Do Cats Attack Guinea Pigs? (How to Create Harmony!)

Do Cats Attack Guinea Pigs

If you have cats and guinea pigs in your home, they can live happily together. You do have to be careful, however, as it’s very possible for a cat to attack a guinea pig, yes. When they’re friends and living amicably, it’s such a beautiful thing though!

Cats and Guinea Pigs – It Can Work Out!

If you are the owner of a cat, then you’re aware of how enjoyable and cuddly cats can be. However, many people who own cats desire to get other pets

If you are considering becoming the owner of another type of pet, specifically a guinea pig, you’re right to wonder how your cat might react.

If you have never had your cat around another animal before, it might be difficult to gauge just how your kitty might react.

It is also difficult to predict how your new guinea pig might react to being brought into a home where there is a cat.

However, you can increase the chances of your cat accepting a guinea pig into the household if you handle things strategically. 

How Do You Introduce a Guinea Pig to a Cat?

If your cat is still a kitten and you get a young guinea pig, you will have an easier time getting the two animals to tolerate each other.

It’s easier to integrate younger pets with one another, but even if your cat and/or your new guinea pig are older, it is still possible to get them used to one another.

During the first introduction, make sure each pet is far enough away from each other that they can’t lash out at each other.

If either of the pets were to behave in an aggressive manner, it would likely be the cat. Your guinea pig will likely be afraid and skittish around the cat in the beginning.

You should allow the cat and guinea pig to make eye contact and take in each other’s scents. This should be done with the guinea pig safely behind a protective enclosure in case your cat reacts aggressively. 

Once the cat and guinea pig take in each other’s scents and check each other out for a few minutes, you can end the visit.

During the next visit, you should have the cat in a cage while holding the guinea pig. Take the guinea pig into the area where the cat’s crate is in and allow them to sniff each other again.

If the guinea pig seems overly afraid, end the visit early and try again with the guinea pig in its protective enclosure on a different day.

It might feel safer that way until the cat and guinea pig become acclimated with one another. 

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Will a Cat Kill a Guinea Pig?

Cats have a natural killer instinct, and a cat could most definitely kill a guinea pig. Cats are larger and have sharp teeth and claws, in addition to their natural killer instinct.

There have been cases where cats have killed guinea pigs, and if you fail to slowly introduce your two pets, you could be unintentionally placing your guinea pig in danger.

That is why it is important that you allow your cat and guinea pig to slowly become accustomed to each other.

However, not all cats will attack a guinea pig, so you shouldn’t automatically assume that yours will unless your cat is more aggressive by nature.

Some cats have very calm and nurturing personalities, and if your cat is calm-natured, he or she could very well take the guinea pig under its wing and offer love and affection to it. 

Are Cats a Danger to Guinea Pigs?

Cats are much larger than guinea pigs and if a cat is feeling jealous or threatened in any manner, it could very well be a danger to a guinea pig.

Should a cat attack a guinea pig, it could potentially mortally wound the smaller animal, because guinea pigs are basically defenseless against cats. 

You should keep your guinea pig safe from your cats by ensuring that the cats and guinea pigs are separated at all times.

Your guinea pig should reside in a pet-proof cage in an area where your cats cannot roam.

If your cats and guinea pigs come into contact with one another, these interactions should be supervised at all times.

Even if your cats and guinea pigs seem to get along well, you shouldn’t let your guard down and allow them to mingle without adult supervision.

Anything could trigger your cat to enter predator mode, ending with the cat attacking the guinea pig. 

Can Cats and Guinea Pigs Get Along?

Once your cat and guinea pig have had the opportunity to get to know each other, they can most certainly get along.

Even if things are a bit tense in the beginning, most cats are loving and eager to cuddle with a new friend.

Be patient, however, because it could take some time before your animals reach the point where they’re completely comfortable and totally accepting of each other.

Don’t be discouraged if your cat and guinea pig never fully accept each other. Sometimes, even two cats or two guinea pigs never end up living together happily.

Animals are like people in this regard: they won’t necessarily like everyone!

So if your cat doesn’t care for your guinea pig, don’t be angry at the cat. It’s entitled to its own likes and dislikes.

It might also take more time for your cat to get used to having the guinea pig around and it could even fall in love with it at a later date.

In Summary

If you’re considering bringing home a guinea pig and you already have a cat, as long as you give the two animals time to acclimate to one another, things will likely go smoothly.

Many households have cats that are best friends with guinea pigs, and yours could be the same.

However, it’s important that you ensure your guinea pig is safe and away from potential harm at all times because you never know if your cat might attempt to attack your helpless guinea pig.

Good luck!


Image credits – Hearer photo by Chunli Ju, and guinea pig photo by Bonnie Kittle on Unsplash

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