Why Does My Cat Sleep Pressed Up Against Me? [Accurate Reasons]

Cat sleeping pressed against woman

If you’re a cat person, you might have noticed your pet sometimes sleeps pressed against you. They seem to enjoy staying close to their humans and you’re not wrong about that. Although some cats may not do the same, others are more affectionate than others. They may be seeking comfort and safety as they sleep.

Cats may look sassy and snobbish at times but they still need to make sure that they are protected before closing their eyes. There are many predators out in the wild where they came from. Being domesticated doesn’t take away their instinct and they have to stay guarded.

There are different reasons why your cat may sleep pressed against you. Aside from wanting to feel comfortable, below are the accurate reasons why your cat is pressed against you when sleeping. Pay close attention especially if you’re a first-time cat owner. This will help you understand your pet better.

Demanding Your Attention and Affection

Just like other pets, cats also want to have your attention and to feel your affection. Cats will be pressed against humans because it’s their way to show their affection. Although they will demand your affection, cats know how to return the favor. Pressing against their owner also means that they trust you completely.

Cats still seek attention from their humans no matter how independent they may be. A lot of cats want to be petted by their owners as much as possible. Paying attention to your cat will make them feel content. That’s why paying attention to your cat is a must if you want to keep it happy.

If your cat purrs at you, it might be asking for some quality time. Cuddling with your pet is relaxing for both you and your cat. Give them their daily dose of attention and affection. That will make your cat very happy and enjoy your company.

Wants to Feel Warm and Fuzzy

When cats feel stressed, they will feel the need to find comfort. That’s when they will press themselves against you. It will make them feel your warmth and affection. Big changes can trigger your cat to feel stressed. It can be because of a move or having an additional pet around them.

Cats will press against you for them to be reassured that they are safe. Most of the time, cats will do this to feel better. Maybe they don’t feel well and just need to be comforted. If your pet is anxious, it’s best to provide it with more attention.

When your cat wants to snuggle when sleeping, just let it be. Chances are, your cat may be feeling stressed or scared. It needs to feel safe and warm beside you. Once your cat gets over that anxiousness, it will eventually find its spot for the night.

Hungry or Territorial

Sometimes cats may just be hoping to get some food when they are pressed against you. When they see you having some snacks while you’re in bed, your cat will make sure to get its fair share. If you don’t want this to be a common occurrence, avoid eating on your bed and set a good example for your pet.

Set a regular schedule to feed your cat to avoid feeling hungry all the time. Keep their food out of their reach as well. When your cat feels full, it will lessen the times when it will be pressed against you when sleeping.

Cats are territorial by nature and that includes you on their list. When your cat pressed against you, they were marking its territory. It will ward off other pets or animals around the vicinity. Cats will mark their owners by rubbing their scent glands. It’s a good sign though since it means that your cat loves you.

Related Questions

Why is my cat pressing its head against me so much?

Don’t worry if your cat is pressing its head against you when sleeping. There’s nothing to worry about because it’s how cats show their love and affection. Cats will press their head to you while curling up and preparing to sleep. They have scent glands on their face that they will use to mark their territory.

Cats may display this behavior and rub their head on your leg most of the time. They might also do the same with your hand as you pet them. Some cats may also press their face on your forehead. Whenever they do that, you will notice that your cat will also be closing its eyes. It’s a sign of their affection toward you.

It may look like your cat is pressing its head but it is also rubbing its face against you. They want to make sure that other animals will stay away from you. It’s also their way of informing you that they like you a lot. Although cats may display this behavior towards other humans.

Should I be concerned when my cat’s head is pressing against an object when sleeping?

Most of the time, there’s nothing to worry about when your cat’s head is pressing against you when sleeping. Although sometimes, it can be a symptom for your pet. It’s best to see a vet if you think that your cat is pressing its head way too much than normal.

However, cats may press on something when they need to feel protected. If someone scares them, they will try to find a way to feel safe. It’s best to ensure to get rid of any threatening things around your cat. Keep your pet feeling safe all the time to avoid other issues.

Why does my cat sleep against my head?

If you’re wondering why your cat seems to sleep against your head, there’s an explanation for that. A human head is warm and your cat needs it to get through the night. Your cat may sleep on your pillow close to your head since it’s warm and fuzzy for them.

If you are restless while sleeping, your cat will avoid sleeping near your arms or legs. Of course, it will be safer for the cat to stay near your head. If your cat likes the scent of your hair, it will be sleeping near your head. Cats also feel comfortable with nice scents. Don’t worry, it only means that you smell good.

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