Best Electric Shaver for Cats

best electric shaver for cats

There are many different types of shavers for cats on the market.  Many people have the thought that they can just use human shavers, but that’s just not true.  If you were to use a shaver meant for a human you will run into issues.  Cats have a lot more hair (fur) than a human does.  Human shavers, unless specifically designed to, don’t work well with removing large patches of fur from cats without either getting stuck or overheating.

You may even hurt your cat trying to use a shaver that wasn’t meant for them. Instead of a smooth and easy cut you will actually run into the shaver jamming and pulling your cat’s hair out.  This is the main reason you want to make sure you purchase a shaver that is meant for cats. I’ve listed a few of my top ranked picks for the best electric shavers specifically made for cats and other pets. At the end of the article I also provided a few frequently asked questions as well as a few tips about shaving your cat.

Nicewell Cordless Rechargeable Electric Cat Shaver

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The first electric shaver for cats that I recommend is this cordless electric shaver by Nicewell. This shaver has a built in 1000mA Li-ion battery.  It charges in 90 minutes which is pretty quick.  Once it is charge you are able to use it for up to 2 hours which is a reasonable amount of time to shave your cat.  You can also use it while it is plugged in so do not worry about having to stop working if the battery is getting low.  It’s just a major convenience to be able to shave a cat without have a cord attached and in the way.

The clipper has a stainless steel blade and a fixed ceramic moving blade.  They move together with a powerful motor that creates a snag free cutting experience which is the main reason you would purchase a shaver specifically for your cat.  This shaver works well on a wide variety of cat fur.  Another great feature this shaver has is that it has a very low noise level (about 55-59dB). 

This is important to help keep your cat calm while you are shaving them.  If the shaver you are using is very loud you might have a difficult time keeping your cat calm.  This particular shaver has a 12 month warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee.

User Reviews

The overall Amazon ratings for this product are positive.  Users that left positive comments mainly stated that this shaver worked perfect for cat hair and they had no issues at all.  Some of the negative reviews from users stated that they were not satisfied with how this shaver cut fur.

Sminiker Low Noise Rechargeable Cordless Cat Shaver Kit

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This is another great electric shaver for cats by Sminiker. This is a heavy duty shaver for cats with an  easy to control cut. The R shaped edge design prevents you from accidentally cutting your cat’s skin.

The blade is made up of titanium and is combined with a ceramic movable blade for effective long term use.  A shaver is useless if it loses its functionality after only a few cuts.  Titanium is also great as it will not rust.  This shaver has a precision motor that features a low vibration design which makes it very quiet at only about 50 dB.  Again this is essential in keeping your cat calm while you are shaving them.

Included in this kit are the clippers, scissors, guide combs, oil, and a styling comb.  This shaver also comes with a 2 year guarantee.

User Reviews

The majority reviews for this product on Amazon are positive.  Many users have stated that this shaver has worked perfectly for their cats with no issues.  Some of the negative reviews from users stated that the second blade is made of plastic and is of a poor quality.  A few other negative reviews from users stated that the shaver jammed quite a few times while shaving.

Wahl Shaver Grooming Kit for Cats

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This is another excellent electric shaver for cats by Wahl. Wahl is a very good and trusted brand when it comes to electric shavers for both humans and pets alike.  It’s refreshing to see that they have even tapped into the pet side of things to provide another great product.

The blades for this shaver have good precision, self-sharpen, snag free, and stay sharper longer than most other blades on the market.  This shaver excels at cutting even the thickest fur.  This kit includes the clippers, a blade guard, storage case, cleaning brush, oil, scissors, styling comb, mirror, and four guide combs.

User Reviews

The majority of reviews that this product received from Amazon are positive.  Many users commented that this shaver worked well for its value.  Some of the negative reviews that were left by users stated that after using this shaver a few times its effectiveness to cut hair wore off.

Wahl Professional Electric Cat Shaver

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This is a higher quality product than the previous Wahl shaver for cats that I listed above. This is still a well priced shaver. This is the professional clipper kit for your cat.  This shaver does a better job at shaving medium duty pet fur.  If you have a cat that has thicker fur or matted fur then this shaver should work great for you.

The super powerful speed is up to 7,200 strokes per minute which make the clipping quick and easy.  This is a 16 piece kit that includes all the tools that are needed to clip, trim, and groom your cat.  This specific product has a 2 year limited warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee.

User Reviews

The overall ratings for this product on Amazon are positive.  Most users have commented that this is a very powerful shaver for such a low price.  Some negative reviews left by some users suggested that these clippers did not work well for their pets.  Other users also stated that they wore out pretty quickly.

Bousnic Professional Cat Clippers

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These professional cat clippers by Bousnic are also an excellent shaver. Not only is it high quality, but it is also very reasonably priced. This is a complete grooming kit for your cat. This kit comes with a variety of different grooming tools to shave and style your cat. Included in this kit are: grooming clippers, four combs of different lengths, a cleaning brush, stainless steel comb and scissors, an oil bottle, and a USB cable.

Many cats get very stressed out during shaving or grooming sessions. This shaver excels at being extra quiet with minimal vibration. These clippers will help keep your cat more calm than other loud shavers on the market.

