4 of the Best Cat Proof Trash Cans (Lock Those Kitties Out!)

Cat Proof Trash Can

Are you sick and tired of cats and other animals getting into your trash can outside and creating a mess outside your home?

Sounds like you need a cat proof trash can.

Pet proof trash bins have a simple locking mechanism that makes it impossible for animals to get in no matter how good the food scraps smell to them.

They don’t cost more than regular trash cans, are super easy for you to use, and are basically just better options than regular trash cans.

So, take a look at the four following trash cans if you want to put a stop to scavenging cats rummaging through your bins!

4 Cat Proof Trash Can Options

Rolling Cat Proof Trash Can from Rubbermaid

Rolling Cat Proof Trash Can from Rubbermaid

This looks like your average, unassuming trash bin – and it is for the most part. Its long slim design makes it almost impossible for cats to get in. No cat is strong enough, or clever enough to open the heavy lid and rummage through the contents.

On the specifications side and why it’s a good bin. The wheels make it easy to move regardless of how much weight is inside. They say it’s “no odor,” so I’ll assume it locks in those trash smells and take that as a huge plus seeing as my bin smells pretty bad.

Remember, it is often the smells that attract animals to start trying to break in.

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Trash Can Cat Proof Lid Strap – Cheaper Alternative

Trash Can with Cat Proof Lid StrapThis is a universal fitting strap to easily lock up your existing bin if you don’t need or want to go in on a new bin. It’s nothing more than a stretchy strap with some buckles that lock together to keep your lid secure, but it works.

The manufacturer states it’s designed and has been tested to keep cats, dogs, and raccoons out of bins at the very least. It’s not recommended for keeping bears out, but that’s understandable. Keeps the lid down in windy weather, rain and water out, all those sort of things.

A pretty awesome little bit of kit to cat proof your bin.

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United Solutions Wheeled Trash Can with Turn & Lock Cat Proof Lid

United Solutions Wheeled Trash Can with Turn & Lock Cat Proof LidIt’s amazing how something as simple as a twist and lock mechanism can keep a bin lid securely in place. That’s exactly how this bin works, just twist the lid and any creature or young human will be left scratching their heads trying to figure out how to get in.

It ticks all the other boxes for a good functional bin too. Chunky handle, wheel to push it around when fully loaded, round (because round looks better than square), as far as bins go it’s pretty good.

Check price on Amazon here

Rubbermaid Cat Proof Waste Can

Rubbermaid Cat Proof Waste CanWhen it comes down to reviews, ratings, and feedback in the bin world, this might just be the best-rated bin. I’m not going to try and jazz it up, it’s still a bin. But everyone wants to know they are getting value for money and an awesome product, I get that bit.

So, I’d check out this bin if you’re after a cat-proof, highly rated bin that won’t let you down, blow away in stormy weather, smell, or anything else you wouldn’t want to see happen to your bin. Check it out and see what you think.

Check price on Amazon here

It’s hard to get excited about trash cans, I get it. But if you don’t put in the time to find the right one that’ll fit where you need to leave or store it and keep animals out, you’re going to get annoyed by animals diving in and causing a mess.

Hopefully this article about cat proof trash can options has saved you some time and directed you to a bin that you were looking for.

If you’re looking for more cat-proofing articles, check out these cat proof toilet roll covers, and some tips on how to cat proof your box spring.

As always, I welcome any feedback or additional tips that’ll help me and the rest of the community. Thanks!

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