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Can Cats Eat Chia Pets (What You Need to Know)

By Phil

The Chia plant produces sprouts of chia seeds. In just a few weeks, your chia pet begins to take on the appearance of the animal’s fur or hair, and the figurines will take the shape of conventional clay toys created in the United States. Chia seeds that have been moistened are pressed into the crevices […]

Can Cats Eat Tortillas? (Risks And Precautions)

By Phil

Cats are carnivores. Therefore, many people may argue that they do not prefer plant-based food items including tortillas. Tortillas are flat and thin pancakes made using maize flour. They do have a savory filling for a better taste. The answer to the question “Can cats eat tortillas?” is yes. However, there are many other things […]

Can Cats Have Oat Milk?

By Kristin

As a cat owner, you are probably used to your little furry friend wanting a taste of whatever you are eating and drinking. While it may be tempting to give into their cute little faces, caution should be practiced before sharing any of your food. This is because a lot of human food can actually […]

Can Cats Eat Flour? (Yes, but Here’s Why It’s Bad)

By Phil

Cats can eat flour, yes. If your cat has had a little nibble or a lick of flour, there’s no need to panic. You shouldn’t deliberately feed your cat flour though, cats are carnivores and can struggle to digest grains and similar foods. What’s in Flour? How it’s Made If your cat has eaten something, […]

Can Cats Eat Lentils? (Here’s What You Need to Know)

By Phil

Can cats eat lentils? Do you have to cook lentils before giving them to a cat? Is lentil soup better? If you like eating lentils and cook with them I can understand you want to know if it’s safe for cats to eat lentils. Owning a cat is almost like having a baby or small […]

Can Cats Eat Bread?

By Phil

Can cats eat bread? This means white bread, wheat bread, even bread and milk (which they love), potato bread, and more, here are the facts… Most cats are attracted to bread, and they will eat some if given the chance. So don’t be surprised if your cat has been having a nibble on bread in […]

Can Cats Eat Rice?

By Phil

Rice is one of the cheapest and easiest healthy foods to cook. But, can cats eat rice? Does it meet their nutritional needs and is it safe? I can answer these questions for you. Cooked rice is safe for cats to eat, yes. You may have even seen it used in some of their foods […]