8 Bizarre and Interesting Cat Related Facts – [Infographic]

Bizarre and Interesting Cat Related Facts

Cats are wonderful creatures and there is no shortage of fun and interesting facts. But here are 8 of the more bizarre and interesting cat related facts that will probably take you by surprise.

Cats Are Ambidextrous

There has been extensive studies into the behavior of cats and their preferred paws. It’s actually been discovered that male cats prefer to use their left paw more than the right. While female cats prefer to use their right.

While there are some differences in preference over the right or left. Cats are classified as ambidextrous. This helps account for their awesome hunting abilities, and the coordination when jumping and climbing.

There Are around 200 Feral Cats in Disneyland

I am by no means suggesting you visit Disneyland for this reason. But there are reportedly around 200 feral cats living there. Their origins can be traced back to when the park first opened.

Upon finding a bunch of cats it was decided the humane option was to try and offer them away. But it was quickly discovered they were keeping the mice population under control. So they stayed and the population has steadily grown.

There Is More to Purring than Your Realize

We all that a purring cat is a happy cat. But there is a lot more to purring than just showing they are content. Did you know that it helps newborns find each other while they are still blind? This is essential to their survival in the wild.

Purring also produces an endorphin that soothes pain. A queen will purr while delivering kittens. This helps with the pain and creates a calmer atmosphere. There is also some research to suggest that cats heal quicker than animals which do not purr.

Cats Have Whiskers in Several Places

We all know cats have whiskers on the cheeks. Most people also know that whiskers are designed to help a cat gauge distances and changes in weather. So they don’t get stuck in a hole. Although this still seems to happen from time-to-time.

Cats also have whiskers on their chins, eyebrows, and legs. These whiskers are a lot smaller, but they still serve a purpose. They help the cat with overall equilibrium and judging distances.

It’s Believed That Isaac Newton Invented the Cat Flap

As the story goes, while Isaac Newton was studying at Cambridge University he was frequently disturbed by a cat and her kittens. The cat would scratch at the door to his office and interrupt him while he worked.

Thinking of a resolve for this problem, it’s reported that Isaac asked a handyman on campus to make a hole in his door so the cats could come and go freely without disturbing him. Could this have been one of, if not the earliest examples of a cat flap?

Cats Can Taste Something We Can’t

Cat’s have a peculiar taste for foods. They actually have a lot less taste buds than we do. In fact we have around 9000, while they only have around 470. Cats also do not have the gene known to allow sweet taste, hence why they don’t have a sweet tooth.

They can however taste adenosine triphosphate, known as (ATP). Humans cannot detect this with taste, although we are not missing out on much. Netherless it’s a curiously bizarre cat fact.

Cats Survive Better from Falling Further

Obviously there is a point of diminishing returns. But generally speaking, a cat will fair better falling from 10 stories up than 2 stories. This is due to the fact that cats need some time to adjust in mid-air to ‘break’ their fall.

Cats actually spread themselves to form a sort of umbrella form as they fall. This lessens the speed and impact of the fall. On shorter distances it’s harder for them to perform this.

Nikola Tesla’s Cat Inspired Him to Investigate Electricity

Nikola Tesla is a famous inventor, most well-known for his contributions to the modern alternating electricity supply system. While a lot of people know this, it’s a lesser known fact that he first experienced electricity when he received a shock from his cat.

It’s been documented that as a young Nikola was stroking his cat he received a small shock. This set the thinking cogs in motion, and fast forward many years to his studies of electricity. He credited this ‘ah-ha’ moment to his cat “Macak”, although his feline friend can’t take all the credit.


8 Bizarre and Interesting Cat Related Facts