Why Do Cats Sleep Near Humans? (And Vice Versa)

Why Do Cats Sleep with Humans

Most cats love sleeping on the bed with their owners. I know if I wake up and one of my cats aren’t in my room somethings up, that’s for sure.

There are some pros and cons to having your cat on your bed. Some people have to fight to claim their pillow back for example, while for some, hearing a cat purring in the night is really soothing.

I think it’s fair to say that some people don’t like it, some people love it, and there is plenty of middle ground.

Where do you fall on the scale from loving to hating having your cat sleeping on your bed with you?

In this article I thought I’d help shed some insight into, ‘why do cats sleep with humans?’ to help you better understand this cat behavior.

Here are some of the reasons that’ll help explain this behavior for you:

Why Do Cats Sleep with Humans?

Our beds are the most comfy place for cats to sleep next to us

Cats like to Be Near Us

Without cats liking to be near us while we sleep they wouldn’t choose to do it, would they?

Admittedly, they typically only like to be near the humans they have built up a bond with (owners), and it takes some cats longer than others to be this comfortable.

But, if you’re waking up to find your cat sleeping near you it’s a sure sign that they love you and are very comfortable with you. Take it as a compliment.

It’s just that giving up your pillow to your cat or having them nibbling on your ear can be a little annoying!

They Can Keep a Protective Eye on Us

Put all the jokes about cats not caring about us other than to be fed, fussed, and played with as and when they want it. Cats love us, and they do their bit to keep a protective eye over us.

Cats are in a higher state of alert at night. Even when they are sleeping, their ears are picking up the faintest of noises, and they will position themselves where they can see anything approaching.

So by sleeping near us they can keep an eye on us and make sure we’re safe. May you sleep safer in this knowledge from this day on!

Our Beds Are the Comfiest Place to Sleep!

Why do you sleep in your bed? Because it’s the best place to sleep, right? It’s comfy, warm, snuggly…I’m feeling like curling up in bed and taking a nap just writing this…

Anyway, back on track. If your bed is the best place to sleep, why wouldn’t your cat also choose to sleep on it?

I know what you’re thinking. You bought a perfectly good cat bed for your cat to sleep in. But cats are cats, they don’t always (or often) do what we want or expect.

Plus, your bed is way bigger and comfier than their cat bed. And it has you in it adding some extra warmth. Get it now?

Cats Are Driven by Scents

Cats are lead by scents. They like your scent, they like marking their territory with their own scent, and they like combining the two.

They get a good deal of comfort from being around your scent all night while they sleep, and likewise, they like leaving their scent around your room. You may have witnessed this if you’ve seen them rubbing their face on things in your room.

Does your cat sleep next to you or at the end of your bed?

Do you have any funny stories or questions regarding this article, Why do cats sleep with humans?

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