Why Do Cats Sleep with Their Head Upside Down? (Decoding This Behavior)

Why Do Cats Sleep with Their Head Upside Down

Why do cats sleep with their head upside down? It’s cute, but looks a little uncomfortable, doesn’t it?

Cats have various sleeping positions, and there is generally a reason behind each position which is really interesting to me.

One of my cats almost always sleeps curled up in a ball with her head upside down. While I don’t think I’ve ever seen my other cat sleeping like this.

Which is what made me do some research on this topic. Here’s what I found out about why some cats sleep with their heads upside down!

Why Do Cats Sleep with Their Head Upside Down?

Cat Sleeping Position Head Upside Down

They Feel Secure and Safe

One thing I’m pretty sure about is that if a cat is sleeping with their head in this position they are likely covering their ears, and maybe even their eyes. This means they feel very safe and secure – which is a good thing.

You’ll rarely observe cats sleeping in this position outdoors. Outdoors cats will find a place and sleeping position that allows them to see and hear if any animals are approaching or any noises that interest them.

They Are Keeping Their Warmth In

Depending exactly how your cat is sleeping, it’s likely they are sleeping like this to keep warm. When my cat sleeps with her head upside down she curls into a ball and tucks her nose and ears in.

When cats are cold they feel it on their nose and ears. Their noses are wet, so obviously it gets a bit chilly, and their ears are thin without much fur.

So, if your cat is tucked up in an upside down ball they are making the most of their body warmth.

It’s Comfortable for Them

Cats are animals that know how to make the most of sleeping and getting comfy. If your cat is sleeping with their head upside down, it’s because it’s comfortable – along with some of the other reasons I’ve listed.

It looks uncomfortable to us, but need I remind you that we’re not cats and our structures are very different. A cat’s back is much more flexible than ours and their heads are not as heavy so there’s minimal pressure.

Why Is My Cat Looking at Me Upside Down?

If your cat is laying upside down and looking at you all the above reasons also apply, the only difference is that they are not tired enough to sleep.

It’s pretty cool if your cat is this comfortable to lounge around looking at you. If they are stretching out and covering a large surface area it means they are warm enough, and if they are curling up, the opposite.

They may even be asking for a little fussing if they are looking at you, so why not go over and pet them.

Why Is My Cat Looking at Me Upside Down

I hope you enjoyed reading –
Why do cats sleep with their head upside down? And now have a better understanding of your cats behavior and sleeping positions.

Does any of the reasons I covered above look like they apply to your cat? Feel free to drop a comment and share your cat stories with the rest of the community, thanks!

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