What Can Cats Sense About Humans? (Sixth Sense, Or..)

What Can Cats Sense About Humans

Cats are incredible at reacting to their environments, and they seem to be far more sensitive to changes than people are.

If you are like me, then you have probably wondered about cats’ spiritual and sixth senses and questioned; what can cats sense about humans?

Anecdotally we have all heard stories of cats that have not taken well to someone, and then come to find that the person wasn’t who they were claiming to be.

Some people even base their opinions about people based on how their cat reacts to them. 

Cats can sometimes pick out their favorite people, and sometimes choose to move in with someone that they really like, and then live there.

With all that in mind, we also want to find out what else cats can sense about people, especially with their enhanced (seemingly psychic) capabilities!

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What Can Cats Detect in Humans?

Without delving into the supernatural, we have some evidence that suggests that domesticated animals have developed some people-specific talents in order to live harmoniously with us. 

This includes the ability to read people and try to anticipate what they might do next.

This is why cats do not like being surprised or startled, and why they are always ready to bolt at any moment! 

This means that in order to try and understand us, cats observe us and make an assessment about what it is that they think we should be doing.

They might draw on past experiences with other people that they have encountered with people that looked, smelled, and acted like us.

If that interaction was a good one, then maybe they classify us as a good person, and it might be safe to come and sit on our lap and see if some petting might be forthcoming. 

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What Can My Cat Sense About Me?

Your cat has been studying you closely over the time that they have known you. They have built up a vast profile about you, and they know a lot more about you than you realize. 

Have you ever noticed that sometimes your cat will know when you are on your way to do something in the house, and they will intercept you on your way so that they can get some more cat food?

They know more about you than you realize!

Cats also know when you’ve had a bad day, too.

Sometimes if I’m relaxing after a rough day at work, my cat will seemingly know exactly when to jump up onto the sofa or bed, and just make herself available for cuddles.

She probably sees my demeanor, hears my tone of voice, and immediately knows that I need cheering up.

Does your cat do anything to let you know that they want to cheer you up? Let us know!   

Do Cats Have a Sense About People?

Other than just the physical signs about people that cats can sense, it can sometimes feel like they are aware of people’s moods.

This is especially true of strangers that you might be feeling a little uneasy about, or a visitor that you weren’t expecting.

Cats can sometimes pick up on people’s affinity or dislike of cats.

Cats generally stay away from people that don’t like cats, and they are very receptive to people that enjoy the company of cats.

When cats encounter cat-friendly people they are quick to make friends but jumping onto laps or rubbing against the cat-lovers legs.

There is also some evidence that suggests that cats can sense illnesses and changes in people’s bodies such as pregnancies and even impending strokes and seizures.

It is quite possible that the changes in our bodies are noticeable to cats due to their enhanced senses.

When your cat can sense that you are unwell, you may find them doting on you, lying with you, and generally spending more time with you to make sure that you are ok. 

Can Cats Warn You of Danger?

There have been a few documented cases of cats seeming to warn their owners of impending earthquakes.

It is possible that your cat’s sensitive senses allow them to feel the change in their surrounding environment, such as tiny vibrations from tectonic shifts when they occur.

When this happens, owners report that their cats meow non-stop and uncharacteristically, pace around the house anxiously, and even run away just prior to the earthquake hitting.

Animals were also observed running inland prior to the tsunamis of 2004, long before people realized what was heading toward them.

If you believe in the supernatural, cats have long been known to react to spooky occurrences.

Has your cat ever sat and looked at something intently that you don’t see?

Cats can sometimes seem to track movement in a room when we simply cannot see a thing.

There are some logical explanations for why your cat is tracking seemingly invisible things: such as small creatures in the walls or under the floors like insects or rodents that they are hearing.  

Either way, if your cat puffs up, starts hissing, and runs out of a room then you can rest assured that most owners would follow suit.

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In Conclusion

We have covered a few common things that cats are said to be able to detect, both about people and their environments and immediate surroundings. 

Cats have anecdotally been able to detect medical conditions like strokes and heart attacks, pregnancies and even tumors, or environmental things like earthquakes and tidal waves, cats are incredibly sensitive to change. 

One day we might get scientific measurements about what cats are doing when they detect all of these things, but for now, we can only guess as to what the mechanisms are that allow them to do it.

What has your cat seemingly discovered about you or your home? We’d love to hear from you.


Image credits – Photo by Stavrialena Gontzou on Unsplash

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