36+ Cool Icelandic Cat Names!

Icelandic Cat Names

Icelanders love cats, and there are some beautiful cats on the magnificent island of Iceland.

With a history of Viking invasions and a mix of Norse and Celtic populations, there are some unique and interesting Icelandic words that make awesome cat names.

Whether you live in Iceland, are interested in the history and culture of Iceland, or just simply want to give your cat an interesting and unique name – this list of Icelandic cat names will have what you’re looking for!

Icelandic Cat Names for Male Cats

Baldur – A Norse and Icelandic name that means ‘prince’.

Bjarki – Means ‘bear cub’ which works well for cats that resemble little bears.

Brandsson – A strong Norse name meaning ‘swordblade’.

Esjan – A volcanic mountain range in Iceland.

Flóki – Old Norse word meaning ‘tuft of hair’.

Foss – The Icelandic word for ‘waterfall’.

Geir – An Icelandic word for ‘spear’.

Gulfoss – A majestic waterfall located in Iceland.

Gunnar – Another popular name that I think sounds cool.

Hengil – A volcanic mountain range in Iceland.

Jón Most popular male name in Iceland.

Jorsa – The longest river in Iceland.

Köttur – Means ‘cat’ in Icelandic.

Magnus – A powerful name in Iceland meaning ‘great’.

Mosfellsbaer – A town in Iceland that makes for a cool name!

Puffin – Small, cute birds that are commonly seen in Iceland.

Púki – Means ‘little devil’, which will be very appropriate for some boy cats.

Viktor – I know a cat called Viktor, I’m not sure the owners know it means ‘winner’ in Icelandic though.

Vogar – A small town in Iceland that I think works as a nice name.

Icelandic Cat Names for Female Cats

Anna – Most common female name in Iceland.

Astrid – A Nordic word from the Viking age meaning ‘beautiful’.

Björk – One of the most famous Icelandic female pop singers.

Elska – Means ‘my love’, how cute!

Fiskur – Means ‘fish’.

Frida – A Nordic word from the Viking age meaning ‘peace’.

Gierá – A river in Iceland that originated from glaciers.

Hai – One of the tallest waterfalls in Iceland, and a pretty cool-sounding name.

Hekla – An impressive-looking volcano.

Helga – A popular Icelandic name.

Hella – A quaint, small town in Iceland.

Kristín – Another cool-sounding common name in Iceland.

Laki – A cool series of volcanic craters.

Màna – Means ‘Monday’.

Nenna – Means ‘can’t be bothered’, the meaning is not ideal but it sounds good to say and no one will know!

Selja – Another waterfall – as you can tell, Iceland is pretty famous for its waterfalls.

Sigrún – A cool-sounding Icelandic name.

Snúður – A bun, but I think it’s a cool-sounding word. It’s pronounced “snoo-thur”.

Svala – A famous Icelandic pop singer.

What Are the Cats of Reykjavik?

There are a number of stray cats in Reykjavik, and these cats are often referred to as the “Cats of Reykjavik”.

These cats have gained quite some fame, with people posting pictures on social media when they see them, others feed them, and they’re somewhat of a tourist attraction.

The interesting thing about the stray cats in Reykjavik is that there are some breeds that are rare in most countries.

It’s not your usual mix of tabby, tortoiseshell, and mixed cats, there are some beautiful cats that just happen to be living on the streets in Iceland.

Do Icelanders Like Cats?

I can’t speak for every resident of Iceland, but cats certainly seem to have a great reputation and are well-loved in the country of Iceland.

Historically, cats can be traced back hundreds of years in Iceland. Some of the most popular breeds are Norwegian Forest Cats, Siberians, Himalayan, and other cats that tolerate the cold well.

You’ll find just about any breed if you look hard enough though, I’m sure.

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