4 Cat Proof Waste Bins to Keep Rubbish in and Cats Out!

Cat Proof Waste Bin

Does your cat help themselves to scraps in your bin and create a mess over the kitchen floor?

Sounds like it’s time to switch out that old bin for a cat proof waste bin if you want to put a stop to this messy behavior.

Bin diving is one of the more annoying cat behaviors and can be hard to correct as cats find it incredibly hard to resist food scraps.

My fix has always been to make getting into the bin an impossible task for my cats. While still being easy for me of course.

So, if you’re sick and tired of slipping on an old tea bag, having to clean up yucky food scraps, or pulling out the trash bag when it’s full only to see the contents fall out because your cat has ripped it – read on for some pretty cool cat proof waste bin options:

4 Cat-Proof Waste Bins to Keep Even the Most Persistent Cat Out

Here are 4 bins that are not only top of the range kitchen bins that offer great value for money, but they will also keep your naughty kitty’s paws out.

I’ve included touchless options that operate via sensors to open when you’re putting trash in. A simple push lock option, and just a regular bin that poses enough of a puzzle just based on its design.

So, options for all preferences and scenarios. Take a look and see what you think. Feel free to drop me any comments or questions at the end.

Simplehuman 50 Liter Secure Slide Lock Cat Proof Kitchen Bin

Simplehuman 50 Liter Secure Slide Lock Cat Proof Kitchen Bin

The simplest things are often the most effective, and this is no truer than the way this bin locks with a simple push/slide locking mechanism.

It’s one of the most popular models as far as I can tell, and I’ve read through endless amounts of positive feedback (honestly, it amazes me how excited some people get about bins).

To lock it just simply press that silver button in on the front. To unlock, just do the opposite. Simple.

It’s sophisticated enough to keep cats and dogs out while being easy enough to do with one hand while taking care of the trash.

It has a flip lid that’s operated by a foot pedal. Has an awesome closing mechanism. It’s silently, slowly returns to the closed position when you let your foot off the pedal.

Ticks all the boxes for looking modern, functioning as a bin should, and most importantly being animal proof.

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Ninestars Automatic Touchless 50 Liter Trash Can

Ninestars Automatic Touchless 50 Liter Trash Can

This is almost identical to the bin I have in my kitchen. Mine has the same automatic mechanism but is made by a different manufacturer so it looks a little different.

Still, it does exactly the same as this one so I’m very familiar with this type of bin. On the pros, it’s awesome having a hands-free opening bin, gadgets always impress visitors, and it’s cat-proof.

On the cons, there are those moments when you keep waving at it like an idiot trying to get it to open. It does open when people pass by sometimes, and the day will come when I need to replace the batteries.

Not hugely inconvenient problems, and nothing that would stop me from recommending this bin to pet owners looking for something to perplex their pets.

Outside of the opening mechanism, this bin does everything else you’d want from a bin. Worth mentioning for those impressed by just gadgets!

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iTouchless 50 Liter Automatic Cat Proof Bin with Odor Control

iTouchless 50 Liter Automatic Cat Proof Bin with Odor Control

I thought I’d step it up a notch for those of you looking for not just a bin that cats can’t figure out how to get in to, but one that is actually an awesome bin.

This model from iTouchless is, well, touchless. It has an automatic sensor so it opens when you’re approaching with trash and closes again after.

The extra cool feature is the carbon odor filter that helps absorb and neutralize all those smelly trash odors.

Which are not only offensive for our noses, they are what attracts pets to investigate the contents of the bin most of the time.

You can power it via mains or batteries, whichever you prefer. With its sleek design and stainless steel finish, it’ll find a home among most decors, a top-notch cat proof bin.

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Songmics 40 Liter Cat Proof Kitchen Waste Bin

**Update – this bin is currently out of stock**

I’ve included this waste bin from Songmics because even though it doesn’t have a push or slide shut mechanism or automatic locking sensor, no animal is going to get into this bin and rummage through the content.

The slow close lid shuts flush to the rim of the bin, and the rounded top design finished in stainless steel is as good as a soft lock basically.

It’s almost impossible for anyone who doesn’t know they have to step on the foot pedal to open it. Which means even the craftiest kitties aren’t going to get at those chicken bones and leftover scraps.

Everyone has some stainless steel or chrome finished accessories in their kitchen, right? So, this bin will fit in right at home. It’s a cool bin even if you don’t, to be honest. Check it out and see what you think.

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If you also have a problem with animals getting into your large outdoor trash can, check out these cat proof trash can options.

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