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How Much Olive Oil Should I Give My Cat for Constipation?

By Phil

Using olive oil to help a constipated cat is one of those well-known home remedies, and it’s a very effective solution for a cat suffering from painful constipation. If you’re here because you want to know, ‘how much olive oil should I give my cat for constipation?’ I can answer this for you. Along with […]

Do Kittens Have Diarrhea When Teething?

By Phil

Do kittens have diarrhea when teething? Is it normal and expected, or just something that affects some kittens? I’ve seen a few kittens through their teething phase and can answer these questions and provide some useful tips to help you and your kitten on the subject of teething. Diarrhea is one of the symptoms some […]

Which Cats Are Hypoallergenic?

By Phil

If you suffer from cat allergies don’t despair, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can never own a cat. There are some cat breeds that are hypoallergenic! So, which cats are hypoallergenic, and what does this mean exactly for those with cat allergies that end up with puffy eyes and an itchy nose whenever they come […]

Cat Wheezing: Symptoms and Reasons

By Phil

Cat wheezing is a health problem that affects cats, and often causes concern for their owners. No one likes seeing their cat wheezing, or coughing. It always looks very uncomfortable, and we feel kind of helpless. A cat’s respiratory system should be calm, smooth, and relaxing. If they are in a resting position and breathing […]

What Is the Best Cat Wormer?

By Phil

A lot of cat owners overlook the importance of worming their cat. This is usually because some treatments aren’t easy to administer. Also, it’s not always obvious if a cat has worms. But these excuses are good enough to ignore this problem. Worms can present some serious problems if left untreated. So what is the […]

Some of The Best Flea Treatments for Cats Reviewed

By Phil

Fleas are annoying little creatures. They cause cats discomfort, can cause some health issues, can cause you irritation, and are an all-round nuisance. Which is why cat owners need to treat their cats routinely to keep fleas at bay. You should do this regardless if you think your cat has fleas or not. Prevention is […]

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