Best Cat Brush for Mats

best cat brush for mats

Cats that have thick furry fur will usually encounter mats, tangles, and knots.  If you don’t have the proper tools to deal with these issues, you may find yourself in a difficult situation.  Trying to untangle the knots yourself with an ordinary brush or comb can actually make the situation worse.

You might even harm your cat during the process.  This is why it’s important to use the correct tools.  I’ve found a few of the best cat brushes for mats to use on your cat.

These brushes are proven to untangle fur very easily without harming or damaging your cat’s coat or skin.  There’s no need to worry about ripping out fir or cutting off the mat because you can’t remove it.  Here are a few of the best rated cat brushes for mats that you can purchase.

FURminator Firm Grooming Slicker Brush for Cats

The Furminator firm grooming slicker brush for cats is an excellent tool for removing mats.  You can check the current price by clicking here to see it on amazon.  Keeping your cat well groomed is Furminator’s goal when you purchase their products.  This brush works the best on medium, long and curly coats.  The brush is mainly aimed at dogs, but it is also usable on cats.

The main use of this brush is to remove mats and tangles in the fur without damaging the coat in the process.  This brush features straight bristles on one side of the brush.  On the opposite side of the brush are bent bristles.  It is dual sided to help remove tangles on all types of coats.

The brush also has a duel flex head design that help follow the natural contour of your cats body and help keep the bristles in their best working position.  The handle is also designed for your comfort in mind.  It fits well and ergonomically in you hand.  There is also anti-microbial plastic that works to keep germs and bacteria away.

User Reviews

This item has received overall good reviews on amazon.  Most of the users report that the brush is very effective and efficient for removing mats and untangling hair.  It does the job and does it well.

Some users have claimed that they did not have very good success at detangling or removing mats from their pets.  Overall it seems to boil down to how bad your cat’s mats are, and also their fur type.

Hertko Dematting Brush for Cats

The Hertzko dematting comb for cats is another great brush to fix your cats fur.  Click here to see the current price on amazon.  This brush is one of the most popular dematting combs you can purchase on the market.  Its double sided comb gently removes your cats loose hair, gets rid of tangles, knots, dander and even trapped dirt in your cat’s coat.  This will work on both cats and dogs no matter what type and size of hair.  This makes it a great multi tool if you have multiple pets in your household.

The brush was also designed with your cats safety in mind.  There are very sharp but fine rounded teeth which makes it non scratch.  You will still be able to groom your cats undercoat well, all without the worry of scratching or hurting your cat’s skin.  Grooming your cat with this will also help increase blood circulation which in turn will leave your cat’s coat soft and shiny.

Your cat will actually enjoy being groomed with this comb.  The comb also features a comfort-grip design with an anti-slip handle.  This works great to prevent wrist strain and dropping of the comb while you brush your cat.  Hertzko also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

User Reviews

The overall ratings this brush received on amazon are very good.  There are tons of user feedback saying that the brush is impressive and very effective at removing mats as well as untangling cat fur.  Almost everybody that purchased this recommends this product.

Of course, with almost every product, there were a few negative reviews.  These negative reviews were mostly just knit picking or the brush didn’t work as well as the user had expected it to work based on other reviews.

GoPets Dematting Brush for Cats

This is another great dematting brush for cats created by Gopets.  Click here to see the current price from amazon.  This brush is great at removing all different types of mats and tangles on your cat.  It features a double sided comb that has a different set number of teeth on each side.  Use the lower numbered side for dematting and removing tangles in your cats coat.  Use the higher numbered side as a detangler, deshedding, or undercoat rake for quick results and to control your cat’s shedding.

This brush isn’t just a one use type of brush.  It’s actually multiple uses with just one brush which makes it the perfect multi-tool for your cat.  It works great as a dematting brush or detangling comb.  Then you can also use it as an effective undercoat comb or deshedding rake.  The sharp teeth on this brush helps to prevent pulling your cats hair and the rounded ends make it safer on sensitive skin while being used as an undercoat brush.

It also has an awesome non-slip silicone gel filled grip handle which makes using this brush both easy and comfortable.  This is probably the best cat brush for mats that you can find on the market.  Gopets also offers an awesome deal to go along with their brush.  If at all you are dissatisfied with your purchase, gopets will fully refund you your money back.  Another side note is that with every purchase of this cat brush, gopets will donate a portion of the profit to animal charities, no-kill shelters, and animal rescues.

User Reviews

Overall the reviews for this product on amazon are excellent.  Most of the users have experienced great results with this brush.  It is excellent to use with cats that have very long hair.  It is very good at removing matted hair.  Although the reviews are mostly positive, there are a few negative reviews as well.

A few people have claimed that the brush did not work at all for them.  A few of the users have also reported that it pulls the hair on their pets’ skin instead of detangling it which is what this product was intended for.

What Are Mats and How Are They Formed?

Mats is the term that is used when a cat’s hair has became entangled or knotted.  This usually happens after a prolonged period of time.  This is especially the case with very furry cats.  When a mat is formed, it is very hard to detangle without the proper tools.  If left untreated, mats can become very uncomfortable or painful for your cat.

Mats are formed by normal everyday movement.  One of the main reasons a cat develops mats is from poor grooming habits.  When a cat is overweight or old, it becomes difficult for them to properly groom themselves.  If this is the case, then you need to take matters into your own hands and groom them yourself.  A lack of brushing or combing your cat’s hair can contribute to the formation of mats.  Mats are not only annoying to deal with, but they can also cause irritation to your cat’s skin and possibly infections.  This means that removing mats should be a priority when it comes to keeping your cat healthy.

How to Remove Mats from a Cat

  • Keep your cat’s fur dry.  Adding water or spraying detangle on your cat’s fur might sound like it will help, but most mats can be removed without these things.  Getting your cats fur can make the mats even tighter and harder than they already are.  It’s a good idea to try and remove them first without wetting your cat’s fur with water or detangler.  Try to refrain from using household products as these may be harmful or even toxic for your cat.
  • Regularly brush your cat.  Regular brushing should be incorporated into your cat’s routine to keep his coat nice and healthy.  This is a very good tactic to help prevent or remove mats and knots before they get out of control.  If your cat already has early stages of mats, then you can try to use a brush with teeth or a wide toothed comb to help untangle the fur.  Make sure that you hold your cat’s fur closest to the skin with one hand while gently brushing the mat with your other hand.  Holding your cat’s fur tight and close to the skin will help prevent you from pulling your cat’s skin.  Here is a great video on how to comb out a mat on your cat’s fur.

  • Cut out the mat.  If worst comes to worst, you may need to shave or cut off your cat’s mat.  To do this, simply hold the base of your cat’s fur and skin to make sure you don’t tug or pull on the skin as you cut the mat.  If all else fails, the last thing you can do is shave off your cat’s fur.  Check out my article here about the best electric shavers for cats.  Like brushes and combs, it’s best to use a device that is specifically designed for your cat.

Final Thoughts

If you have a cat with a lot of fur, then you will be dealing with mats and tangles at some point.  The first step is to be properly prepared for this by purchasing a good cat brush for removing mats.  Normal brushes or combs work well for combing your cat’s fur, but will fall short when it comes to removing tangles or mats.

The next thing to do is incorporate regular brushing and grooming to help prevent your cat’s fur from tangling, especially if they are very furry.  Always remember to hold your cat’s fur firmly with one hand when brushing it out to prevent harming your cat’s skin.

In worst case scenarios you may need to shave your cat’s fur to fix the issue.  They can be used to help remove badly tangled fur and mats if you are not able to comb it out.

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