Best Cat Travel Carriers

Best Cat Travel Carriers

A cat travel carrier is the first item you need if you want to have a successful trip with your cat.  With so many different cat travel bags on the market, it can be a hard choice to choose which carrier is best for you.  I’ve compiled a list of the best cat travel carriers for you to choose from.

With the many different adventures you can go on with your cat, means many different types of carriers.  No one carrier is usually better than the other because they all play important roles depending on the current situation you are facing.

Using a cat travel backpack would be easier and more efficient when going out for a hike than having to carry a huge cat carrier made to hold 3 cats.  Take your needs into consideration when looking at all of these carriers I have provided.

Luxary Airline Cat Travel Carrier by Exquisteworks

Click here to check current pricing on amazon.  The special feature about this cat travel carrier is that it is TSA and airline approved.  This means that this is the perfect carrier to use when traveling with your cat on a plane.  This carrier is perfectly sized to fit a small dog or cat.  It is also small enough to be placed at your feet underneath the seat in front of you in the flight cabin.  Be sure that the plane you board will actually let you keep your cat with you under your seat.

This cat travel carrier has a mesh screen on each side of the bag so you can keep good watch of your pet throughout the flight.  It is also made of a puncture resistant material to keep your cats claws from ruining the carrier.  Everyone knows that when a cat is under stress they will usually flex their claws or even try to escape.

There is also a convenient zipper feeding window at the top of the bag.  Simply unzip the window and you are able to feed your cat easily during travel without him escaping.  This is ideal for being in a plane because the last thing you want to happen is your cat hopping out of his carrier and running through the plane.

Petluv Premium Cat Travel Carrier

Click here for current amazon pricing.  This cat carrier excels in the department of space.  This is the perfect carrier to choose if you were going to be traveling and staying somewhere.  Which means it is perfect for going camping with your cat, hiking, or staying somewhere away from home.

This carrier has about 4x more space than other cat travel carriers on the market.  It keeps shut with locking zippers which makes it perfect for travel.  The carrier can hold up to 45 pounds!  That’s either one fat cat or a few small cats that can be put into this.

A big carrier calls for an easy way to carry it.  The carrier is equipped with adjustable padded shoulder straps to make carrying it easier.  Also included is seat belt restraints which makes this a perfect choice when traveling with your cat in a car.  When you are done using it, it folds flat for easy storage.  There is also plenty of ventilation and has a full panoramic view for you and your cat.  There are also 3 side panels that easily open and close by zipper for easy access.

Pet Fit for Life All in One Cat Travel Carrier

This cat carrier is excellent because it comes with just about everything you need before you travel with your cat.  First of all, this cat carrier is huge.  It’s large enough to hold two full grown cats comfortably.  It is easily stored due to its fully collapsible design.  A big, yet portable cat carrier makes it perfect for almost any occasion including emergencies.  Most people are not prepared to transport their cat in case of an emergency and this carrier can solve that problem.

Pet Fit for Life thrives on the excellence and quality of their products.  It’s made from a super durable nylon fabric with a flexible steel frame.  This cat carrier wont break on you even in the most important of times.  The exact dimensions of this are 32″ x 19″ x 19″.  There is so much room that you can even fit your cat’s favorite bed inside.  This was built for maximum comfort in mind.

This carrier comes with a few bonuses.  It comes with a washable bed pad, a collapsible, lined litter box, and loops for staking and securing your cat for indoor and outdoor use.  Also included is a cat toy and collapsible food bowl.  You can see why this can be one of the best bangs for your buck in term of money and time saving.  Check the current pricing on amazon by clicking here.

Best Cat Backpack for Shopping/Traveling

This is not necessarily a cat carrier, but it does come in use for when you leave the house or car.  This backpack from amazon can come in handy when you do not want to walk your cat with a leash or carry a bag.  Simply throw the backpack on your back and hit the open road.

This backpack is perfect if you were to go out shopping or hiking with your cat.  This backpack is specifically designed at keeping your little friend with you on all of your adventures.  Take him to a ballgame, an airplane, the vet, or even for a quick hike.

It has a semi-sphere design.  It is a very unique design and will get you attention wherever you go.  The semi-sphere stops them from escaping while keeping them safe.  The carrier has 9 holes to allow for proper ventilation for your cat.  This cat carrier is a perfect addition to your collection.  When your cat is too tired to keep walking, or you just simply don’t want to haul around a huge carrier, this is perfect to change it up.

Final Thoughts

As you have seen above, there are many different types of cat travel carriers available on the market today.  If your main concern is just bringing your cat to the vet, then a simple carrier that is comfortable and portable will suffice for that type of trip.  If you are a more avid with going on adventures like hiking and camping with your cat then you would benefit from a nice carrier as well as a backpack to carry your cat in.  Once you have figured out what kind of cat carrier you want, it would be a good idea to also stat looking into a travel litter box.

The safety and comfort of your cat should always be the main focus when looking for the right cat travel carrier.

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