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Gabapentin for Cats

Gabapentin is a popular anticonvulsant medicine among humans and pets, especially for cats and dogs. Humans use the drug for mild and chronic pain and control seizure conditions.

However, in cats, gabapentin is used for chronic musculoskeletal neuropathic pain and mild sedation in stressful situations such as vet visits, travel sickness etc.

Knowing about the safe Gabapentin dosage for feline is essential.

Offering any medicine in the wrong dose and without vet prescription to your pet can lead them to severe and fatal health conditions.

This article is a complete Guide about Gabapentin for cats including a gabapentin dosage chart for cats, benefits, side effects, precautions and safe serving ideas. You can use the table of content for quick navigation.  

How much Gabapentin for Cats?

According to pet experts and veterinarians, the safe dose of gabapentin for treating seizures in cats is 2-5mg/lb or 5-10mg/kg every 8 to 12 hours. For feline pain, the ideal amount of the medicine is 1.25 to 2 mg/kg every 12 hours. 

For sedation and calming, vets usually prescribe 40-70mg for smaller and old felines and 75-90mg for adult cats 2-3 hours before a vet visit or travel.

Like other medicines, the safe dosage of gabapentin depends on the size of the cat, body weight and overall health condition.

Gabapentin is not the primary drug to treat or control seizures but administered with other medications used for the illness. 

Gabapentin for Cats Dosage Chart By Weight

Cat Weight in KgCat Weight in lbsGabapentin for cat seizuresGabapentin for cat painGabapentin for cats sedation
2kg4 lbs10mg-20mg2mg-4mg20-40mg
3kg7 lbs15mg-30mg3mg-6mg30-50mg
4kg9 lbs20mg-40mg4mg-8mg50-75mg
5kg11 lbs25mg-50mg5mg-10mg50-75mg
6kg13 lbs30mg-60mg6mg-12mg50-75mg

The above Gabapentin Dosage Chart for Cats is prepared with a low dose for the safety precautions. For the newborn kitty and old or sick cat, first, contact your veterinarian before offering any medication. 

Gabapentin Dosage Chart For cats

Gabapentin Dosage Calculator For Cats

Available Forms of Gabapentin

Gabapentin usually comes in Oral Capsules, Tablets and liquid forms. The oral capsules and tablets comes in 100mg, 300mg, 400mg, 600mg, and 800mg. The liquid Gabapentin comes in 250 milligram per 5 milliliters (50 mg/mL). 

Liquid Gabapentin for Cats

Liquid Gabapentin for Cats

The liquid form of Gabapentin is not recommended for cats and dogs and has side effects. Many Liquid Gabapentin often contains toxic ingredients such as Xylitol. 

In cats, Xylitol can elicit a sudden release of insulin and lead your feline to hypoglycemia, and the chances of severe complication are rare.

Upgrade Your Cat Disclaimer: If you have decided to give the liquid Gabapentin to your cat make sure to choose the product that doesn’t contain any toxic ingredients for felines such as Xylitol etc. Giving the wrong form may harm more than benefit.

Gabapentin Liquid for Cats Dosage Chart In ml

Only Use the liquid form of the medicine with the vet advice only. The dose of liquid Gabapentin for cats is 0.05ml/kg.

For Selection of the product please read the disclaimer above.

Gabapentin Liquid for Cats Dosage Chart

Gabapentin Benefits

cat with vet

1. Aids your feline in seizures, mild or chronic pain and anxiety.
2. It can be used as adjunctive therapy with idiopathic refractory epilepsy in cats.
3. Gabapentin can be used as an anti-anxiety and sedative medicine to relieve stress and anxiety in your kitty.
4. helps to reduce travel and vet visit stress

Gabapentin Side effects

  • 1) Lethargy Occasional diarrhea
  • 2) Gabapentin can cause ataxia in cats
  • 3) Sleepiness
  • 4) Incoordination
  • 5) Difficulty in walking

Which cats should not take Gabapentin?

Gabapentin is not considered safe for all cats. Felines with liver or kidney issues,  hypersensitivity or allergy to should only take medicine with the vet advice. Also, Queen cats having pregnancy should not take Gabapentin.

Safety Precautions

ill cat

Offer the medicine with vet advice to young kitties, seniors toms and queens cats having health issues.

Gabapentin can react with particular medicine such as hydrocodone, antacids, morphine and other NSAIDs. Take your veterinarian advice before giving the drug parallel with other medicines.

One of the most common side effects of the medicine is sedation, Occasional diarrhea and Incoordination. Contact your vet immediately if you observe any severity for an extended period.

Remember overdosing on any medicine can lead you and your pet to severe complications.

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Gabapentin is among the most functional veterinary medicine. The safe amount of the drug can help your cat in many issues such as seizures, anxiety and pain.

However, overdosing on the drug and using it with some other medication is not considered ideal. Therefore, vet prescription is most important.

How to give a cat gabapentin capsules or tablets

The ideal way to give your cat gabapentin in capsule or tablet form is to fold it the soft cat treats or within the food, such as in the small piece of chicken or fish.

How long time will the Gabapentin effect last in cats?

The effects of gabapentin in felines can depend on the amount of dose and size of the cat. Usually, the impact of the drug will lasts in about 6-12 hours.

Is refrigerating Gabapentin for cats a must?

The refrigerating of the Gabapentin depends on its form. Usually, the Capsule form of the medicine can be ok at room temperature; however, the liquid Gabapentin for cats need to be kept in the fridge after use at refrigerated temperature.


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