Your Cat Is Somewhere Comfortable

If you want to pet them to sleep they need to be somewhere that’s comfortable and they will be able to sleep.

This means on a soft blanket, bed, or maybe your lap if you’re not planning on moving anytime soon.

Also make sure there are no loud noises, breezes, or anything that’s going to disturb them. Think about what you would like or not like if you’re going to put your head down for a nap.

Step 3: Pet More or Less Depending on Their Body Language

As per step 1, this is largely going to come down to you learning more about your kitty and adjusting accordingly.

Generally speaking, it should be fairly obvious if your cat is enjoying the petting. They will be purring, rubbing and nudging you for more, and looking happy.

Step 4: Learn Where Your Cat Likes to Be Pet

When trying to pet your cat to sleep over just petting them for enjoyment you need to fuss them in places that are as relaxing as possible.

For some cats, this might include their tummy’s. This is something you will need to figure out about your cat as some find it incredibly relaxing, while others hate it.

Generally speaking, you should start by gently fussing their heads, and working down their backs in long strokes.

If your cat rolls onto their side they may want some long strokes down their sides. If they lift their chin they almost certainly want some strokes under there.

Cats are great at showing and telling us what and where they want to be pet. So look for the signs and do more of what they like, and none of what they don’t!

Step 5: Be Patient and Stay until They’re Sleeping

Once you’ve started you’re in this until your cat is sound asleep. Be patient and carry on petting your cat until they’re sleeping, and long after if you can.

My cats love being stroked when they are asleep. If you’re gentle it’s not going to wake them, and if you hear them purring even better as cats purr in their sleep too.

The good news is that petting a cat can be very therapeutic and relaxing for you too, so make the most of the time you have with your pet.

Don’t be surprised if you nod off too!

How to Pet a Cat to Sleep Video

This is a cool video showing you how to put your cat to sleep with petting and fussing mainly on their head.

Check it out it’s so cute!