Useful Tips for Cat Owners

Useful Tips for Cat Owners

Talk to any cat owner and they will bore you with tales and stories of all the funny and memorable moments they have had with their cats. Owning a cat can be incredibly entertaining and fun.

Cats make wonderful additions to a family, or a household. I have spent countless hours sitting with my cat telling her about my day, playing, or just watching her be a cat. Which can be very entertaining in itself.

However, sharing your home with a cat does come with a lot of responsibility, as does owning any pet. It’s a long-term commitment, often as long as 20 years. So you need to think carefully before adopting a kitten, or a grown cat.

Being pushed around from home to home isn’t fun. You wouldn’t like it, so if you think there is any chance you cannot commit to a cat for life – don’t do it. That’s my advice. However, if you are ready here are some of the best tips for new cat owners I can give you from experience.

Accept that cats are independent by nature

One of the grips from a lot of cat owners is that they don’t feel like their cats need them. This isn’t entirely true, cats need a lot of love and attention to live a happy, enriched life. But they are independent creatures.

You do need to be sure that you can fit a cat into your lifestyle and be there when it needs you. Some cats choose when they want attention, and some cats are happy to be by themselves. But you never know what personality type your kitty will develop.

Different breeds offer very different personality traits. So that is certainly worth looking into before taking the plunge and choosing the perfect kitty for you. But never be offended if you cat doesn’t show you much attention, it’s nothing personal against you.

Enjoy having a great listening partner

This might sound a little weird, but people often buy cats for the company, right? Cats are great listeners, seriously. They never judge, never complain back about their days, and can sit next to you can listen for hours.

Make the most of having a companion like this. They offer a lot that humans can’t, having a companion like this here for you in one of the best parts of cat ownership.

Check if anyone in the house has allergies

Cat allergies are more common than you may think. It’s estimated that around 10% of people have some allergies to being around cats, that’s twice as much as dogs. If you only find out that someone is allergic after you bring home a cat, it’s going to be disastrous.

You have a couple of options here. One is to spend some time with cats beforehand. Such as visiting a cattery, or round a friend’s house that has cats. Or, you can buy a breed that is known to have a low allergic reaction. But this is a risky option.

Be Well Prepared

Whenever you’re bringing a pet home you should be well prepared. This means you know what food, litter, toys, and beds you need – and you have all the items. Don’t cut any corners either, you need everything and you should buy quality items.

A litter tray is essential. You need to find a convenient and quiet spot too, so your new cat feels comfortable and happy using it. There are different foods for different age cats too, something you need to be aware of.

Always Insure Your Cat

Veterinary care is expensive. Just like any member of the family, a cat needs quality health care should there be an emergency. If you shop around you can usually find insurance at a good price, it’s not expensive.

You will need to get kitten neutered or spayed when they are old enough before letting them outside. This doesn’t come under the insurance, but will help introduce you to a local vet.

In Summary

It’s a serious long-term commitment bringing a cat into your home. Sure they are those cute balls of fun you see in funny clips online, but they also require looking after. Cats require a balanced diet, appropriate veterinary care, and enough fuss and attention to keep them happy.