Best Litter Boxes for Traveling with Cats

Best Litter Boxes for Traveling with Cats

One of the main concerns people encounter when traveling with their cat is regarding the litter box.  The litter box can literally be a pain in the behind when it comes to traveling to different places.  You have to worry about cat litter, and cats are very picky, as well as worry about if your litter box is big enough and can easily be stored during the trip.  Let’s get started and take a look at some of the best cat travel litter boxes you can purchase.

When Will I Need a Portable Litter Box?

One scenario where you would need a litter box is if you ever take your cat on a plane with you.  An airplane is one of the most important places you will need a litter box.  Your cat will be stuck in a cat carrier throughout the whole ride with minimal space and may need to use the bathroom.  Being prepared for this situation will make the trip a lot easier for the both of you.

You may be traveling with your cat in a car.  In this case, it depends how far you will be traveling.  Usually a quick visit to the vet won’t really need to warrant a travel litter box, but if you are planning on a longer road trip then it would be a good idea to bring a litter box along.  It’s still a good idea to always have a litter box when leaving the house that way you are always prepared for your cat.

You might even take your cat on a train like Amtrak.  Taking your cat on the train is similar to that of a plane.  Your cat will be with you underneath the seat.

If you decide to take your cat on adventures with you like hiking, camping, or staying at a hotel, you will definitely be needing some sort of travel litter box.  Here are a few travel litter boxes that I recommend.

Necoichi Portable Litter Box

The Necoichi portable cat litter box is one of my favorites.  It is lightweight, small, and portable.  It easily folds up and can be stored without issue.  When you are ready to set it up just pull it out and unfold it.  It is also very easy to clean which is another plus.  You can check the current pricing here on amazon.

Before purchasing any type of portable travel litter box, make sure to do your research.  Make sure the size of the litter box will fit your needs.  Some more cramped places like an airplane will require a smaller litter box than if you were to take your cat camping with you.

  • Very portable since it is able to be folded
  • Priced Well
  • Small enough to fit inside a carrier
  • Your cat may make a mess since it’s so small

Disposable Litter Box for Traveling

If you are looking for something more temporary, then a disposable cat litter box would be a good option for you.  These litter box’s are more of a one-time use type of item.  The benefit of these is they are cheap and perfect for short trips.  They will control odor and sanitation well which makes them very convenient for traveling.

The main thing saved with a disposable litter box is time.  You do not need to clean these.  You simply use and throw away.  If you do not have much time then this would be the ideal option.  Just throw it away and grab a new one.  Be sure to bring enough for the amount of time that you will be traveling with your cat.

Kitty’s WonderBox Disposable Litter Box has gained a lot of popularity on amazon.  I’ve researched and found that they offer you the best value for your money when it comes to purchasing multiple disposable litter boxes.  This litter box is leak proof as well as cat proof.  Your cat won’t be able to ruin or destroy this while traveling in the car.  Check current pricing here to check the current price on amazon for this item.

  • Easy To Use Since It is portable and disposable
  • Cheap Price
  • Usually only a one time use item
  • You will have to bring multiple disposable litter boxes with you
  • If there is no trash can nearby you will have no place to put the used litter box

Self-Cleaning Litter Box for Traveling

This type of litter box is perfect if you don’t want to deal with cleaning your cat’s litter box.  If your car or RV has enough space and cost is not an option for you, then this is the litter box for you.  Not only is this self cleaning, but it also handles odor very well to keep everyone comfortable during the trip.

The best self-cleaning cat litter box is PetSafe’s ScoopFree which is killing the field of self-cleaning litter boxes.  It is the most reviewed box on amazon.  The reason for this is because it is so easy to use.  It can self -clean the litter-box for up to a week!  You do not need to scoop the litter, clean it, or refill it.  This litter box will do it all for you.

Talk about the future of litter boxes.  It can even track how many times your cat has used the litter box.  It has 3 different cleaning modes that you can set depending on how often your cat does his duty.  Click here for the current pricing from amazon.

