How Much Do Abyssinian Cats Cost? (Laid Out Clearly)

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Many people want to own a cat as a pet, as it is quite adorable, stunning, and playful. However, owning a cat as a pet has some costs that may go beyond the usual adoption fee. If you are looking for an elaborate and informative answer to the question “How much do Abyssinian cats cost?”, the article below and the details will reveal a lot.

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The Abyssinian cat has its origins in Egypt and is one of the most popular pets. It is also one of the oldest breeds of pets. The cat may have stunning color variations as well including sorrel, sorrel silver, fawn, black silver, blue, lavender, chocolate, and ruddy. It has a complete undercoat and a skin coat that is lustrous, silky, and soft coat. These ancient Egyptian cats may bond with their owners and are also vocal, social, and active. Because of their high intelligence, the cats can be trained as well.

Many people want to own a cat as a pet, as it is quite adorable, stunning, and playful. However, owning a cat as a pet has some costs that may go beyond the usual adoption fee. If you are looking for an elaborate and informative answer to the question “How much do Abyssinian cats cost?” the article below and the details will reveal a lot.

“One Time” Cost of an Abyssinian Cat

When you want to own an Abyssinian cat as a pet, there are adoption fees and other costs to it. If you know someone who already owns an Abyssinian breed cat and has its kitten, you may get it for free. You can also reach out to such owners on social media and other relevant forums and platforms. However, it is an extremely low probability that you can find an Abyssinian cat for no money at all. Certain health issues also affect older cats and therefore you should avoid adopting them.

Adoption Cost

You can find an Abyssinian cat at the pet adoption centers and shelters. However, do remember that these cats are often the favorite and do not remain for an extended period in the pet shelters. Also, the shelters will not be able to provide you with any paperwork through which you can verify and ensure the pet’s parentage. People who are trying to breed Abyssinian cats should avoid adoption centers and shelters. The adoption cost of an Abyssinian cat at such shelters may range between $100 to $250.

Abyssinian Breeders

Cats that are found at the breeder centers will be costly. You may have to spend anywhere between $1,200 to $2,200 for an Abyssinian cat at the breeders. You can also get a cat here with all the relevant paperwork, and the pure-bred certificate as well. For an authentic breed of cats, you may have to spend $2,000 or a little more.

Initial Supplies and Other Set-Up Costs

After adopting the Abyssinian cat, you may also have to spend some more on related expenses. For instance, you need to take your new pet to the veterinarian for a complete health checkup and to find out any health issues. There may be costs related to preventive medications and vaccinations as well.

The supplies that you may need for your Abyssinian cat include scratch posts, litter boxes, toys, carriers, water/food bowls, collars, ID tags, and others. You may spend up to $700 on these costs and expenses. However, you should put aside a total of $1,000 for all these initial supplies and other related costs.

Monthly Costs of Pet Ownership

Pet ownership for cats may cost a lot less when compared to the other larger pets. A budget of $100 for a month may be enough if you are not spending excessively. However, some people may shell out up to $250 if the cats get spoiled.

Monthly Food Costs

If you are purchasing the best quality cat food for your Abyssinian cat in bulk, you don’t have to spend more than $10 every month on the food. The Abyssinian cats consume very little food (half a bowl) as their weight does not go beyond 10 lbs. However, if you also purchase wet food and the pet treats, you may have to spend another $ 25 during the month on your cat food.

Monthly Grooming Costs

An Abyssinian cat can take good care of itself and does not require your attention all the time. All you need to do is brush the cat once every week. Therefore, grooming an Abyssinian cat is inexpensive and hassle-free. However, you can brush the teeth of your cat with a pet toothpaste that is recommended by your expert veterinarian. It will reduce future bills and may also keep the teeth of the cat healthy for a prolonged period.

Monthly Veterinarian and Medication Cost

Some medications and treatments are necessary for pets like cats. These include medications for preventing ticks and fleas. You may have to spend up to $ 20 on these medication-related costs every month. You should also save a small amount for the deductibles and other kinds of unexpected treatments and medications. Health issues may occur at any point in time and may soar if the treatment is not provided in time.

Monthly Insurance Costs

Pet insurance is available for Abyssinian cats when they are young and kittens. The cost of pet insurance may go up to $25 each month. Pet insurance may alone cover 90% of the treatment and medication bills. Remember that the medication and consultation fee will rise as the cat ages. Elaborate pet insurance can help you save lots of money in the future. The deductible for pet insurance is $100.

Monthly Entertainment Costs

Abyssinian cats can be active. You may find that their toys have worn out sooner than you anticipated. You may have to purchase new scratch toys or batteries for other toys, among other replacements and purchases. There are recurring cat toy boxes available to ensure that your cat always has all the toys. However, you can also reach out to the nearest store to buy something new.

Monthly Environmental Maintenance Cost

For the cats, you need to buy litter boxes, liners, and scratchers every month. Deodorizing sprays are also a good option for environmental maintenance. These costs may be somewhere between $50 to $70 each month.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the total cost of the ownership of an Abyssinian cat?

The monthly costs for the ownership of an Abyssinian cat may lie somewhere between $ 100 and $ 200. These expenditures may be made towards food, toys, and cat litter among other purchases.

Are there any additional costs?

There can be certain additional costs. For instance, you may need a pet sitter when you leave town for some time. There may be costs related to the training of an Abyssinian cat as well (for instance when it scratches a surface).

How can I reduce the cost of ownership of my Abyssinian cat?

Ans. You can reduce the cost by raising the deductibles, reducing the pet insurance premium amount, and/or by choosing store brand items including litter and others. You can also ditch certain items (including deodorizers) to save further.


Ownership of an Abyssinian cat can be an exciting affair. However, you should not compromise on health, food, insurance cover, and other essential elements of your pet ownership for a delightful pet ownership experience and the longevity of the cat.

Image Credits: Photo by Timo Volz on Unsplash.

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