It doesn’t matter if your cat has short hair or long hair. The clippers have two speed levels with ultra-sharp stainless steel and ceramic blades that will easily cut through even the thickest of fur. The cord-free design also allows for easy navigation while grooming. You won’t have to worry about tripping over a cord or the power accidentally being knocked out.

Included is a rechargeable battery that easily charges with a USB cable. These clippers come with a lifetime replacement guarantee. If you ever run into any issues with this kit, you can simply contact the manufacturer for a free replacement or refund.

User Reviews

The overall reviews for this product are highly positive. Many professional groomers recommend using this product due to its high quality and affordable low cost. Other customers also commented that the clippers are extremely quiet and powerful.

Some of the negative reviews left about these clippers were about it not cutting well on very thick fur. A few other users had issues with attachments prematurely breaking.

Should You Shave Your Cat?

There are many reasons why you would want to shave your cat.  Maybe your cat is shedding all over the house, has lots of mats in his fur, or maybe you want to shave him simply to make him look like a lion.  These all sound like good reasons to shave your cat right?  Well did you know that cats were given a thick coat on purpose?  Whatever the reason is for shaving your cat, I will let you know whether or not you should shave your cat.

Your Cat Will Not Overheat During the Summer

If you think your cat will be hot during the summer and that is your main reason for shaving, then I would suggest not to.  Cats are self regulating creatures and their fur is their built-in insulator.  Their fur allows them to stay warm enough in the winter time, yet cool in the summer. 

Shaving your cat during the summertime is unnecessary.  If you are worried about your fluffy kitty overheating during the summertime, then make sure to always have water readily available for him to drink.  It is important that you know how to keep your cat hydrated during the hotter parts of the year.

Shaving Your Cat Isn’t the Best Option for a Shedding Cat

All cats shed their fur.  Some do it more than others.  Especially long-haired cats.  The long hair is simply more visible to us which can make it seem like they are shedding way more than normal.  Don’t be worried if your cat sheds.  Shedding is actually a sign of a healthy cat.  Shaving your cat because he is shedding may not be the best option out there.  A better option than shaving your cat is to set up a brushing routine.

Brushing your cat on a daily or weekly basis will help limit the amount of hair that is sheds onto your furniture, clothes, and home.  Also be sure to make sure you are giving you cat a quality protein cat food as this will help reduce some shedding.  Hair is actually made up of keratin, which is a protein.  Eating a high protein diet helps grow strong, durable hair.

There Are Easier Ways to Remove Mats Than Shaving Your Cat

What is matted fur?  Matted fur is when you cat’s hair becomes entangled in itself.  These small patches are usually flat and oddly shaped.  Cats that have long hair will usually suffer from mats more often than cats with shorter hair.  Obesity is another factor that comes into play because your cat will be unable to properly groom himself in certain areas of his body.  These areas that are left not groomed can slowly tangle over time.

It is near impossible to untangle it yourself with your bare hands so I would suggest not even trying.  The only time you will be able to successfully untangle it with your hands is if they are small and new.  The older the mats are, the less likely you will be able to fix them without a brush. 

You may think that shaving your cat is the best solution to this, but I’m sad to say that this is not true.  It can actually be very difficult to shave your cat that has small mats all over his fur.  A better way to remove mats is to use a brush designed for untangling mats.

If you don’t feel that it may be too overwhelming to remove the mats, then your best bet is to take your cat to a grooming professional.  If you are inexperienced with shaving a cat, you run the risk of potentially harming your cat during the shaving process as it is much more difficult than shaving a human.

Can You Shave a Cat with Human Clippers?

The answer is it depends.  You can shave your cat with human clippers if the brand is made to do so.  Wahl usually creates clippers that are great for cutting hair and happen to work pretty good for pets as well.  When shaving a cat with human clippers, it’s best to use the number 10 attachment and to always shave towards the head. 

Even though it’s possible to shave your cat using human clippers, I would still advise against it.  Especially if you use the shaver on yourself or others in your home.  There’s just a hygienic factor that is involved with sharing clippers with an animal.

Another reason I advise using normal hair clippers on your cat is because it will be more difficult than using a shaver designed specifically for a cat.  Pet shavers are specifically designed to easily cut through thick fur.

I remember the time my step-dad cut our dog’s hair with human clippers.  It took him four hours to only cut off about three fourths of our dogs hair.  Four hours is a long time!  I’m not suggesting that it will take you four hours to shave your cat, but using proper grooming equipment will definitely shorten the amount of time it takes.

Not only will you reduce the time spent shaving, but you will also prevent nicking your cat’s skin.  A shaver designed for a pet is just overall more safe to use.

Final Thoughts

Having the incorrect tools while shaving your cat can make this a daunting task.  Avoid using human shavers at all costs.  You will end up with more problems and you will probably not be able to get the job done if the shaver were to end up snagging too much or just not cutting. 

When picking the perfect shaver for your cat you will want to make sure it is strong, durable, and quiet.  You can have the best shaver in the world, but if it is too loud you are going to have a hard time keeping your cat still especially when shaving near their ears and head.

These products that I have listed are some of the best shavers I found on amazon.  They all have mostly positive reviews from many of the verified purchasers.  You can’t go wrong in choosing one of these brands.

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