Why Does My Cat Sleep on My Bed with Me?

Why Does My Cat Sleep on My Bed with Me

As cat owners, we have lots of question about our kitties behavior.

One question I keep hearing is, ‘Why does my cat sleep on my bed with me?

There are some pros and cons to having your cat sleeping near you on your bed, which side are you on?

Pros to Having Your Cat Sleep on Your Bed

  • He/she is there for a fussing
  • You know where they are and that they’re safe
  • They keep you warm on cold nights
  • You won’t feel as lonely

Cons to Having Your Cat Sleep on Your Bed

  • They leave fur everywhere (check hypoallergenic breeds here)
  • They seem to enjoy waking you up before your alarm clock
  • They hog the covers
  • You can get scratched or slapped in the night if you fidget

Here are some of the reasons why cats decide to sleep on their owner’s beds to help you better understand their behavior:

Reasons Why Your Cat Likes to Sleep on Your Bed

Your Cat Wants to Be near You

If you have a strong bond with your cat you should cherish it. Not all cats take to their owners, much to their dissatisfaction.

Even if they are reaching out and putting a claw in your face (as my cat does) it’s a sign of affection.

I find it relaxing having my cat on my bed. The sound of purring at night is really soothing if your cat chooses to sleep near you take it as a compliment.

Your Bed Is Warm and Comfy

One of the main reason you like your bed is because it’s warm and comfortable, right? So, it’s no surprise your cat enjoys sleeping on it too.

Cats like finding somewhere warm to sleep. We generate a lot of body heat during the night, and they are more than happy to share some of it.

Your Cat Feels Safe and Secure on Your Bed

Feeling safe and secure while they sleep is important to cats. It ties back to their natural survival instincts and need to find somewhere safe from predators and threats.

Obviously, there are no threats in your home. But being near you, sleeping elevated off the ground, and knowing the room well contributes to their decision to be there.

You Have a Social Cat

Cats have individual personalities, figuring out and understanding what your cat likes is one of the most endearing and enjoyable parts of being a cat owner.

Some are a lot more social than others and need that human-to-cat interaction or closeness. If your cat sleeps on your bed it’s possible they just have that need to be near you and as part of their personality.

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