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Are Stink Bugs Poisonous to Cats? (That Smell…Ewww)

By Phil / June 8, 2019

If you’ve ever gotten too close to a stink bug you’ll know it. They release a foul odor as part of their defense mechanism against predators and threats. The smell is so bad that it can make your eyes water, irritate your skin, you’ll feel like being sick, and you will be offended. So, I […]


Can You Give Cats Melatonin? It Worked Wonders for Us

By Phil / May 28, 2019

Melatonin is a hormone both cats and humans (yep, me, you and our kitties) produce naturally and it’s the main hormone responsible for helping control our sleep-wake cycles. However, also much like us, cats can sometimes have problems sleeping. It may be due to their production of melatonin, some external stresses, health issues, or just […]


Are Millipedes Poisonous to Cats?

By Phil / April 19, 2019

Are millipedes poisonous to cats? Do millipedes bite, are they toxic, should we be concerned if we see millipedes in our gardens or homes? I want to start by saying Millipedes are interesting looking arthropods. I bet you didn’t know that there are more than 8,000 different species, and they can have anywhere between 15 […]


The Cat Middening Solution That Worked for Me (And My Cat)

By Phil / October 20, 2018

When discussing cat behavioural problems with other cat owners something that comes up fairly often is cat defecation issues. More specifically the need for a cat middening solution. Cat defecation issues aren’t really common, at least not the kind that are persistent and can’t be corrected with some litter box training. And middening specifically is […]


Diatomaceous Earth For Cats: Uses, Remedies, and Treatment Applications

By Phil / September 4, 2018

There are some really interesting and effective uses for diatomaceous earth for cats (and other pets like dogs). If you’re not familiar with diatomaceous earth, don’t worry I’ve been using it for years and can explain everything you need to know about this natural and alternative solution to flea and tick problems. Personally, I’ve found […]


LTCI for Cats Cost and Information

By Phil / August 27, 2018

LTCI (lymphocyte T-Cell Immunomodulator) has been used to treat FeLV and FIV for a number of years now. It was the first USDA-approved treatment for cats diagnosed with either of these diseases And presents a very real chance to improve your cats standard of living and life-expectancy considerably. While I can’t offer any advice or […]


Chloramex Ophthalmic Ointment for Cats Eye Infections or Erythromycin?

By Phil / August 19, 2018

If your cat has a scratch near, on or around their eye that either doesn’t warrant a visit to a vet. Can’t be seen by a vet for some reason. Or, you’ve been advised to treat yourself, you may want to use either Chloramex or Erythromycin. Before using medications you should always seek professional medical […]


Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Cats Review

By Phil / August 19, 2018

The battle between cats, fleas, and cat owners is one that will rage on for as long as these little critters exist. There are various flea treatments on the market, and I’ve tried nearly all of them – trust me, I really have. I’ve been through dozens of collars. The sticky ones, strong smelling ones, […]


Using Turmeric for Cats with Worms – A Natural Remedy

By Phil / August 11, 2018

If you’re looking for a home remedy or natural alternative to rid your cat of worms – using turmeric for cats with worms is a safe and effective option that may just be the cure you’re looking for. Turmeric is a powerful spice. It has strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and is great for the immune […]


CBD Oil for Cat Seizures: What You Need to Know

By Phil / August 10, 2018

There are more studies, and even more compelling evidence to support the use of CBD oil for cat seizures coming out all the time. If you’ve been pointed in the direction of using CBD oil, or even hemp oil and want to explore this yourself as an option – or just want to know more […]

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