Can Cats Eat Ham?

Can Cats Eat Ham

Can cats eat ham? Does ham make cats sick, does it matter how often and what type of ham they eat?

If you’re wondering about any of the above I can explain.

If you’ve ever let your kitty near a piece of ham they’ve probably tried to snatch it away, right?

Mine certainly do.

There is no mistaking that almost all cats love ham. As well as pork, bacon, most meat that comes from pigs, and most meats and fish in general.

Cats get almost all their nutrition from meat. Their bodies rely on animal-proteins and amino acids that they can only get from raw meat in the wild, or of course, shop bought cat food mixes in the domestic setting.

There are a couple of problems with giving your cat ham, however. Firstly, there is a huge difference between the thin, watery, processed sliced ham and premium cuts off the bone.

Both of which are high in sodium, salt, and preservatives. But more so the processed ham. This doesn’t mean ham is ‘toxic’ or dangerous by any means, but right away it’s a red flag that they should only eat ham in small amounts.

Can I Give My Cat Raw Ham?

I do not recommend that you give your cat raw ham. I know your line of thinking is that cats eat raw meat in the wild, but there is a much higher risk of disease.

It’s not like you’re catching the prey and preparing the meat fresh, is it? If you’re buying raw meat it’s hard to know exactly where it’s been and for how long.

So, Can Cats Eat Bacon or Ham Slices?

Bacon rashers, pieces, slices, bits, ham slices or off-cuts, it’s all the same thing! It’s all meat from a  pig, and they should all be given to your kitty in moderation.

Just keep in mind that the more packaged and processed the foods, the more salt and preservatives it will have too. I’m not a health guru, but when you look into foods like this it makes you wonder how much we should be eating, doesn’t it?

In Summary

Ham should be given to your cat as a treat on a rare occasion. It’s not so much that ham is bad for them, rather that it’s not good for you kitty and doesn’t fit in with their complex dietary needs.

So, keep it to good quality ham, small amounts, and treats if your cat enjoys it. That’ll keep you in their good books and make sure your cat is happy and healthy.