Russian White Cat Personality and Interesting Facts

Russian White Cat Personality

When choosing a cat breed to adopt and introduce to your home it’s always a good idea to find a breed that meshes well with your own personality and the dynamic of your home.

The Russian White is a lovable, intelligent, friendly, and beautiful looking breed. Most people are more familiar with the Russian Blue, the White is just as you’d expect – a Russian with a white coat.

They are rarer than the blue but carry all the same personality traits, read on to find out more about the Russian White and see if they are exactly what you’re looking for from a kitty companion.

Russian White Cat Personality Traits

It’s their unique personalities that attract most people to Russian cats, and once someone has spent time with one of these wonderful animals they are hooked.

Just ask anyone who owns a Russian Blue, White, or Black. Their owners are notorious for wanting to tell you how clever they are, some of their funny stories… and so on.

This is because they are known for being intelligent and friendly. A great combination if ever there was one for a loving cat.

You can teach a Russian White some cool little tricks like fetching a toy, opening a door, moving things out the way to find treats and other little things that have a reward at the end.

They also remember people a lot better than most cats. They will great people they are fond of, just as they will remember those who don’t give them treats.

Although they are friendly, generally speaking, they are also quiet and reserved. If you want a noisy, social cat, I recommend a Siamese, because you’re not going to get much vocalizing from a Russian.

Which, for those of us who have had a cat yowling at night this is a huge plus – yes, I’m talking from experience.

So, to summarize some of the personality traits of a Russian White, they are best described with the following words:

  • Intelligent
  • Friendly
  • Curious
  • Loving
  • Energetic

Russian White Cat Facts and Interesting Information

Allergies – While not mentioned in lists of hypoallergenic cat breeds, Russian Cats have thick coats that are believed to keep the allergens closer to their skin and create less airborne particles.

Life Expectancy – The Russian White has a life expectancy of around 10-20 years. They have few health problems because they have no real genetic issues and are not prone to any illnesses.

Weight and Size – Fully grown adult Russian Whites are average sizes and weight. You can expect them to weigh between 6-12 lbs (2.5-5.5 kg).

What Are Russian White Kittens Like?

In a word – energetic!

Ideally, you will have another kitten or cat of a similar age to help keep your Russian stimulated and give them someone to play with.

Russian White kittens require a lot of interaction from humans, playmates, or toys, of they can get bored. Which means they might turn their focus onto more mischevious activities, such as damaging furniture around the home!

They are incredibly athletic too. Don’t be surprised if you find them climbing your curtains, jumping from the highest pieces of furniture, darting around at an incredible pace, and so on.

It’s very entertaining and fun to witness. But can be a bit of a handful for inexperienced cat owners.

All those moments when you play together and see some intelligent puzzle solving is priceless though. I’ve never experienced it quite the same from any other breed of cat.

In my opinion, the Russian White is a truly unique and magical breed of cat. I recommend taking a closer look at speaking with local breeders if you’re interested.

I hope this introduction to Russian White cats has helped connect at least one person to one of these special kitties. Or at the very least raised some awareness of this rare breed of cat.

If you have any personal stories about your Russian White, any questions or comments, or just want to say ‘Hi,’ feel free to drop a note below. Thanks!

11 thoughts on “Russian White Cat Personality and Interesting Facts”

  1. I have a russian white, he is about 7 years old know and he fits with all of these points to a T!
    The best thing about russian’s is that they are so intelligent. You can teach them tricks and play loads of cool games with them. Im not saying you can’t with other cats, but my other cats were just moggy’s and they were the laziest most uninteractive little creatures.
    It’s nice to have a companion I can talk to and actually think he understands what I’m saying. I know that makes me sound like a crazy cat woman! Maybe other russian white owners will know what Im saying!

  2. I am an old farm gal who has worked with animals all my life. Showed dogs for 45 years. I mostly have just had the proverbial barn cats, but some purebred along the way.
    I just got my first Russian White cats. (From Russian Borzoi to cats!) I have had Siamese and Turkish Vans before, and other than these being almost mute, these are so similar as far as SMART! I am surprised they don’t have some sort of “circus act” reputation.
    Within a couple hours, (they were 10 weeks) we were doing sit-ups, high fives and jumps! I am stunned. I’m happy there are people out there to talk to!

    1. Hey Kathe, that’s awesome to hear! If you’d like to share any pictures with the community, just drop me a note. Thanks.

  3. I really don’t agree with the vocals part. I have a white russian male cat and he is soooooo vocal. He doesn’t stop meowing yowling,purring, i barely find him silent when he’s awake. But i love him he’s like my young brother annoying but lovely

  4. I rescued a white russian cat unaware of her breed. Her description fits to a tee allthe characteristics that you listed. However, this cat is always purring,., nevr meowing, but shoes her affection by biting. Is this a normal characteristic
    for a cat the was perhaps abandoned?

    1. I have a Russian White whom I found abandoned after she had recently given birth. Long story, but I never found her kittens. I allowed her to come and go through a kitty door I installed for her. She stayed gone more than she came, but she always came in late at night and stayed til dawn. Eventually she stayed more and more. She wouldn’t let me hold her, and she bit me when I walked around her too much. Present day, she is an indoor cat, she still is nowhere near a lap kitty, but she is smart, and loving in her own way. I am writing bc I want to know if anyone knows as she is now probably 3yo, do you have any ideas for teaching her to play, or interact more? We have a Ripple Rug that is her most favorite play in the world. I have this back scratcher thing, and I poke and peek at her and she pretends it’s a mouse or something, and we play twice a day to get her gingersnaps out. But, Iafter reading about her breed, especially, I would love to do more with her. She would love it as well as she seems sooo bored most of the time. She is so intelligent. Run of the mill toys do not work for her. I keep reading how puzzles type toys are best, but I’ve yet to find anything that interests her. Any recommendations would be great.

    2. Hey Gladys, my White Russian Zen started biting me recently. I rescued mine as well without realising his breed. Zen doesn’t but hard, but he tends to do it when he wants my attention quickly!

  5. I found my Russian White as a stray. She found me. She was desperate. I took her in and let her come and go as she pleased. After a year, she decided to stay for always. She was probably almost a year when she came to me, maybe nine months. Anyway, I am so intrigued by the stories about tricks and playing and puzzles, etc. Any recommendations on how to stimulate her, what to buy, what to try? We have one game we play every time she needs to get her gingersnaps out. Other than that, everything bores her. She is just so friggin smart. Any thoughts?

  6. We also rescued missy 1.5 yrs no idea what breed she was.
    Yes very smart. Loves the lazer light a string on a stick. Loves to let us brush her n pet her tummy. Cant pick her up. Need to get nails trimmed. Please any suggestions. Had a vet to the home Nope we could not catch her. She has scratching boards. She is clawing our leather chair. Please any suggestions.

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