Are Nail Caps Safe For Cats? Pros & Cons – How to Apply

Are Nail Caps safe for cats

As the popularity of cat nail caps increases, more and more feline owners want to get some knowledge about the caps before buying them for their pets.

So, of course, the first question that comes to mind is, Are nail caps safe for cats? And what are the possible pros and cons?

Being a cat parent, we all try our best to have all the essential products and accessories to help us keep our felines in comfort. Nail caps for cats is an essential feline care accessory. 

Cats’ nail protectors have many pros as well as some cones. However, getting the proper knowledge about safe use is essential. 

Are Nail Caps safe for cats?

Yes, Cats nail caps are safe for felines and help your kitty and you in many circumstances. Appropriately using these nail protectors will not harm your kitty and is considered a safe alternative to declawing.

Using cat nail covers protects your pet from damaging your worthy belongings and prevents them from hurting themselves, other cats, and even you by scratching.

However, every product or tool may have some side effects associated when not used properly.

Cat Nail Caps pros and cons:


  • Low-cost product and have many benefits.
  • Cat’s claw caps prevent your worthy furniture, carpet, fabric etc., from feline Clawing and scratching.
  • The nail covers will prevent your tom from injuring himself, other pets, children or you from accidental or intentional scratches while pawing.
  • It can be used instead of declawing. Unlike declawing, it reduces the risk of infection in your cat’s paws
  • Nail caps are not permanent and allow average claw growth.
  • You are the decision-maker when to apply the nail covers and how long they stay on your feline nails.
  • You are the decision-maker when to apply the nail covers and how long they stay on your feline nails.

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  • Putting the nail caps may not be an easy task for some owners.
  • Cat claw caps are not permanent once applied. It will fall in about 4-6 Weeks, and you will need to replace it if you want to reuse it.
  • Your tom or queen may feel annoyed at first and can adopt strange behaviors and can get quite dramatic.
  • May have trouble walking normally initially and will ultimately learn to walk correctly again after some use.
  • Feline paws and claws are the defense and hunting source. So it may make your pet vulnerable.
  • Cats can not easily remove the caps from the nail; however, some may succeed and risk swallowing.
  • The nail cover can decrease your feline climbing, jumping and running activities.
  • The covers need to be appropriately put and continuous monitoring to prevent infection.

How do I get my cat to stop biting his nail caps?

Tips to stop a cat from biting on nail caps:

  • Gently apply the caps in a calm way or during sleeping time.
  • Gently apply the caps in a calm way or during sleeping time.
  • Apply deterrents like Grannick’s Bitter Apple Spray or Yuk on the caps. It will Discourage your kitty from biting and chewing on it. Reapply if your notice the odor is gone.
  • Don’t push the cat claw caps into the skin. If you push it to the skin, the feline will irritate and chew the nails.
  • Immediately replace the cap if your kitty removes it; this will help understand your pet that the behaviour is a timely solution. They won’t be gone for long.

Myths about cats Nail Caps

Myth #1:

Nail caps prevent the expected growth of the nails and push it inside the paw skin: Sometimes, cats retract and push the nail for many natural reasons. When correctly applied In nail caps, the cats’ paws acts the same as without the covers. The kitty will be still able to extend and retract the nails. 

Myth #2

Claws caps damages the paws, nail and nails bed: This myth can be only valid when you apply the covers in the wrong way. If you choose the right size, high-quality cats caps and correctly put them on your kitty paw, then this will never hurt your cute tom or queen. 

Myth #3  

Scratching Posts is a good alternative: Undoubtedly, Scratching posts is a valuable way for cats to encourage them to flex and stretch on the alternative instead of worthy things. With the scratching post, your cat can be able to remove the dead layers of nails, but soon, the new sharp layers will appear, and that will be enough to cause the damage

Myth #4 

Claws caps  Don’t Last Long: It’s true that at first, your cat may be annoying to the nail covers and can chew or bite to remove it from their paws. Usually, the nail caps fall as self about in 4-6 weeks due to the nail’s natural growth.

However, after some use, your feline will adopt the product. You can use the cat’s toys to distract your kitty from biting or removing the caps at the start. 

Myth #5

Nail caps are a permanent solution to nail care: Claw caps are not a permanent solution and will not last long, from  4-6 weeks, so they will need to replace. Please make sure that you can only use the covers in the good interest of your feline and yours.

You will still need to look after your kitten, especially paws and nails, properly. Please monitor your kitty nails even after using the claws cap to reduce the risk of infection. Contact your vet for timely treatment if you observe any pain or infection. 

For how much time do the Cat Nail caps last?

Usually, the cat nail caps falls off from your feline paw in about 4-6 weeks. However, sometimes your cat may remove the covers earlier by biting or chewing. 

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How to remove cat nail caps?

Usually, the cat nail cover will shed on its own for about 4-6 Weeks. However, if you are going to remove the claws caps, you need to be very careful. Same as putting the covers on your feline nails, the removing process is not an easy task.


Do claw caps hurt cats?

When the claw caps are puts appropriately on the feline claws, it will not hurt your cat. However, choosing the wrong size and putting it in the wrong way can cause pain and infection in your cat nails. 

Will vets put ”nail caps on cats?

Some veterinarians provide services of nail caps on cats; however, some may not. So if you have a plan to take your feline to the vet for the nail cover purpose, please make sure to confirm it with your vet first. 

Is it bad to cap a cat’s claws?

No, Cats claws are not bad for your cat when applied properly. The claws caps can help you and your feline in many ways. However, putting it in the wrong way, size, and lousy quality can be bad for your cat and can lead them to paw infection and pain. 

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