36+ Yoga Cat Names for Yoga Lovers!

Yoga Cat Names

If you’re a cat parent who loves yoga (like me) and you’re searching for a unique name for your cat – this list of yoga cat names should be exactly what you’re looking for!

There are loads of cool-sounding words used in yoga. From Asana to Chakra to Yin, you’re spoiled for choice if you’re after a unique name for your kitty.

Below, I’ve put together a list of male and female yoga cat names – I hope you find what you’re looking for!

Yoga Cat Names for Male Cats

Asana – A physical posture in yoga that translates as ‘seat’.

Bandha – The name for internal muscular ‘locks’ during yoga.

Brahmana – A Sanskrit word that refers to the ‘highest universal principle’.

Chakra – Means ‘wheel’ and is the energy centres located throughout the body.

Chaturanga – A four-limbed staff pose or low plank.

Drishti – The focal point of gazing during meditation or yoga practice.

Garuda – A Sanskrit word that translates as ‘eagle’.

Guru – A teacher who imparts to you insights or revelations about Yoga.

Kripalu – A gentle type of yoga that emphasizes moving at your own pace.

Mantra – A word, sound or phrase repeated over and over during yoga or meditation.

Mudra – A hand position or gesture used to aid concentration and focus.

Namaste – Roughly translates as ‘the light within me bows to the light within you’.

Ojas – A Sanskrit term meaning “vigor”.

Om (with any number of ‘m’s) – The mantra sound usually chanted at the end of a yoga class.

Satnam – Translates to “I am truth”.

Ujjayi – Translates as ‘victorious breath’.

Utkata – A Sanskrit word meaning ‘proud, high, fierce, superior…’

Yoga – Why not be as obvious as to use the word Yoga for your cat? Yoga means ‘to join’ or ‘to yoke’ or ‘to unite’, it’s an awesome word.

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Yoga Cat Names for Female Cats

Abhi – Translates as ‘fearless’.

Bhu – A Sanskrit word meaning “to exist” or “to dwell”.

Hara – One of the names of Shiva meaning “the one who destroys evil”.

Hatha – In Sanskrit, “Ha” represents the sun, and “tha” represents the moon.

Lalita – An alternate name for the Divine Mother Goddess meaning ‘playful one’.

Mandala – A geometric design, often circular, that symbolizes the universe.

Mani – The name of the prayer wheels used by Buddhists in Tibet and Nepal.

Nadi – The energy channels through which prana or life force flows.

Nidra – means ‘yogic or psychic sleep’.

Pada – A Sanskrit word meaning ‘foot’ – great for a cat with extra toes!

Patanjali – The name of a sage in Ancient India, thought to be the author of a number of Sanskrit works.

Prana – Meaning ‘life energy’ or ‘life force’.

Radha – A Hindu goddess.

Rupa – A Sanskrit word meaning ‘form’.

Shanti – Means ‘peace’ and I think is a cool-sounding word.

Vinyasa – A movement used in yoga linked to breathing.

Yang – A type of yoga that is more repetitive, rhythmic, and energetic than regular yoga.

Yin – A technique used to create an internal, passive, cooling feeling.

What Is the Cat Name in Sanskrit?

There are many Sanskrit words that can be translated into cat, but the most popular one is ‘Akhubhuk’.

The interesting thing about Sanskrit and cats is that Sanskrit is an ancient Indo-European language of India, in which the Hindu scriptures and classical Indian epic poems are written.

It comes as a surprise to most, but cats are generally seen as a bad omen or bad luck in India.

Cats are rarely kept as pets in India, although there is no shortage of feral cats running around on the streets, much to the interest of Western tourists.

Why the Connection Between Cats and Yoga?

There was certainly a trend or a passing phase where a lot of people were naming their cats after yoga-related words – so why, if cats are bad luck in India?

A few reasons;

The first is that just because someone likes yoga they don’t have to believe in Indian traditions.

Yoga is practiced all over the world, so naturally, there are a lot of obsessive cat parents who enjoy yoga.

The second reason is that if you’ve ever done yoga at home and left your cat mat out or held a pose for a long period, you will have no doubt seen your cat sleeping on your mat or bothering you while mid-pose.

The third reason is simply that a lot of Sanskrit, Indian, and yoga-related words sound cool.

It can be hard finding a unique name for a cat. But you’re likely to find a unique, unusual, and cool-sounding word in the world of yoga!

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