  • Self cleaning litter box so you don’t have to scoop it
  • It will self clean for up to a week
  • It tracks how many times your cat uses the litter box
  • Several cleaning modes that you can set it to
  • Handles odor well because it quickly pushes the feces and urine aside
  • This litter box is on the pricier side
  • Uses a special type of cat litter so you don’t have an option

DIY Litter Box for Traveling with Your Cat

A do it yourself cat litter box is also a cheap alternative to purchasing one.  If you are a crafty person then you can go the DIY route.  Making a litter box is not too hard to do.  There are many different guides online that you can follow to show you how to craft one of these yourself.  Obviously it probably won’t be as effective as purchasing one, but if you are looking for a cheaper alternative this would be for you.  I Personally wouldn’t recommend trying to make your own litter box, but the option is available.

  • Cheapest type of litter box
  • May not work as well as a real litter box

Cat Carrier with Built-In Litter Box

This is an excellent choice if you want to solve your travel litter box issue in one smooth purchase.  Some cat carriers will come with a built in litter box like this one.  These cat carriers are great for long road trips in the car.  This saves you the time of finding a litter box that can fit inside of the carrier you already have by eliminating that step all together.

The Necoichi Portable Cat Carrier with Litter Box from amazon is one of the top choices when bundling your cat carrier and litter box.  Necoichi is known as a popular and reputable brand that produce high quality carriers and litter boxes.  This is why I believe this set offers the best bang for your buck.  It’s great for traveling, is fully collapsible, easy to move and store, and keeps your cat’s comfort in mind.  Click here to check the current pricing on amazon.

  • Cat carrier with litter box that fits in the carrier
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Well priced
  • Small size may cause your cat to make a mess
  • Not a good permanent litter box

Alternative to Using a Litter Box While Traveling

These cat pee pads from amazon are a great alternative if you do not want to purchase a litter box for your short trip.  If you know you won’t be going on a long trip then purchasing a few of these should suffice.  Simply line your cat carrier with these pee pads and they will absorb your cat’s pee whenever they go the the bathroom in their carrier.

Just be aware that this is not a very good option for long trips.  If taking longer trips, it is recommended to purchase a travel litter box.  Also remember, these are pee pads not poo pads.  If your cat has to go number 2 then you and everyone else in the car will be in trouble.  The pads may protect your carrier, but the odor will be very prevalent especially in an enclosed area like a car.

  • Absorbs pee well
  • Low Price
  • Not good if your cat defecates
  • You will need to constantly change out the pads after each use

How to Be Successful With a Travel Litter Box

Here are a few quick tips to help you with success on your travels with any type of litter box.

  • Always keep it near your cat.  If you are visiting somewhere new with your cat, it’s always a good idea to have it near your cat so they know where to find it when they need to use it.
  • Cat’s can be very picky about their litter.  I’m sure everyone has encountered this at least one time with their cats.  If your cat prefers a brand over another, be sure to load your travel litter box with that type of cat litter.  This will help encourage your cat to go to the restroom.
  • Before you start your vehicle and leave, place the litter box near your cat.  Also keep in mind that most cats wait until the evening to go to the bathroom.
  • Try to avoid feeding your cat right before leaving for a trip.  Making sure your cat hasn’t eaten or drank right before you leave can greatly reduce the chances of your cat having to go to the restroom.
  • Make it a point to pull over every so often to try and let your cat use the litter box.  It sometimes may be difficult for your cat to use his litter box while you are driving in a car.

What Cat Litter Should I Use While Traveling?

Cat litter is a common question people ask regarding if they are traveling or not.  There are so many cat litters you can use for your cat’s litter box.  Certain cat litters are advertised as the best odor suppressors while other brands will tell you that they are 100% dust free.  So which cat litter is the best to use when traveling?  The best type of cat litter to get is some form of clumping clay litter.  This type of cat litter is ideal for traveling because it will help keep any mess your cat makes under control.  If odor is your main concern then try to look for a good odor suppressing clumping clay litter.  If you want to learn more about the best cat litter you can read my article about finding the healthiest cat litter.

Can I Just Use My Cat’s Everyday Litter Box?

This is definitely another option you have.  Although most at home litter boxes are quite a bit bigger and wont fit inside a carrier.  What makes a good travel litter box is it is easily stored as well as being able to fit inside the carrier.  If you use a litter box that doesn’t fit inside the carrier you will be forced to let your cat out of the carrier every time you take him for a potty break.  This can be risky because your cat may try to run off or escape once the carrier gets open.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully you now have a few options in mind when it comes to purchasing a travel litter box for your cat.  Traveling different places with your cat is not an easy task, but solving the issue of where your cat will use the bathroom will solve many of the major problems you will face when traveling.

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