Can Cats Eat Pork? Yes and No, I Will Explain

Can Cats Eat Pork

Being as cats are meat eaters it’s normal to give them some scraps of leftovers from your cooking, and they will always gladly accept some meat.

But, can cats eat pork and is it safe for them to do so?

I’ve always heard people saying that pork is bad for cats, and you’ve probably heard similar too I bet.

You may have also noticed there is usually a lack of pork, bacon, ham, and meats like this from their foods. Favoring fish and white meats like chicken and turkey.

The fact is that cats can eat pork, and they will do so if they can get their paws on some. It’s not that pork is toxic or harmful that you should be careful, it’s that it’s high in fat and sodium.

So the answer is that yes, cats can eat pork. But, they should only eat it in moderation and if you want to be overly cautious about your cat’s diet, just don’t give them any.

Are Cats Allergic to Pork?

I have heard of cats having allergic reactions to eating pork, but it’s no more likely than introducing some other food into their diet that they’ve not had before.

If you give your cat a little pork and they are sick or show some kind of reaction, never let them near a piece of pork again.

It should be treated as a treat anyway. This means small amounts on rare occasions, however, if your cat has never tried pork maybe this is a reason to make sure they never do.

Why Cats Shouldn’t Eat Foods High in Fat and Sodium

As I mentioned above, it’s the fat and sodium content in pork that is the main concern.

Cats require quite a complicated balance of nutrients and vitamins. This is made easy for us with quality cat food brands, but it’s very easy to upset this balance giving them human foods and treats.

The fat content in pork can cause some serious health problems. Domestic cats are well-known to pile on the pounds given the chance.

Fatty deposits build up in their arteries, the extra weight takes a toll on their bodies, and it’s hard to motivate them to be active and lose weight when they just want to sleep most of the day.

Too much sodium in their diets cause an increase in thirst and puts added stress on their kidneys, liver, and heart.

Again, while all of this might sound scary a little bit of pork here and there isn’t enough to cause any serious health issues. So, don’t feel guilty if you’ve passed your cat a little leftover of bacon or pork now and again. Just make sure you don’t feed them pork ribs, as the cooked bones are brittle and dangerous to your cat.