Pyrantel Pamoate Dosage for cats – Safe Dose Chart

Pyrantel pamoate dosage for cats

Pyrantel pamoate is a tetrahydro pyrimidine deworming medicine for cats and dogs commonly used to treat hookworms and roundworms. So what is the safe Pyrantel pamoate dosage for cats? And How much pyrantel Can you give to a Feline? Although the FDA has approved this medicine for dog use only, many veterinarians often prescribe the Pyrantel pamoate for a feline as well. Because it also works well in kittens.

For cats and dogs, The Pyrantel Pamoate deworming medicine can be only used to treat hookworms and roundworms and is not effective against tapeworms, whipworms, and many other types of felines intestinal parasites. 

The leading cause of Roundworms and hookworms is ingesting contaminated soil or feces or rodents that contain the worm’s egg. However, kittens can also be infected by the worms directly from their mother. 

Knowing about any medication’s safe dose and safety precautions is essential for every pet owner. Sometimes, wrong doses and lack of knowledge can lead your faithful companions to severe health conditions.

This article is a comprehensive guide about using Pyrantel Pamoate for cats include dosage calculator. You can use the quick navigation table for ease.  

How does Pyrantel Pamoate work in cats?

Pyrantel pamoate deworming medicine works like a depolarizing neuromuscular blocker inside the body. However, once a feline or a dog takes the drug, it causes sudden muscle contraction and paralysis of the internal parasite and hence the worms cannot sustain itself more in the body. Thus these parasites go out from the body via feces.

What is the safe Pyrantel pamoate dosage for cats?

The safe and ideal dose of Pyrantel pamoate for cats is 2.5-10mg/lb or 5-10 mg/kg single dose orally with a break of 2-3 weeks. The medicine can be offered every 2-3 weeks between 3-12 weeks of age with the vet’s advice only for kittens and puppies. 

Pyrantel pamoate dosage chart for cats by Weight

Cat  Weight  in kgCat  Weight  in lbsPyrantel pamoate dosage
2 kg4.4lb5-20mg

Please Note: The above Pyrantel pamoate dosage for cats chart is well researched but can only be used for educational purposes and can not replace your veterinarian’s advice.

You can use the pyrantel pamoate over the counter for cats. Still, Your vet can better prescribe the ideal and safe dose of any veterinary medicine after physically observing your pet’s health condition, the severity of the illness, and weight. 

What is pyrantel pamoate dosage for cats in ml?

Finding the correct and ideal dosage of pyrantel pamoate for your feline could be a little tricky. The safe dosage of the 50mg/ml pyrantel pamoate suspension for cats is 0.05 to 0.1ml/lb. Please only give a single dose of the medicine and repeat in 2 weeks with the vet’s advice. The liquid form of the medication is mainly used for kittens. 

Dosage Calculator

Liquid suspension  Pyrantel Pamoate dosage chart for cats

Cat  Weight  in lbsCat  Weight  in kg50 ml Pyrantel pamoate dosage

Do not overdose your kitty on the medicine. Overdosing is toxic. The safe idea is to contact your vet for gentle advice before offering any medication to your feline. 

Overdosing Side Effects of Pyrantel Pamoate

Giving the safe amount of Pyrantel to felines is safe and has no side effects; however, mild side effects may occur in some cats, such as Vomiting. But overdosing is toxic and has mild to severe side effects

Symptoms and side effects of Pyrantel pamoate overdosing in cats:

  • Vomiting
  • Restlessness
  • Loss of Balance 
  • Rapid breathing
  • Stomach/abdominal cramps
  • Wet Paws (sweating)
  • Drowsiness
  • Dizziness

In case of overdosing, make sure to contact your vet immediately or contact the Pet Poison control helpline at (888) 426-4435

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Can cats take pyrantel?

Yes, veterinarians often prescribe pyrantel for the treatment of hookworms and roundworms. A safe and ideal amount of medicine can help your kitty from these nasty parasites. Overdosing is toxic.

pyrantel for cats

Can I put pyrantel in cat food?

Yes, you can give the tablet form of Pyrantel pamoate by rolling it in the food or cat treat. You can also add the liquid form of the medicine into the healthy feline food. Give only the recommended dose and avoid overdosing. To prevent the choking hazard of the tablet, you can divide the table into small pieces.

Does pyrantel for cats need to be refrigerated?

The tablet form of pyrantel doesn’t need to be refrigerated but must be kept at room temperature. However, the liquid pyrantel needs to be refrigerated at the required refrigerating temperature. So for the drug’s effectiveness, make sure to keep it at the required temperature.

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